I am SO p**sed off! Avene have reformulated my HG cleanser (Cleanance Gel) and +

the reformulation is horrible for my skin! The ingredient list is only about half the length of the old version, but it foams a *lot* more and is *extremely* drying. I just cleansed, only for about 10 seconds as normal, and my face and hands are so dry and tight right now. I don't think I've ever experienced a cleanser this drying and stripping before!

My aunt who uses Hydrance Optimale Light SPF 20 (Euro formula) also told me a couple of days ago that the latest tube of that she purchased is irritating her skin. I checked their site, the ingredients on the box she had too against other lists on the internet and sure enough that's been "tweaked" too.

Goodness knows how many other products they're reformulating. I wish companies would leave products alone!

Now I've got to try and find another cleanser (it took me a couple of years of trial-and-error to find this one!) and I still haven't found a moisturiser that works well for me either. So, I now have the fun (NOT!) job of putting together a whole new routine! *sigh*

Sorry, just had to vent!


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