Do the SA's are your Sephora apply their makeup horribly? There's only 2 SA's that ever have nice+

makeup on. All the other ones make me wonder how they got the job... I'm not trying to be mean, but some of them really do look like a 11 year did it. There's one who always has crusty dry liquid eyeliner all the way around her eyes (not smoothing or clean liners either). It makes my eyes sore just seeing it.

It's like this, just not nearly as good or clean.


She seems to wear it with every look she does, and also wears very obvious false lashes on her bottom lash line. She's not the only one, but the one that really sticks out in my mind. The makeup she does on people is really bad too. Is Sephora suppose to train people, or do you just learn yourself? She's been there for a while now =/

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