Hi MUA! I'm going to London! YAY! Any suggestions of what I should pick up while I'm there?+

The longer version of this story is: Broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years, 5 days later (on Halloween) met a fantastic guy. Decided last night to go to Europe on a whim, and take him with me. We're going the weekend after thanksgiving. I am probably bordering on the psychotic right now, but I've never been happier!

He's a photographer so he's going to want to take a zillion pictures of things...meanwhile I will be sneaking into shops. Any suggestions are welcome!

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expand whole threadHi MUA! I'm going to London! YAY! Any suggestions of what I should pick up while I'm there?+kittyje1111/12/2012 1:03PM

Topshop, Liberty's, Harrods, Boots, Superdrug- ooooh- HAVE FUN!!! espiegle11/13/2012 7:15PM

superdrug so you can haul some sleek stuff!bambooflower11/13/2012 4:47PM

Boots!!!!!!!!!! we donīt have it here in Spain and it is just amazing!!!!bettybo7511/13/2012 12:28PM

I get my stuff at Boots, H/E at Harrods and Debenhams most of the time.ronbong11/13/2012 12:08PM

I'll be in London this weekend so I know how you feel!enolan11911/13/2012 9:50AM

Wow, I love it when people do adventurous spontaneous stuff! Good for you!MUrascal11/13/2012 7:00AM

ain't love grand? go to Knightsbridgekstone196411/12/2012 11:32PM


DO IT!!!! We can meet up!!kittyje1111/12/2012 1:30PM

I'll see if I can get some monies D: But I'll try my best (I'm up north from London) :DDDDDDDDDFreddieR11/12/2012 1:31PM

yayy!!! I am thinking we need to get a London meet up together...kittyje1111/12/2012 1:32PM

holy sheep - rock on! ropthinker1of311/12/2012 1:16PM

*salutes* yes ma'am!kittyje1111/12/2012 1:30PM

Best suggestion yet (or at least wisest). ;)nmezza11/12/2012 1:18PM

hey you- hope everything is ok! Elfster has been a little more complicated this yr!thinker1of311/12/2012 1:20PM

Too many people = chaos. All sorted now, hopefully. :)nmezza11/12/2012 1:21PM

not 100% but it will be fine! I wish I had gotten you again this yr!thinker1of311/12/2012 1:28PM

Awww, thanks! *smooches*nmezza11/12/2012 1:29PM

Lucky! get Suqqu!!chantequeen11/12/2012 1:12PM

I honestly don't know how I forgot about them....eyebrow stuff....maybe brushes..kittyje1111/12/2012 1:14PM

don't forget the blush. oooh, and powder!chantequeen11/12/2012 1:16PM

omg yes powder!!! <3kittyje1111/12/2012 1:31PM

It sounds so romantic! Harvey Nichols windows will be magical then, don't miss them.carovan11/12/2012 1:10PM

its not that serious a thing yet, so I'm surprised he agreed and didn't run! And ooo yes!kittyje1111/12/2012 1:13PM

I'm so jealous! Do a meet up with London girls? Let them do the guiding >:DAbsalom11/12/2012 1:09PM

OOoo that might be good! I'm staying with my friend who lives in London, but she is...quite low keykittyje1111/12/2012 1:13PM

the london girls I met are sweeties! :)hope you have an awesome timeleeleebell11/12/2012 1:22PM

I will!kittyje1111/12/2012 1:32PM

I'm biased because all my buds live in London or around there. +Absalom11/12/2012 1:15PM

I will not be taking pics!! New guy is a photographer so he will take excellent oneskittyje1111/12/2012 1:31PM

SP groping >:Dmadeupstories11/12/2012 1:10PM

This post reopened a healing wound tbh! I was all ready to be manhandled by you lot! :-**Absalom11/12/2012 1:13PM

I was so upset words cannot even :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(FreddieR11/12/2012 1:21PM

I am still a bit. :-***Absalom11/12/2012 1:24PM

Vibrates with excitement!!!Absalom11/12/2012 1:35PM

haha *smooches, squishes and gropes* >:] With the price of flights, it's on my agenda!FreddieR11/12/2012 1:32PM

You stop flirting with me with your delicious azz!!! +Absalom11/12/2012 1:31PM

Me too, so close but so far... I weep for an epic moment that never was! This is why I am going to +FreddieR11/12/2012 1:26PM

We are all positively frustrated by the lack of manhandling!nmezza11/12/2012 1:19PM

*kicks $hit*Absalom11/12/2012 1:23PM

:'( the gates to the jardin d'absy clanged shut in our faces! D':madeupstories11/12/2012 1:14PM

Oh dear god! Speaking of jardin et ports, ou est Stella?Absalom11/12/2012 1:16PM

Grrr! But hey, I have a new bionic tooth that will outlast the natural me! :DAbsalom11/12/2012 1:21PM

idk :( she deigns not to twinkle at usmadeupstories11/12/2012 1:16PM

:O you are a whirlwind, kitty! Have a wander around Liberty, it's a nice shop just to look at for Somadeupstories11/12/2012 1:08PM

I think I might be crazy. Really. But its fun. Liberty's is a def!kittyje1111/12/2012 1:12PM

aww so romantic! you should check out selfridges for suqqu & rmk! have fun!karme11/12/2012 1:07PM

OMG I forgot about suqqu!! Buying all the brow things...kittyje1111/12/2012 1:12PM

bring home a MUSil :Dvampiressrevenge11/12/2012 1:06PM

NO SHE IS OURS!!!!!LadyofFluff11/12/2012 1:07PM

but *follows kitty's lashes, hypnotised*madeupstories11/12/2012 1:09PM

yesss...come with me my pretty....kittyje1111/12/2012 1:12PM

*Hand cuffs herself to MUS* You can't leave now :PLadyofFluff11/12/2012 1:11PM

Woohoo for positive change! ++nmezza11/12/2012 1:06PM

ok cool I will! Recs of things to do/see would be much loved as wellkittyje1111/12/2012 1:12PM