POLL: Last untried you tried? Do we own it? Love, like, meh?


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expand whole threadPOLL: Last untried you tried? Do we own it? Love, like, meh?sprite2612/1/2012 1:22PM

CG Prism. It's okay. Prettier in the bottle.joyousjoy8812/3/2012 8:39PM

Jessica Pumpkin Delight - Love! Put it on last night.Scallion12/2/2012 12:56PM

OPI Melon of Troy. Love it.Martha61012/2/2012 12:08PM

AA 'Mount Royal' (a denim blue) I love it!!AngelHeartsChanel200912/2/2012 12:01PM

3 in one mani: Perfect 10 Take Charge, WnW Dasher, Spoiled Ants In My Pants. LOVE the combo!mitzigaynor1512/1/2012 5:27PM

Illamasqua Creator, I like it bordering on love atmAlexMoon12/1/2012 5:06PM

Hare Pegasus, loving it :)Ysaldra12/1/2012 4:32PM

Lynn LLL and Hello Kitty Red Sparkle (same mani)/like bothsam36412/1/2012 4:12PM

Pretty & Polished Candy Corn, like itdemingy12/1/2012 4:08PM

SC Super Nova (Orly Rage dupe), love!cloroxcowgirl12/1/2012 4:01PM

Aqua Lily-LOVE! Before that was OPI TSWLM-purged..just didn't look right on meHeather110112/1/2012 3:30PM

OPI The World is not Enough/love it in the sun/meh in the shade.polishnut12/1/2012 3:21PM

Love..I actually like it in all lighting but it's gorgeous in the full sunlightHeather110112/1/2012 3:31PM

Don't own this just yet but it's on the waysprite2612/1/2012 3:28PM

Revlon Gold Coast. I layered it over Milani Blackberry Baby, and it became a sparkling bronze. Love!tanarit112/1/2012 3:10PM

OPI Dulce de Leche / LOVE it.SanDiegoAli12/1/2012 2:58PM

Nabi sheer blue scented. NOOOOOOO! It stunk SO BAD I removed immed, still smelled it hrs later :(bettygrable7212/1/2012 2:56PM

CC Holiday Splendor...love it! So vibrant and sparkly!Amelia8812/1/2012 2:36PM

Enchanted Polish Octopus Garden...LOVE!bostonmerlin1012/1/2012 2:16PM

I have this, need to wear more 'cuz it's gawgeous!Ysaldra12/1/2012 4:33PM

fail. i didn't read that right. my last untried was....probably Pahlish Your Lover is an Actress. lijyj12/1/2012 2:15PM

OPI La Boheme, loved itkristel010612/1/2012 2:15PM

Wow, a HTF. Actually, impossible to find.sunnyonne112/3/2012 1:06PM

OPI What's with the Cattitude and Ninja Polish He Went to Jarred. Lovesasshley12/1/2012 1:59PM

Have a big HTF-lemming for What's with the Cattitude. *sigh*sprite2612/1/2012 2:58PM

Me too! It's ridic shadyngozi12/1/2012 3:49PM

I just got it a few days ago from the sneekpeeq deal in Octobersasshley12/1/2012 3:33PM

LA Colors Atomic :) Like!starlesssky38612/1/2012 1:58PM

CC Ho Ho Holly/ love itChinaGlazeJunkie12/1/2012 1:54PM

Own, untriedtanarit112/1/2012 3:11PM

ChG Peachy Keen, I like it!missbluee12/1/2012 1:50PM

ChG Champagne Bubbles w Orly Atomic Splash and Watch It Glitter over....mehhh on all 3klounder3312/1/2012 1:47PM

Color Club Jingle Jangle - I love it!brazenspider12/1/2012 1:44PM

Orly Miss Conduct - it's amazingvanilladiva4512/1/2012 1:40PM

so good! saimiri92312/1/2012 3:25PM

This one for me too.chale12/1/2012 3:17PM

OPI German-icure- love it!mbrow22212/1/2012 1:39PM

Own, untriedChinaGlazeJunkie12/1/2012 4:22PM

Own and loveHeather110112/1/2012 3:31PM

OPI DS Bold. Loooved it! saimiri92312/1/2012 1:38PM

Hit Polish Irisation and Pure Ice Oh Baby (together over black) / they're awesome!hokukoroku12/1/2012 1:29PM

ChG Water You Waiting For/LOVE IT, pics don't do it justicePyretta512/1/2012 1:29PM

Smitten Winter is Coming/love it wears really well tooelizabeth71812/1/2012 1:26PM

fp plum startled. meh. not enough sparkle.scarymonster74212/1/2012 1:24PM

$OPI Only Gold for Me. LOVE! Wearing it over Essie Where's My Chauffeur?sprite2612/1/2012 1:23PM