Are there any fashion-related expressions that really get on your nerves?

I don't know what it is, but there are some words that cause me unnecessary irrational annoyance if I read them.

"Workhorse" - "This item is a wardrobe workhorse"
"Styled" - "I styled it this way" (sounds weird as a verb...idk...)
"oxblood" - ugh....
"belted" - "Is this cardigan better belted or not?"
"live in" - "I live in my uggs in the winter", you don't live in them..

Yeah, I need to chill out.
Am I the only one?

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expand whole threadAre there any fashion-related expressions that really get on your nerves?mellern11/28/2012 1:50PM

Jeggings and treggings. If you wear leggings with a skirt, are they skeggings?atomic_girl12/9/2012 9:22PM

any variation of rockcasa_blanca_lily12/9/2012 5:31PM

Here's another "boyfriend"-jeans, watch, etc. UGHteecube12/9/2012 2:11PM

The word "unexpected"teecube12/9/2012 2:09PM

Elegant, chic, edgy, and many more are all being used so incorrectly these days +emgb12/9/2012 5:05AM

When someone replaces the word hot with haute! It means high! Hot and high are not at all the same!saturdaystevens12/8/2012 9:59PM

"Uber" sonningale12/8/2012 1:39PM

"Killer" heels. Come on people, think of another adjective!Gumbyguy12/1/2012 10:33AM

LOL! Kitten heels, too. I've never seen a kitten wearing heels. emily7712/8/2012 12:09PM

'Kitten' refers to the style of heel just FYI :)ziya12/9/2012 2:29AM

"that's hot"doe_eyed_kitty12/1/2012 7:29AM

That stupid quote by coco Chanel aboutanastasia_beaverhausen11/30/2012 10:41PM

I think I got really tired of of the word "chic." And why does everything NEED to be defined. brio81512/8/2012 7:46PM

I agree with you and Iris Apfel. "More is more and less is a bore."+++Neopatra12/3/2012 4:14PM

This X is giving me life. Really? A shoe has taken the place of your breath? Or God? Or your ma?godpsent11/30/2012 1:59PM

"the new black"bratalier11/30/2012 12:50PM

2ndnmymo11/30/2012 11:27PM

3rd!saturdaystevens12/8/2012 9:48PM

'Fierce' ?!!!marmaladecat11/30/2012 10:45AM

And also 'This season, it's all about...' marmaladecat11/30/2012 10:46AM

"on trend" - ugh! I agree with most of the ones mentioned here actually, fashion talk is annoying +MUrascal11/30/2012 4:09AM

Iconic! LOL! People don't even know when it means when they say it. The hosts on The Shopping ropemily7711/30/2012 1:59AM

Ugh, I know! Nothing being sold on live tv is ever fashion forward. saturdaystevens12/8/2012 9:50PM

"Matchy-matchy"bluezinnia11/29/2012 11:38PM

OMGosh I hate that term!teecube12/10/2012 10:31AM

"plus size" there has got to be a more elegant way to put it :(maggiegault11/29/2012 10:21PM

This. Can't there just be all sizes on the rack? Arg...ocelot111/30/2012 12:48AM

I really *hate* it when a fragrance is described as "smelling like an old lady."++Neopatra11/29/2012 8:10PM

(Oops. Wrong place)Neopatra12/3/2012 4:13PM

or when someone isn't WHATEVER enough to wear a certain perfume...micbass0112/1/2012 2:11PM

it's true, very disrespectfulMUrascal12/1/2012 5:22AM

OMGosh....exactly!!oscarnabby11/30/2012 2:10PM

Lol! Yes!ocelot111/30/2012 12:56AM

"Classic with a twist." Gag me with a spoon.combatwombat11/29/2012 6:24PM

Turning up the volume. Sorry Ina Garten! teecube12/10/2012 10:32AM

"so fabs!" "delish" "yummy" beautyisbliss11/29/2012 6:21PM

Getting really tired of the overuse of the word 'perfection' in blogs and on TV etc.donnz11/29/2012 5:44PM

"The Girls" as in, "The bodice on that dress holds The Girls in."Martha61011/29/2012 4:53PM

POP. As in "pop of color", etc. I hate it!trillium1311/29/2012 1:46PM

The word "totes" used incorrectly. "That sweater is so totes." Ugh, makes me cringe.WillowWynde11/29/2012 10:29AM

