Poll - Choose a brand you've never tried and we'll recommend something for you. Mine is Chantecaille


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expand whole threadPoll - Choose a brand you've never tried and we'll recommend something for you. Mine is Chantecaillewendy3510711/13/2012 11:21AM

The cheek cremesjoy2uandme11/15/2012 7:30PM

Chantecaille Lip Chics lipsticks.AngelHeartsChanel200911/14/2012 1:03PM

2nd the Lip Chic. elfelettem11/15/2012 5:11AM

Cliniquerewqr11/13/2012 12:07PM

Creamshaper eyeliner pencils or else Quickliner for eyesdrugstorediva311/15/2012 4:11PM

Iced Lotus blushespiegle11/15/2012 2:54PM

try their blushesbraveviet11/14/2012 10:32PM

Lipsticks, giant highlighter bottlesSweetTeaAndKerouac11/13/2012 2:59PM

Black Honey Almost Lipstickmcrubel11/13/2012 12:22PM

Gorgeous color!eternityintherain11/14/2012 8:58PM

thisHanouna11/13/2012 2:20PM

Spicy Honey is nice too. The almost lipsticks are the only thing I love from Clinique.tastycactuar11/13/2012 1:15PM

Almost Powder is great and lipsticks.daveandnic11/13/2012 12:16PM

Illamasquamcrubel11/13/2012 12:02PM

mcrubel11/13/2012 12:15PM

LOL loving the epicness of this post!!!wendy3510711/13/2012 11:52AM

Inglotpeekaboa11/13/2012 11:51AM

Well the eyshadows are raved about on here but that's all I've heard, I've tried none either.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:53AM

Laura Mercierpeekaboa11/13/2012 11:46AM

cake linernbtech11/13/2012 5:09PM

ConcealerSweetTeaAndKerouac11/13/2012 3:00PM

matte eyeshadows, secret camoflage concealerHanouna11/13/2012 2:20PM

woah so many caviar sticks suggestions :3peekaboa11/13/2012 11:50AM

Caviar Sticks, powder blush, matte e/sgconn11/13/2012 11:49AM

Caviar Sticks, Secret concealerwhooobie11/13/2012 11:49AM

Caviar Sticks for sure :)wendy3510711/13/2012 11:47AM

Suqquwhooobie11/13/2012 11:46AM

e/s, l/s. foundation/powder/primergconn11/13/2012 11:47AM

sounds like the whole line!whooobie11/13/2012 11:53AM

I skipped mascara! XDgconn11/13/2012 11:53AM

cheek brushbellyhead11/13/2012 11:50AM

OH MY GAWWWSH ALL THE BRUSHESgconn11/13/2012 11:53AM

My wallet is crying in a corner just thinking about this lolwhooobie11/13/2012 11:57AM

Smashboxmg8411/13/2012 11:45AM

I love their primers and their putty eyeliners are amazing.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:47AM

Gel e/l and e/l brushsungelly8711/13/2012 11:46AM

(oops someone already said it)mg8411/13/2012 11:42AM

Shiseidopeekaboa11/13/2012 11:41AM

blotting papers and eyelash curlertracygray11/15/2012 6:22PM

Perfect Refining Foundation, S3 Glistening Flush highlighter. foundation brushespiegle11/15/2012 1:51AM

SS, e/s, skincareSweetTeaAndKerouac11/13/2012 3:00PM

foundation and skincareHanouna11/13/2012 2:26PM

e/skrazybird11/13/2012 12:09PM

Check out their newest foundation too :)shortcut4me11/13/2012 11:51AM

haha i like the brush but too exp for me :ppeekaboa11/13/2012 11:52AM

lipsticks are really nicebellyhead11/13/2012 11:50AM

Cotton pads!sungelly8711/13/2012 11:46AM

Translucent Powderdaveandnic11/13/2012 11:42AM

pinks sands trio and voyage triorupertlilly811/13/2012 11:42AM

Chanelsungelly8711/13/2012 11:40AM

Velvet lipsticks, lipsticks in general (L'Exquise and Obscure are my faves)espiegle11/15/2012 1:51AM

blushes, foundations, lip productsHanouna11/13/2012 2:26PM

JC blusheskrazybird11/13/2012 12:11PM

You must invest in a rouge allure lacque, amazing stuff.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:46AM

any colors?sungelly8711/13/2012 11:47AM

I have dragon and Phoenix, if you can get dragon it's an absolute vampy must have.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:51AM

i'll try! thanks!sungelly8711/13/2012 11:54AM

Sisely.tussah11/13/2012 11:40AM

narsthehispanictyrabanks11/13/2012 11:40AM

blushes and e/s duoskrazybird11/13/2012 12:11PM

All the blushes :) *is helpful*wendy3510711/13/2012 11:46AM

Yes you are! that would be my answer - cream and powder: all are goodRedHeDD11/13/2012 1:22PM

Taos blush, and their TMwhooobie11/13/2012 11:43AM

exhibit a and luster blushesrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:43AM

Laguna, Sin, Funny Face l/s, Lola lola e/ssungelly8711/13/2012 11:41AM

Benefitpeekaboa11/13/2012 11:39AM

Coralista Blush!! :] dpanda11/15/2012 5:56PM

Hello Flawlessdrugstorediva311/15/2012 4:12PM

lady's choice lipstickHanouna11/13/2012 2:27PM

Hoola bronzer. Love!!!!mcrubel11/13/2012 12:00PM

I do love the new glosses and also the brow zings are fab toowendy3510711/13/2012 11:39AM

