POLL: What shades do you like best and least on your toes? Me: Love reds, purples; Hate nudes


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expand whole threadPOLL: What shades do you like best and least on your toes? Me: Love reds, purples; Hate nudesfunkyniblets12/1/2012 4:31PM

light to medium shades, any color. but no overly metallic toes.gna12/3/2012 8:35PM

corals, fuchsias, neons....hate dark colours on themhanhnee12/3/2012 4:26PM

Love corals, pinks, glitters. Hate nude, brown, whitesunnyonne112/3/2012 1:11PM

Burgundies and corals, bright pinks. 2nd the no nudes or anything light. That's for fingers.Martha61012/2/2012 12:06PM

love: turquoise, red, babypinks/nudes. hate: neon colours xDtsh8212/2/2012 8:12AM

Best: nudes/neutrals, Least: everything elseTheLizzer12/2/2012 6:26AM

Love glitters and neons, hate nudes and red.ebidebby12/1/2012 8:35PM

I agree with you!isitfriday12/3/2012 1:30PM

Love dusky purples, blues, greys and bright pinks, reds/ Dislike: glitters and nudes modegirl1212/1/2012 8:10PM

Don't care for pale pinks or nudes. Not big on yellow. Love pretty much everything else.dwmakeupluvr12/1/2012 7:49PM

I love pretty much everything on my toes except nudes and pale yellowsdemingy12/1/2012 7:03PM

Dislike black and nudes....Like greens, blues, orange, gold, pink, purplekristel010612/1/2012 7:02PM

best...vibrant deep pinks and reds, least...turquoise. whooh my feets look yeller then!lciaravi12/1/2012 6:11PM

I love browns, purples, blues on my toes...mitzigaynor1512/1/2012 5:20PM

Blues, purples, vampies, fuchsias. Don't like anything pale or pastel for pedis, or bright redscloroxcowgirl12/1/2012 5:15PM

Thought I was the only one who preferred dark pedis. And no decorations or anything.tlatrice12/1/2012 6:40PM

purples pinks and reds/most anything elseseevan12/1/2012 5:05PM

dislike black, brown, gold, white, or nude. any other color is fine.hokukoroku12/1/2012 4:44PM

Best: fuscias, least:redsDalila8012/1/2012 4:41PM

Love darker reds, burgundy, dark purple. Dislike anything nude or pastelHeather110112/1/2012 4:41PM

Red, bright pink, silver, goldtanarit112/1/2012 4:40PM

Love blue, hate pinksasshley12/1/2012 4:35PM

I don't put anything complex on my toes, since I can't admire them up closeblitherypoop12/1/2012 4:34PM

This ^, yep, feels like a waste. Other than that, anything goes! :Dcrabbyhermit12/1/2012 4:50PM