Okay, giving up (at least temporarily) on my beloved SC PF.++

this was holy grail material for me, I loved it *SO MUCH.* It gave a great polished look to my skin. However, my skin has been HORRIBLE since I started using it. I didn't really notice until maybe 3 weeks after I started using it and i have blamed every other product I use, to the extent I've even stopped sweetening my coffee in case it's the stevia, but nothing has worked and my jaw area is just a mess of pimples, which is not a normal state of affairs for my skin. So.. I'm switching to replenix sheer spray for now and maybe my skin will clear up. Of course, there might still be other culprits (like a change in hormones), and i did recently notice breakouts and rough skin right where I place my blush, and I'd been using SN blush for months, as well as SN blur powder (also quit using this a couple weeks ago for now).. but it's a big deal for me to give up on the SC PF haha.. I tried so hard to pretend that it couldn't possibly be the problem.

Well, i'll report back if my skin clears up :)

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