Ok it's kind of a loaded Ques~ But what 1 skincare item has really worked for you or something you

could not live with out- HOLY GRAIL ITEM

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expand whole threadOk it's kind of a loaded Ques~ But what 1 skincare item has really worked for you or something you shopgal2211/27/2012 6:32PM

Unrefined Organic Shea Butterpulidobl12/7/2012 12:33AM

Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night. This stuff really works!! trisheee12/6/2012 9:55PM

Sisley confort extreme night carefakelashes12/6/2012 8:11PM

Almond oilraelmoore12/6/2012 6:44PM

Glycolic acid cream and Tretinion, aluminum oxide crystalsmorganna77712/6/2012 3:22PM

Mandelic acid. I use GOW or MUAC. amydbaby12/6/2012 9:47AM

emma hardie cleansing balm!andreacshortell12/6/2012 8:14AM

J&J baby shampoo, J&J head to toe wash, cetaphil cream, olay complete sensitive spf30, jojoba oiljacqc12/6/2012 1:01AM

Neosporin and Aquaphor. Holy.Grail. Must.Haves.bohemianmartini12/1/2012 1:04PM

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.Gumbyguy12/1/2012 10:59AM

Maybe not HG but i recently rediscovered witch hazel and what it does for my oily skinamarna_princess12/1/2012 7:57AM

debwil11/30/2012 10:38PM

avene eluage - only thing (apart from roaccutane) that helps my hormonal jawlinelilpea11/30/2012 10:05PM

Glycolic acid and tretintion, aluminum oxide crystalsmorganna77711/30/2012 7:57PM

Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Cream.lindo511/30/2012 4:44PM

Cetaphil bar soapgc201111/30/2012 2:38PM

seabuckthorn oil xxsweetDESiRExx11/29/2012 11:55PM

2% BHA lotion.bluezinnia11/29/2012 11:46PM

argan oil and recently Andalou anti-aging peptide cream. love!olive14311/29/2012 10:53PM

lemon juice (the tiniest amount)bunbunny11/29/2012 9:58PM

black soap and apple cider vinegarM0nay0711/29/2012 9:45PM

alpha hydrox enhanced lotion 10% glycolic for my hormonal cycstic acnejskellis11/29/2012 8:21PM

Retin A, and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Retinal Wrinkle Cream..++justinetindall11/29/2012 7:37PM

Retin A TCA Peels Alpha Hydrox Lotion HM Vita Serom ropscott7711/29/2012 6:14PM

Sorry homemade vitamin C Serum, Hydroquinone, tumeric scott7711/29/2012 6:15PM

Vanicream spf 60scott7711/29/2012 6:16PM

Retin-Alisamims111/29/2012 5:51PM

2ndcleogirl12/6/2012 11:41AM

Bp. Right now, acnefree melinda_11/29/2012 4:01PM

acne free system, eucerin spf, muac tca peelkeia111311/29/2012 3:56PM

Retin A without a doubtMsPsylocke11/29/2012 3:33PM

differinpoppydoll11/29/2012 2:38PM

Aczone.Herbst311/29/2012 1:45PM

Panoxyl soap for acne and Olay Complete moisturizerhollyhoo11/29/2012 12:04PM

Creme de la Mer irimoto11/29/2012 9:17AM

simple is betterwendlemg30211/29/2012 6:58AM

Lotion cleansers instead of harsh soaps. CeraVe, Cetaphil, etc., got rid of dryness and irritation.Martha61011/28/2012 5:17PM

I don't post on this board but saw this topic on front page>>>tsth11/28/2012 12:14PM

Grapeseed oil or mineral oil. Changed everything.MadameDesu11/30/2012 11:46PM

StridexScrewdriver11/28/2012 12:42PM

EL ANR. It's stopped my husband from breaking out.dibbun11/28/2012 11:00AM

i found this cleanser by accident but i love it so much: fruits & passion foaming radiance hanhnee11/28/2012 9:24AM

Heh it's hard. But I guess Avene Triacneal, tho my skin loves VitC serum too. ropfrckls11/28/2012 7:16AM

skinceuticals phyto corrective gel.prettyfacades11/27/2012 11:48PM

Tazorac.kattt9211/27/2012 11:24PM

Sulfur cleanser Rx.skincarekevin11/27/2012 11:07PM

olay resurfacing elixer- got rid of my flakes and blackheadsmalco11/27/2012 9:25PM

I owe my clear skin to Retin-A and DDF Glycolic tonerenvinia11/27/2012 8:39PM

Nu Fountain Vitamin C Serum. My super-sensitive skin just loves it. :>) Quilley 11/27/2012 8:21PM

2ndtracygray11/28/2012 4:39PM

BHAkasiakoz11/27/2012 8:10PM

2ndprettyfacades11/27/2012 11:48PM

Avene cicalfate. Only thing that helps my eyelid dermatitis when it flares up.sugarash18211/27/2012 7:14PM

Acne.org BPkai111/27/2012 7:02PM

2ndmeggan80811/29/2012 12:17AM

argan oilgizmorules11/27/2012 6:58PM

Where do you get yours? kself11/27/2012 10:59PM

aquaphor. my dry skin loves me now. vonns8411/27/2012 6:50PM

2nd. Bought 1 tube a few years ago and now I can't not have it with me even in my purse.joyousjoy8811/27/2012 6:51PM

Retin-A rachaelp11/27/2012 6:46PM

Mandelic acid serum. LadyofFluff11/27/2012 6:38PM

what mandelic acid serum are you all using?lgbnaf11/30/2012 11:28AM

Mine's from GOW. There are different formulas and strengths. I use the 10% w seaweed, no alcohol.volshorn0812/6/2012 12:08AM

5th-only used a couple times so far and i'm seeing a clarity in my skin that i havent seen in awhilenirvana911/30/2012 6:26AM

2ndkelpri11/27/2012 6:40PM

3rd--it's really helped my acne.historian1211/28/2012 11:00AM

4th. Haven't had a single pimple since I started using this.volshorn0811/29/2012 3:32PM