What beauty ritual/routine are you doing today? I'm oiling my hair and depotting some new e/s's


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expand whole threadWhat beauty ritual/routine are you doing today? I'm oiling my hair and depotting some new e/s'sthinker1of312/2/2012 11:18AM

Going thru my polishes and shaking up the separated ones :/dakota201012/3/2012 9:27PM

Henna on hair and a TCA peelbijoux2712/3/2012 7:13PM

I used Alto Bello brown conditioner on my hair, a (very) temporary dye.martha61012/3/2012 3:29PM

brjsmom12/3/2012 1:36PM

I deported 30 e/s and do not like them in the pallet++ohsewdizzy12/3/2012 10:56AM

Washed my brushesbrandi968912/3/2012 3:18PM

washing, deep CO, and flat iron. this is a big process for me lolponeegryl12/2/2012 2:43PM

miht paint toes if ambitiousponeegryl12/2/2012 2:44PM

I washed my hair...that doesn't happen often LOLnerrisa12/2/2012 12:17PM

Sleeping. Day 3 of fever with the flu.thesavagefamily12/2/2012 12:00PM

feel better!thinker1of312/2/2012 12:11PM

face mask and giving myself a mani/pedivonns8412/2/2012 11:56AM

I might do a moisture mask toothinker1of312/2/2012 12:12PM

Makeup and nails as usual...taking a break from straightening hair.kself12/2/2012 11:54AM

it's good to take a rest day w/the hairthinker1of312/2/2012 12:11PM

nails. cutting/filing/lacquer :) bergamott12/2/2012 11:45AM

have a good time :)thinker1of312/2/2012 12:11PM

mani, body scrub, flat ironing my hair and setting in rollers to sleep in!bobloblaw12/2/2012 11:43AM

I haven't slept in rollers in yrs!thinker1of312/2/2012 11:43AM

it's so old school but it gives my hair bodies/waves that last forever lol+bobloblaw12/2/2012 12:06PM

I totally understand! I did it for more than 1/2 my life and will prob go back to it at some pointthinker1of312/2/2012 12:09PM

deep condition my hair, wash brushes, whitening face mask, and lip scrub!insertcornynamehere12/2/2012 11:33AM

good list :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:38AM

I've just put jojoba oil in my hair. ++browneyessmiles12/2/2012 11:32AM

yay :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:33AM

manicure later today. Colleen_M12/2/2012 11:29AM

enjoy :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:32AM

nails, and washing my brushes. I did body stuff yesterday.MariellaFromBe12/2/2012 11:27AM

I should break stuff up - do a little everydaythinker1of312/2/2012 11:31AM

I really ought to do my nails!Absalom12/2/2012 11:27AM

feeling pressured by the board on this one too!thinker1of312/2/2012 11:30AM

The nail thing has been on my list for weeks! Absalom12/2/2012 11:32AM

Nails and a facial mask for sure. toto85012/2/2012 11:25AM

more nails very good :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:30AM

Syling my hair for a change instead of ponytail, haha. Doing a MUAC peel tonight.kris4life412/2/2012 11:24AM

I want to learn how to style my hair better- I can only do 3 things to itthinker1of312/2/2012 11:29AM

manipablowiley12/2/2012 11:22AM

maybe I'll do a foot mask all this nail talk makes me feellike taking action lolthinker1of312/2/2012 11:27AM

I'm going to adopt kittens! That's beauty related, right? ++emisara12/2/2012 11:22AM

It IS beauty-related, as it will make you glow w/happiness! and yes, pics are a MUST!Branny4312/2/2012 12:25PM

Good luck! Post pics immediately!browneyessmiles12/2/2012 11:32AM

yes ma'am!emisara12/2/2012 11:33AM

Yessssss! But only if we get pics.LadyofFluff12/2/2012 11:32AM

oh there will be pictures! i was too scaredy to take any before it's confirmed that we get thememisara12/2/2012 11:33AM

Squeeeeeeeeeee!!! Good luck! *Snugglesssssss*LadyofFluff12/2/2012 11:39AM

eeeee! :Dmadeupstories12/2/2012 11:31AM

kittens kittens kittens! they're so tiny and cute-like!emisara12/2/2012 11:34AM

omg, Yay!!!chantequeen12/2/2012 11:30AM

i'm so excited, i want the shelter to open NOW!emisara12/2/2012 11:34AM

I would camp out for kittenschantequeen12/2/2012 11:38AM

OMG kittens! That's the BEST.sixxmum12/2/2012 11:27AM

I'm excited!emisara12/2/2012 11:29AM

of course it is! Congrats :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:25AM

yay!emisara12/2/2012 11:30AM

Good luck! Wish I had room/money for two instead of just one.kris4life412/2/2012 11:25AM

someday, perhaps!emisara12/2/2012 11:30AM

clean off my vanity counter, wash brushes, layered emu oil this am (before shower) to plump skin.Kittyskyfish12/2/2012 11:22AM

I read vanity as something dirty *rubs eyes* and runs awaythinker1of312/2/2012 11:24AM

*waves from the 19th century* - yep, I wash that thing one a week when it get's ripe.Kittyskyfish12/2/2012 11:25AM

ewww LMAOthinker1of312/2/2012 11:28AM

wash all teh brushes, face&hair masks, yummy bath, nailsmadeupstories12/2/2012 11:21AM

all teh brushes?! that's going to take some time lolthinker1of312/2/2012 11:23AM

exactly hair/face mask time! lol I have this down to an artmadeupstories12/2/2012 11:26AM

:)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:28AM

Going to try out a new brush soap from London Brush Company (since Becca's is DC'd)Koren12/2/2012 11:20AM

I don't know why becca is dc'ing so much stuff at oncethinker1of312/2/2012 11:22AM

I have to get ready for a vegan "talk" tonight, but will prob shave my head :)sixxmum12/2/2012 11:20AM

Do a before and after pic!vonns8412/2/2012 11:55AM

Well, it's only about 1/4 inch long right now, so the difference will be pretty minimal! :)sixxmum12/2/2012 12:08PM

I love that shaving your head is part of your routine :)thinker1of312/2/2012 11:22AM

It's all long and messy ;)sixxmum12/2/2012 11:28AM

Deep conditioning my hair, and a HA sheet mask. Today is a moisture day.anatidaephobia12/2/2012 11:20AM

I needs moisture too- lip mask time!thinker1of312/2/2012 11:21AM

oh, what do you use for a lip mask? I'd like to add that to my routineanatidaephobia12/2/2012 11:57AM

matis lip and eye mask- awesome! my hg for yrsthinker1of312/2/2012 12:08PM

Staring at my brushes willing them to wash themselves and playing tetris with my unii paletteLadyofFluff12/2/2012 11:20AM

good one- my blush brush needs a washingthinker1of312/2/2012 11:20AM

finish organizing the stash and I should do my nails, they look awfulchantequeen12/2/2012 11:18AM

*hides nails* it's not going to get pretty there for a few more weeks!thinker1of312/2/2012 11:19AM