Guerlaindaveandnic11/13/2012 11:38AM

LdP Foundation; Pressed ballzRedHeDD11/13/2012 1:23PM

e/s and ballzkrazybird11/13/2012 12:12PM

Liu Calligraphysungelly8711/13/2012 11:40AM

Eyeshadow pallets are nicely pigmented.tussah11/13/2012 11:39AM

Les Fumes e/s quadrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:39AM

OMG everything!!!! Perles (aka ballz), terracotta bronzer, eyeshadow quads, rouge g lipsticks ....wendy3510711/13/2012 11:39AM

how is the formula of their lipstick?peekaboa11/13/2012 11:44AM

I LOVE the RA formula - silky smooth and creamy, and just a dream to wear. They tend to be a bit +gconn11/13/2012 11:47AM

:DD wow!peekaboa11/13/2012 11:47AM

Of what I've tried, I couldn't ask for more, i haven't tried the rouge g but the others have been ++wendy3510711/13/2012 11:45AM

*drools* hahapeekaboa11/13/2012 11:47AM

Out of my big m/u stash I have nothing from this brand nor did I have any YSL until I hit Sephora daveandnic11/13/2012 11:40AM

lol! Yes... this should have been my response also!tussah11/13/2012 11:40AM

Rouge Automatiquegconn11/13/2012 11:39AM

BUXOMDKMChristin11/13/2012 11:34AM

Katie lip gloss (I actually finished a large trial size of this)kiwisqurt11/13/2012 11:49AM

The lashliners are fab too :)wendy3510711/13/2012 11:38AM

white russian l/gsungelly8711/13/2012 11:35AM

Burberry. Please check out the Lip Chics hun, I also love the e/s for neutrals :)FreddieR11/13/2012 11:30AM

Pale Barley e/ssungelly8711/13/2012 11:35AM

Fresh Glow and Blossom blushwhooobie11/13/2012 11:34AM

Lip Mists and Lip Covers! Blossom blush.....and I like the texture of their e/s singles.gconn11/13/2012 11:34AM

Bernb raves to me about the lipsticks and the single eyeshadows, I'm not sure how much longer I'll++wendy3510711/13/2012 11:32AM

Yeah, Bern has me lemming hard!! You'll find Chante if it's the last thing I do :PFreddieR11/13/2012 11:35AM

Hakuhodokimmyn11/13/2012 11:29AM

the K005!salamanderempress11/13/2012 11:38AM

MUFEvampiressrevenge11/13/2012 11:27AM

Aqua BrowAmyFarrahFowler11/13/2012 11:37AM

i have been interested in trying that.vampiressrevenge11/13/2012 11:41AM

Got to be the aqua creams for me, I love them as liners and super pigmented bases too.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:28AM

Big 2nd here! I love the aqua creams.tastycactuar11/13/2012 1:14PM

mufe HDhahahahahahahah jk. i love mufe hd powder but i'm an oily messbobloblaw11/13/2012 11:27AM

this...but I don't think our dear vampy is as oily as usrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:28AM

true truebobloblaw11/13/2012 11:29AM

nopes, but good information to have to help the oily girls vampiressrevenge11/13/2012 11:39AM

trish?saraljane11/13/2012 11:25AM

eye shadows, lipsticks and Trish perfumeHanouna11/13/2012 2:27PM

If we are talking Trish McEvoy one of my FAVORITE brands>>daveandnic11/13/2012 11:39AM

Sorry hun, I've never tried anything from this brand either :(wendy3510711/13/2012 11:35AM

i rec lip chics to you for chante! um for me...Lancomebobloblaw11/13/2012 11:23AM

Bifacil is great - and I like the Artliners too, if you want a liquid, felt tip liner.tastycactuar11/13/2012 1:16PM

Bifacils MU remover, Rose tonersungelly8711/13/2012 11:43AM

Hmmm lip chics, i'll check them out :) I love Lancome mascara, hypnose drama is one of my faves.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:27AM

ty! :)bobloblaw11/13/2012 11:28AM

the new holiday taupe e/s and linerrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:26AM

ty :)bobloblaw11/13/2012 11:27AM

Tom Ford?gconn11/13/2012 11:22AM

the BRUSHES!bellyhead11/13/2012 11:43AM

XD which ones?gconn11/13/2012 11:45AM

:))) Bronzer and cheek. Just started used the pencil looking one. I think I can stop feeling sad+bellyhead11/13/2012 11:48AM

:o orly?! I *must* have it now!gconn11/13/2012 11:54AM

go forth and spend! XDbellyhead11/13/2012 11:59AM

Love love the lippies!tussah11/13/2012 11:38AM

Traceless Foundation liquidAmyFarrahFowler11/13/2012 11:37AM

enchanted e/s quadrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:31AM

I've heard great things about the tom ford brow sculptor and I'm lemming nacissist blush :)wendy3510711/13/2012 11:30AM

Shurupertlilly811/13/2012 11:21AM

their false lashes are the very besttracygray11/15/2012 6:23PM

Creepy Dora palette, eye brushesgconn11/13/2012 11:26AM

:O lemming still. bellyhead11/13/2012 11:49AM

I'm lemming the Smoky velvet palette, the Karl Lagerfeld one, it looks so gorgeous.wendy3510711/13/2012 11:23AM

not sure I can get past that murderous looking woman on that packagingrupertlilly811/13/2012 11:26AM

Creepy red eyes!! I heard the packaging is very pretty in the darkpeekaboa11/13/2012 11:24AM

Nope not that one, the prestigious bordeaux one is the one I want :)wendy3510711/13/2012 11:24AM