Do you like manicures where the ring finger color is different from the other nails?


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expand whole threadDo you like manicures where the ring finger color is different from the other nails?erica05711/26/2012 1:32PM

Like it if difference is subtle, not glaringsunnyonne111/30/2012 9:42AM

love them!jamie_amber11/30/2012 3:03AM

No. Personally I think it looks kind of childish.mllemarie11/30/2012 3:02AM

Nope...halloqueen11/30/2012 1:24AM

No, too trendytabster11/28/2012 9:02PM

Yes! I love this trend!MadameDesu11/28/2012 8:33PM

Yes especially sparkle on the ring finger!raqqstarr11/28/2012 3:50PM

NoDalila8011/28/2012 9:42AM

I love accent nails & do them frequently.AngelHeartsChanel200911/28/2012 4:03AM

No. Now a middle finger accent is something I can get excited about. bohemianmartini11/28/2012 1:08AM

YES! LOL!muacat11/28/2012 10:12AM

YESnaoma4311/28/2012 12:51AM

No. It's one of those trends everyone will make fun of in 5 yearslotusgrrl11/27/2012 9:59PM

Oh YES! And then I do my whole pedicure the same color as the ring finger accent nail!Neopatra11/27/2012 6:38PM

noMarianCan11/27/2012 4:34PM

It's a fun trend.Martha61011/27/2012 1:07PM

ADORE accent nails! Much more interesting, and gives me more colour to try outSoffy11/27/2012 8:13AM

I do but I always get people asking "Why is one nail different?" Le sigh.laikabear11/27/2012 7:13AM

Yes, and this fakelashes11/27/2012 8:21PM

Me too. I love it, I hate explaining it!greengreyeyes11/27/2012 8:22PM

"Because I am a member of a secret society. I have to kill you now." *snerk*Neopatra11/27/2012 6:39PM

And now I have an answer!!! :)laikabear11/27/2012 6:59PM

I love an accent nail!patricew11/26/2012 6:12PM

Yes, but my hubby and kids don't get it..they always ask why I do it..lolHeather110111/26/2012 3:52PM

Ugh, my hubby asked me what the significance of it was *rolls eyes*fwilmore11/28/2012 7:58PM

yup, easy way to knock out two untrieds in one manivnyan11/26/2012 3:31PM

this (:NailsIT11/28/2012 3:16AM

yupmiadelaine11/26/2012 3:22PM

Yep, and usually do both ring fingers and thumbs in same accent color, usually glitter.rowenaaine11/26/2012 2:35PM

Thismec122311/26/2012 2:54PM

yes I do but men don't lol, every time I wear one a man asks "why is one finger different?!" >>pretty_please11/26/2012 2:33PM

Guys (& a couple girls) always ask that for me too!!! Lol.rawrcatx11/26/2012 2:45PM

I do them fairly often.bettygrable7211/26/2012 2:20PM

Sometimes shadyngozi11/26/2012 2:15PM

Yes, I do them quite often, usually with a glitter accentpandorasue11/26/2012 2:11PM

I like the glitter accent nails, as well.seevan11/26/2012 2:16PM

I like the ring and pointer to be different occasionally.modegirl1211/26/2012 2:10PM

I like it.seevan11/26/2012 2:08PM

No. It is fine on others, but it just doesn't suit my style.AudB11/26/2012 2:04PM

i do..lately im doing 2 different colors on each hand...zayragiselle11/26/2012 2:02PM

I'm doing index finger accent today...I feel edgy.LOL!lciaravi11/26/2012 1:58PM

I've seen some photos of those lately - I'm kind of digging it!diffraction11/26/2012 2:39PM

No, I don't. I don't like the asymmetry. I like skittles or alternating colors. I am an oddball.ammoniasmith11/26/2012 1:53PM

yeshokukoroku11/26/2012 1:52PM

All of my accent nails have been thinly veiled lazy attempts to test a different polish over +edie471111/26/2012 1:52PM

ring, or any other accent finger looks good imo.myrasis11/26/2012 1:40PM

Yes, although I only do an accent nail on one hand; I like the asymmetry of it =)joseybird11/26/2012 1:39PM

Me too !pretchel11/27/2012 12:02PM

Yeslaqueluster11/26/2012 1:38PM

I really appreciate it on others, but I prefer all 10 of mine to be the same. :)badkat11/26/2012 1:37PM

Wow! We are the minority. I don't like the accent nail.Flyyygirl11/27/2012 1:59PM