My 10 year old daughter has a little dark mustache r/o

what is the safest, least painful way to remove it?


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expand whole threadMy 10 year old daughter has a little dark mustache r/olaptop212/1/2012 2:50PM

Threading at Indian place. Painless :)tpan12/4/2012 12:47PM

There are mild facial hair removal creams. If she's not bothered, tho, leave it alone.Lizo6612/4/2012 11:53AM

palaeo12/4/2012 8:17AM

Waxing or threading can1stone12/4/2012 1:03AM

Don't bleach-it can discolor the skin- I would look into threading or waxingbrandi968912/4/2012 11:20AM

please dont leave it. i had this when i was her age ++++wareagle0812/3/2012 5:54PM

Tweezing could make it worse if she has dark hair. I would use numbing cream then threadingiamqueen12/4/2012 12:54AM

I had this problem when I was young too. I waxed but this Conair Trimming buzzer is what I use now+underage12/3/2012 7:04PM

Threading probably- make it into a "mother/daughter" outing with maybe manicure/treat ROPespiegle12/3/2012 11:10AM

I think it is really important how you approach it. The mother/daughter spa day sounds good!katkoll12/3/2012 10:33PM

have you spoken to her about it? royazminejenni12/3/2012 9:39AM

Does SHE care or is it you who cares more? Just wondering. If she wants, I'd say do the threading. brio81512/3/2012 8:33AM

Bleach if she has light skin or threading if she has dark skin.ishadow200012/2/2012 3:00PM

She's too young for electrolysis, but when she's an adult, it does the trick.Martha61012/2/2012 12:01PM

DO NOT BLEACH. I have the problem myself, and a girl in my class had it too, she bleached, everyone+Emma9312/2/2012 9:25AM

We all know how kids are - they're probably already teasing her about it. I vote for bleach. r/oAngelHeartsChanel200912/3/2012 12:34PM

I guess that makes sense, bleach is probably best for very pale skinMUrascal12/3/2012 4:10AM

I had that too (still have) and everybody made fun of me, my mom then waxed it and I still do it Audny12/2/2012 12:17PM

Martha61012/2/2012 12:00PM

bleach! i think it's good you care, ideally kids should be kids but not worth it if other kids teaseMUrascal12/2/2012 9:02AM

Bleach it. luvbug75312/2/2012 7:37AM

Leave it alone I say hormonesbellaluella12/2/2012 2:38AM

if she isn't bothered by it i would let it alone, but otherwise i 2nd the bleach +littledizzle12/1/2012 6:59PM

i'd bleach it adork_able12/1/2012 5:20PM

use a numbing cream and tweeze the most visible hairskitkat7312/1/2012 3:37PM

just numb the area with an ice pack, then tweeze the darkest hair. Doesn't have to be perfect hanhnee12/1/2012 3:14PM

Is she bothered by it? If not, I would leave alone, otherwise a bleaching kit but ++vickybliss12/1/2012 3:06PM

2nd , if she's not bothered by it, don't worry about it lemonz4us12/1/2012 3:17PM

3rdceleste_8512/1/2012 5:22PM

My mom taught me to tweeze when I was that age because I was getting made fun of+vonns8412/1/2012 3:04PM

Sorry I misread your post.itsonlyajob12/1/2012 2:53PM