POLL: What are the best tips/tricks you have learned from this nail board? Mine...

1. Using the foil method to remove glitter polish.
2. Taking it a step further: Using a base coat of glue to simply peel off glitter polish.
3. Using a teabag to fix a broken nail.

Thank you to everyone who has been helpful! My polish stash has grown from about 6 bottles to well over 30 :)

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expand whole threadPOLL: What are the best tips/tricks you have learned from this nail board? Mine...dakota201011/26/2012 6:15PM

Sorry, I just lurk..what's the glue trick??tricyclesinskirts11/27/2012 11:33PM

use a glue like Elmer's to paint a base coat/layer before applying glitter polishes +MUrascal11/28/2012 1:58AM

There's several out there, just google "white glue base coat." I use a 3:1 mixture of tacky glue +MadameDesu11/28/2012 10:09AM

Thank you!!tricyclesinskirts12/2/2012 5:25PM

Removing polish with Panty liners!raqqstarr11/28/2012 4:29PM

Whaaaaaaat??!?!! Explain this!!MadameDesu11/28/2012 4:39PM

omg GENIUS I have tons of liners in my cabinets. THANK YOU. bareminerals4ever12/1/2012 4:12PM

This is brilliant! I have like 4 boxes of extra panty liners to use ...MadameDesu12/1/2012 1:57PM

Haja genius! TYvoodoochick12/1/2012 12:08PM

Ropraqqstarr12/1/2012 11:23AM

brush & remover to clean up around cuticles, seems obvious now but I had never thought this before!MUrascal11/27/2012 7:58PM

Layering top coat w/streaky sheers, using mu brush to clean updenvergal11/27/2012 6:07PM

what is the layering one? never heard of it. :)polishwh0re2111/27/2012 7:29PM

Any QDTC or leveling topcoat, I think. MadameDesu11/27/2012 8:34PM

pure acetone, quick dry top coat, using a curette to manage cuticles, using base coats for glitterslaceyh11/27/2012 10:33AM

All the cuticle care tricks, foil method, and cleanup methodPandoraSue11/27/2012 5:05AM

SV, scrubby tub, moisturize, blitherypoop sponging for no brush strokes, file with polish on, ++ChinaGlazeJunkie11/26/2012 8:38PM

What she said.toa200211/26/2012 9:49PM

Yep, all this! Scrubby tub saved my lifeallicat199811/26/2012 10:20PM

what is scrubby tub?MissMandy8111/27/2012 4:14AM

foil method, clean up brush/ doing a gap, biotin...pretty_please11/26/2012 8:09PM

NP removal methods, using np thinner, jelly sandwiches, wrapping tips, leaving a gapseevan11/26/2012 7:51PM

file with polish on/foil method/clean up method/wrap tips/alcohol swipe before polishreesagirl11/26/2012 7:40PM

foil method, cuticle remover, clean up method.hellokittyqueen11/26/2012 7:22PM

I'd say cuticle care and all the different recs for it+d1s11/26/2012 6:54PM

reesa method, layering duochromes over black, thinning difficult polishes, and that I NEED THEM ALL.scarymonster74211/26/2012 6:42PM

2nd to duo layering.. and what to use as watermarble undies depending on what you usenekyo11/26/2012 7:11PM

That acrylics aren't worth the trouble!!Susee11/26/2012 6:35PM

Lol, yes!!MadameDesu11/26/2012 6:43PM

Before I found NB I was thinking about acrylics. Dodged a bullet!SquirrelQueen11/26/2012 9:31PM

fellllllllllllllttttttttttttshelllly11/26/2012 6:34PM

that was going to be my answer!!!ethansmother11/26/2012 11:50PM

oh also this! kathynoemi11/26/2012 6:38PM

felt???patricew11/26/2012 6:42PM

removing with felt instead of cotton. Less lint/fuzz and can do more nails per piecescarymonster74211/26/2012 6:46PM

what a great idea, can't believe I hadn't heard it! thanks!kristamj11/26/2012 6:57PM

Second on the thanks! I have been going batty over the cotton fuzzies.SquirrelQueen11/26/2012 9:32PM

File with polish on and MOISTURIIIIIIIIIZEfunkyniblets11/26/2012 6:28PM

2nd the filing w polish on...and Gelousblitherypoop11/26/2012 6:32PM

Foil method, cuticle care & clean up.kathynoemi11/26/2012 6:27PM

This!redvelvet8911/26/2012 6:35PM

Cuticle care and quick dry topcoatHeather110111/26/2012 6:19PM

Thisnailmom11/26/2012 6:27PM