"modern"! a perennial Project Runway favorite jhonni11/29/2012 8:10AM

Fashionista.I always think about growing up hearing about the Sandinistas conflicts in Nicaragua ++jhodi11/28/2012 11:19PM

lol- trueespiegle11/29/2012 9:58AM

I don't like incorrect, overuse of "vintage" personally. espiegle11/28/2012 10:25PM

Yes!!! The fashion industry has ruined that wordanastasia_beaverhausen11/30/2012 10:43PM

Not the fashion industry, but tumblr!saturdaystevens12/8/2012 9:52PM

YES! Like 'vintage 90s jeans.' NO!marmaladecat11/30/2012 10:39AM

"[something] is so NOW", "fashion foward" (wth is there a fashion backward?)laru11/28/2012 5:32PM

"The new black". Black is the only black.yojim11/28/2012 3:56PM

This!!!!!!irimoto11/29/2012 6:13PM

Counterfeit, AMAZING, Bling, Fierce, Fab, Chic, Trendy / "In" (in fashion/style; that's so) ++GoreGoreGirl11/28/2012 3:48PM

yes yes :)blueoceangirl11/30/2012 5:35PM

hmm why do you find that saying silly? just curious. it's a great saying imoMUrascal11/30/2012 4:12AM

^yess!!ziya11/29/2012 3:49PM

Hahahahaha! Great post!!oscarnabby11/29/2012 8:31AM

calling anything "gorge"Katgirl62511/28/2012 3:20PM

'go to' anything. fiddleleaf11/28/2012 3:06PM

and any word/phrase that Juilianna Rancic would use to describe anything of fashion.fiddleleaf11/28/2012 3:08PM

lol huuuge 2nd dogdaze12/8/2012 3:18PM

i hate when fashion words are made cutesy, like cardi for cardigan. ++someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:39PM

Delish! If it's that damn good say DELICOUS!cristy_amk12/9/2012 6:33AM

i detest "din" for dinner. really? DIN?gingerkitten11/28/2012 2:45PM

din is a word that means noise, so I'd be really confused.restinginlove11/28/2012 4:00PM

exactly. gingerkitten11/28/2012 4:03PM

and "brekky" for breakfast. i'm all, wtf SAYS that?!ButterflyEffect11/28/2012 2:47PM

Australians - no really, they do.katras12/3/2012 5:26PM

Aw, I call breakfast brekky! *goes and cries in the corner* ;)carakitty11/28/2012 3:52PM

Isn't that an old-school traditional British-ism? It deserves special dispensation.Neopatra11/29/2012 8:12PM

no crying, pretty lady. we'll give you a pass this one time. ;)ButterflyEffect11/28/2012 3:55PM

I'm estatic! Thank you so much FB!!!carakitty11/28/2012 4:04PM

thank you! gingerkitten11/28/2012 3:33PM

Getting off topic here but I can't stand "supper". Total pet peeve :/nekochama11/28/2012 2:47PM

To a lot of elderly and southerners- supper is dinner. It's just a word. brio81512/1/2012 1:55PM

Yep. Dinner is lunch and supper is dinner. makeupjunkie45212/8/2012 6:55PM

Why? I eat dinner at 7pm, supper at 11pm. Kind of makes sense to me. marshmallowcloud11/29/2012 2:45AM

thats dinner, and second dinner in our house..blueoceangirl11/30/2012 5:37PM

You clearly didn't grow up in the Midwest. ;P "Dinner" was a +artbabe11/28/2012 5:26PM

For you, darling, it's always "dinner" because you deserve the best!Neopatra11/29/2012 8:11PM

haha! yes!finn4711/29/2012 1:56PM

Me too! I cringe. UghForDays11/28/2012 3:03PM

lol. at least it's a real wordleslie11/28/2012 3:00PM

add appi (for appetizer) and bevvy (for beverage) to my hate list.barbarella1011/28/2012 10:13PM

I think it's because my mother has a penchant for European-isms. It's one of her affectations.nekochama11/28/2012 3:05PM

My mother is American, but pretends she isn't! Hence the irritation...nekochama11/28/2012 5:22PM

my mother is a brit and it's a common word in our area! i say dinner, she says supper. gingerkitten11/28/2012 3:34PM

Ha! I know exactly the type. nekochama11/28/2012 3:12PM

I had an anglophile friend who'd never been to England. It did make me irrationally angry when he leslie11/28/2012 3:09PM

i hate cardi but i also hate the sound of cardigan so i just avoid ever having to say it lollulumid11/28/2012 2:41PM

