Who wants to play a game? Tell us what ad is showing on the top of ur MUA board?

mine is Under Armour

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expand whole threadWho wants to play a game? Tell us what ad is showing on the top of ur MUA board?mimilerio12/1/2012 2:41PM

Incocotrillium1312/4/2012 12:17AM

Julep.bluezinnia12/3/2012 11:07PM

banfield optimal wellness plan? loldiendksi12/3/2012 10:58PM

Chilistogo.com.... ?dollylonglegs12/3/2012 10:49PM

Bare Minerals. The same damn ad I see every time I log on. brio81512/3/2012 10:38PM

Mod Clothnirvana912/3/2012 10:08PM

Elizabeth ardentokiomama12/3/2012 7:03PM

Urban Decaycoffeeandcream12/3/2012 6:34PM

2nd.dollylonglegs12/3/2012 10:48PM

Pandora.martha61012/3/2012 6:11PM

2nd! :)megabookfreak12/3/2012 7:40PM

British Airways // tempting me because I MISS LONDON SO MUCHSoffy12/3/2012 4:41PM

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlermonicaandree12/3/2012 4:12PM

Underarm Hair Removal Package $138tpan12/3/2012 2:46PM

Universidad Mayor!lolito12/3/2012 12:47PM

Happy Booster blushSweetTeaAndKerouac12/3/2012 12:41PM

Curry Hyundaivwzen8112/3/2012 12:34PM

Januarispecial - Familjevänliga Idre fjäll(January special family friendly IdreFjäll skiing mountainmoremi12/3/2012 11:59AM

Canada Post? WTF?spinnaker12/3/2012 11:37AM

Of all things, Dominick'sJewelx1712/3/2012 9:30AM

Fossilbrandi968912/3/2012 8:36AM

floto- purses made in italy. thejacks12/3/2012 7:13AM

Buy a toyotayorkieluvr12/3/2012 6:43AM

makeup4ladiessarraaa12/3/2012 6:40AM

Baltimore Sun, featuring full Ravens coverage (no lie!)Beth12/3/2012 2:09AM

Sea Spa Skin CarePISALISA12/2/2012 9:30PM

Bobs red hill baking mixesohsewdizzy12/2/2012 3:16PM

prescriptivesScruffy89212/2/2012 1:30PM

Lifespan treadmill desksbratalier12/2/2012 12:27PM

Estee Lauderwiltzpeggy12/2/2012 12:18PM

Pond's Femina Miss India 2013aksharad12/2/2012 12:17PM

Wisteria AVEDA spayankeerose12/1/2012 5:46PM

hautelooksungelly8712/1/2012 4:02PM

The Hobbitblua12/1/2012 3:37PM

Style 2 nail polishbeautyglitter12/1/2012 3:36PM

UD Naked Basics palettenayajen12/1/2012 3:23PM

2ndAngelHeartsChanel200912/2/2012 11:47AM

Nordstromleeleebell12/1/2012 3:15PM

Debraannrobbins12/3/2012 5:46PM

Lilly Pulitzerilovegloss12/1/2012 3:15PM

Barberstore..... I visited them yesterday LOLsandra190012/1/2012 3:14PM

Avedavisageaparis12/1/2012 3:11PM

Urban Decay Naked Basicstosirwithlove12/1/2012 3:09PM

Needless Markup. I was on that site earlier today looking at Xmas presents for my grandma.lauralately12/1/2012 3:08PM

L'Oreal-Meet the makeup guruscytaormina12/1/2012 3:06PM

EtsySanDiegoAli12/1/2012 3:00PM

Targetohana612/1/2012 2:57PM

Loftchantequeen12/1/2012 2:54PM

samesiesmaomaouchi12/1/2012 3:11PM

Bposttoto85012/1/2012 2:53PM

L'oreal 24 hour styling volume vonns8412/1/2012 2:53PM

HSNkelpri12/1/2012 2:51PM

Natalie's Hair and Bridaljingyo12/1/2012 2:50PM

Urban decay naked basicscuwenicu12/1/2012 2:48PM

2ndhoverfly12/2/2012 1:19PM

3rdraqqstarr12/3/2012 10:18AM

loreal PromiscuousGayHominine12/1/2012 2:48PM

Old Navymarie2812/1/2012 2:48PM

tatchafeedthepig12/1/2012 2:46PM

mine tooari1ana112/3/2012 12:23PM

Tatcha Skincarelilkeeks12/1/2012 2:46PM

2ndpurplecouch12/1/2012 2:54PM

thisitsnotmakeupitsme12/1/2012 3:13PM

L'Oreal Ever Style 24 hour curl gelstarlesssky38612/1/2012 2:45PM

none. Yay AdBlock! orisha_girl12/1/2012 2:44PM

Yay too for Adblock! Works fab too when watching YouTube, no annoying adverts! dizzielittlerascal12/1/2012 2:57PM

And things like 4OD :)Willow9212/1/2012 2:58PM

4OD is a huge pain in my arse! >:( AdBlock forrevva! <3orisha_girl12/1/2012 3:22PM

4th xDWillow9212/1/2012 2:56PM

3rd!ColdAquaTomato12/1/2012 2:46PM

2nd!Harley0912/1/2012 2:45PM

3rd!fallingxstar12/1/2012 2:47PM

do they try to emotionally blackmail you on the homepage too? with that ++orisha_girl12/1/2012 2:47PM

lol, whaaaa? not for me!kmbirkel12/1/2012 2:52PM

*plucks on your heartstrings*orisha_girl12/1/2012 2:54PM

BareMinerals Ready SPF20 FoundationCaptainSpaceburger12/1/2012 2:43PM

Me toostephaniekc12/1/2012 4:06PM

none, I have it blocked.pricklyrose12/1/2012 2:43PM

2ndanatidaephobia12/1/2012 2:44PM

Allure best of beauty award goes to bareMinerals Ready foundationCherylR12/1/2012 2:42PM

2ndmg8412/1/2012 2:50PM

she siad beauty what ever that is ?tuts31112/1/2012 2:42PM