Yay or nay on this flapper-inspired dress? It's beautiful IRL & fits like the model on me+


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expand whole threadYay or nay on this flapper-inspired dress? It's beautiful IRL & fits like the model on me+LacquerLover11/28/2012 1:26PM

Gorgeous - and I love the shoes she has on, too!enolan11912/10/2012 7:53AM

grannajaan12/9/2012 11:34PM

Gorgeous!!!nicest12/9/2012 4:19PM

Love it!MarianCan12/9/2012 3:46PM

Love it, looks amazing on the model with the bronzey glowMUrascal12/9/2012 3:41PM

Wow!! Tpan12/9/2012 2:56PM

Not enough "Yays" in the WORLDNeopatra12/9/2012 2:08PM

Love it!DijaaVu12/9/2012 11:45AM

2ndlepin12/9/2012 1:23PM

YAY!katras12/9/2012 11:15AM

total yayjitjit11/28/2012 6:45PM

thanks SO much for weighing in, everyone. love this board!LacquerLover11/28/2012 6:10PM

Yay! It is really beautiful!KerryWalkerNZ11/28/2012 4:23PM

Yay x1000!! LOVE it!grobanite1911/28/2012 4:02PM

so pretty-yay!rydenfan311/28/2012 2:28PM

wow, it's gorgeousgingerkitten11/28/2012 1:56PM

Oh, I love this! Beautiful!mixedtape11/28/2012 1:55PM

love it; w/a necklace and right mu it will be fine color wise tigeratty11/28/2012 1:51PM

Love iT!jwally11/28/2012 1:33PM

Yay, did you buy it already? It's gorgeous & perf for new year's! clawback 11/28/2012 1:33PM

I did buy it! I have always wanted a flapper-esque dress...but +LacquerLover11/28/2012 1:42PM

u wanted to be talked out of buying awesome dress and u came HERE? Ah-hahahahaha!+Neopatra12/9/2012 2:09PM

I see you're not very successful here lolseonmi11/28/2012 1:44PM

I like it! carakitty11/28/2012 1:32PM

love! seajewel11/28/2012 1:29PM

I've been eyeing that one for some time, too! I think it's great if the color goes w/your skinmellern11/28/2012 1:28PM

I might be too pale for it but I just can't make myself care :)LacquerLover11/28/2012 1:43PM