I can't say it w/out my DF repeating it with an Irish brogue. lolespiegle11/28/2012 10:22PM

i can't get worked up about latest fashion lingo like that. it's just not that serious you know? i +ButterflyEffect11/28/2012 2:35PM

godpsent11/30/2012 1:58PM

skinny jeans, pop of colorlulumid11/28/2012 2:33PM

I hate the "skinny jeans," too! The funny thing is they make most people look the opposite of ropemily7711/30/2012 2:01AM

2nd pop of colorRThorn11/28/2012 2:34PM

that is annoying too.someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:37PM

4th pop of colour. makes me want to pop someone lolshoelady11/28/2012 3:14PM

5th.ChenchillaxChop11/28/2012 3:49PM

7th ad nauseumponeegryl11/29/2012 1:16AM

6th!KerryWalkerNZ11/28/2012 4:22PM

Borrowed from the boys, and anything coutureBebeKitty11/28/2012 2:32PM

I think Vintage is used too liberally for things that really aren't old enough to be called thatwindowshopper11/28/2012 2:28PM

This. yomama_agrees11/28/2012 2:51PM

So true. nekochama11/28/2012 2:30PM

i'm trying to think of things isaac mizrahi says. ++someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:23PM

"Vintage" and "retro". Usually, like 75% of the time, this means ++kaiousei11/28/2012 2:21PM

isn't vintage 25 years and older? So most 80's would fit there.nonnie2611/28/2012 2:23PM

So in a few years my car will be vintage? Sweet. cax8912/8/2012 11:16PM

this is the standard for cars anywaylulumid11/28/2012 2:34PM

"super cute" - said way too often about every single haul item by YouTubersjeweliette11/28/2012 2:18PM

I hate when they say "and I really like it". NO DUH REALLY?! You bought it so obviously!!kaiousei11/28/2012 2:22PM

that always makes me think of one WNTW contestant....gingerkitten11/28/2012 2:20PM

the barbie doll one with the super blonde hair?someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:24PM

YES! gingerkitten11/28/2012 2:24PM

she was a tad wackadoodle.someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:25PM

i am LOLgingerkitten11/28/2012 2:32PM

"edgy" drives me crazy. glauren11/28/2012 2:07PM

I can't think of anything right now, but knowing myself, I probably have pet peeves as wellaksaiyo11/28/2012 2:06PM

"Werk it" or "Work it" - both drive me equally batty loljennate11/28/2012 2:06PM

(wrong place!)nekochama11/28/2012 2:07PM

Styled sounds strange to me toorahnstaaap11/28/2012 2:05PM

Same here, I hear it spoken in the voice of an eager Lucky mag intern.nekochama11/28/2012 2:08PM

LOL! now I will hear it too :)rahnstaaap11/28/2012 2:14PM

I cringe at "fresh" used to describe a look, I don't know why.nekochama11/28/2012 2:02PM

see I don't like the term "fun"'s a bit condescending to me like when r/orydenfan311/28/2012 2:09PM

I just LOL-ed! YES - there's a condescending subtext in "fun"....nekochama11/28/2012 2:12PM

it's weird how there's no rhyme or reason for why certain things bother us!mellern11/28/2012 2:04PM

Maxxinista (lol)laru11/28/2012 1:57PM

Lol, the commercials make me cringe cax8912/8/2012 11:18PM

I agree. brio81512/8/2012 7:46PM

2nd. The addition of "ista" to most words bugs me. Recessionista... blah!Leslie590511/28/2012 3:05PM

OMG! That's exactly what i was going to say! Just people someone adds "ista" that doesn't mean++saturdaystevens12/8/2012 9:55PM

LOL okay maybe this, but do people actually say this? I thought it's just TJ's trying way too hard.artoo11/28/2012 1:58PM

Yeah, that is horrible!mellern11/28/2012 2:01PM

1. colourway 2. X is the new black 3. Curvy to describe someone above size 8+tigeratty11/28/2012 1:56PM

Yes this! Curvy is a shape, NOT a size!cax8912/8/2012 11:20PM

i have only ever used colorway in fiber arts language. just started seeing this r/ogingerkitten11/28/2012 2:08PM

I hate when magazines use plus-size! Here's a dress for hour-glass, pear, apple and plus. Ugh!katsey11/28/2012 1:59PM

My DH hates "rocks it" or "rocking it" indyj11/28/2012 1:54PM

that is really annoying. i don't want to hear about anyone rocking anything.someonejustlikeyou11/28/2012 2:21PM

You are never the only one, but I personally don't have anything I can think of that grinds my gearsartoo11/28/2012 1:54PM