What is the mailman bringing you all this week/eventually? ROP

So I have been ordering like a mad woman..think i need a no buy soon! LOL

snowcake & angels delight (Should arrive today!)
2 snow fairys & jilted elf

FPC (1 from LW & 1 from today!) - not shipped
Moonharvest (1st order) -not shipped
Crabby Candle Co/ Dutch Candle Company (Black friday sale $7.50 warmer & 1$ 2oz tarts) -on its way
Alchemic Muse (2nd order! Loved the first one) - on its way
Pics Petals and Scents(1st order Got a sample in the Senstational Sampler..great throw) - on its way

I think the TAT has alot to do with the ordering! I get so excited but the products take so long to come I have to order something else..anyone else?

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