Would you go to a DO (Anethesiologist) who also does cosmetic procedures r/o

and does not like to be asked any questions?

I went to a guy who has the "right" kind of laser (yag) and he is doing a living social deal. But he didnt seem to react well to me asking questions.He seems like if you ask him stuff you are questioning his ability. His staff also seem a bit off.

He actually went so far as to ask that i not redeem the voucher and they told me they would refund it. I guess they think I dont trust them.

LS said they are on my side and will talk to them if I want to try to use the voucher, what should I do?

I have a groupon for another kind of laser which isnt supposed to be as effective on my skin type (Indian). That is the Lightsheer Duet.

I was planning to use that one after the YAG to get the remaining fine hairs which theYAG is not good at.

I guess I should skip the YAG and head straight to the LIghtsheer?
The LIghtsheer doc, an MD and plastic surgeon, is way nicer and much more professional.

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