Do retinaldehydes fight acne? Would it be ok to use something like Avene's Eluage on male cystic +

acne along the jawline?

I recently had a sprinkling of clogged pores along my left cheek close to my hairline - which is highly unusual for me because I rarely break out anymore - they were underneath the skin and hadn't come to a head. Other than my usual skincare routine, I didn't do anything to try to get rid of them and after a few weeks had passed, they were still there! So a few nights ago, I decided to put some Eluage on the area and I swear, the next day, one of the pimples finally came to a head. I continued to put Eluage on the area for the next 3 days and voila, all the pimples came to a head and now my skin is clear once again. Good stuff!

Up until now, I'd been using Eluage solely in the eye area and on my forehead for anti-aging purposes. But apparently retinaldehyde also fights acne? (Sorry, I'm really clueless about skincare - I just know what works and doesn't work for me.)

So again, my question is: could a retinaldehyde work to fight male cystic acne along the jawline? I have a friend who has really bad acne (big inflamed pustules) but only in this one area. Discovered that he was using a harsh scrub to cleanse so about 7 weeks ago, I made him cut that out and had him replace it with Purpose cleanser and this is all that he uses now. Some days, his skin looks better but I saw him yesterday and the acne is still persistent. Benzoyl peroxide or retinaldehyde for treatment?

p.s. Friend doesn't take steroids or vitamin supplements other than Omega 3. Also, his problems are not due to folliculitis. (ruled these out thx to jetfan's advice)

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