Do you mainly wear fitted clothes or flowy loose clothes and why?


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expand whole threadDo you mainly wear fitted clothes or flowy loose clothes and why?blush1211/10/2012 4:52PM

lxbrittin2111/13/2012 8:30AM

Mixed. Fitted on bottom, some fitted tops and some flowy tops to hide my muffin top :) makeupjunkie45211/12/2012 4:46PM

Mixed, usually more fitted bottoms, more flowy/draped on top (Though I wear a lot of fitted blazers)lilcrystalline11/12/2012 4:23PM

fitted but I have some loose ones on standby for TOTM fat days :)MUrascal11/12/2012 2:51PM

fitted only. I hate loose :)catdeluxe11/12/2012 2:36PM

fitted, but loose also looks good b/c i'm thin.gna11/12/2012 2:25PM

Fitted I have big boobs and hips compared to my waist and legs so if I wearnma12311/12/2012 12:07PM

Whichever is more comfortable. I dressed for years for others, not I dress for me.3110hello11/12/2012 9:06AM

Well-fitting but not tight, iykwim. I have a small frameSweetTeaAndKerouac11/12/2012 7:17AM

Fitted. I'm petite and easily lost in loose clothing :)adesto11/11/2012 11:40PM

2nd. I'll wear flowy, but with a belt or something that defines so proportions are still therejacqc11/13/2012 1:21AM

Fitted. I'm slender, so fitted clothes look better on me.xLIESx11/11/2012 11:13PM

I'm very thin, large chest, and 5'3''. FITTED!!!! A few flowy tops, but always fitted pants!becca_anne3811/12/2012 9:21PM

Thistsmith489611/12/2012 1:42PM

Generally a little of both. Fitted on top and loose on the bottom, or vice versatrillium1311/11/2012 9:20PM

Fitted, since I lost 60 lbs a few years ago, and spent most of my ++Susee11/11/2012 8:46PM

fitted vs flowymhubbard11/11/2012 5:43PM

xonicole11/11/2012 9:10PM

A little of both. +++PrettyDeath11/11/2012 3:58PM

fitted. it looks better on my body shape.mermaidxoxo2611/11/2012 3:52PM

Honestly loose b/c I don't like my shapecombatwombat11/10/2012 9:03PM

I try to mix and keep proportions balanced; for example, a fitted tee with a full skirt.artbabe11/10/2012 8:33PM

Always fitted.AudB11/10/2012 7:43PM

mostly fitted, with some loose topsuponbluemoon11/10/2012 6:04PM

Fitted. I'm short so flowy clothes tend to look frumpy on me.seonmi11/10/2012 5:49PM

This.Martha61011/12/2012 8:37AM

A mix...I prefer skinny pants, thoughlazylittlelady11/10/2012 5:42PM

sameraregem11/10/2012 7:10PM

fitted. always look cleaner and more put togetheral022111/10/2012 5:34PM

loose clohting, I'm all about comfort but try to not look frumpyclkid311/10/2012 5:19PM

fitted as I'm an hourglass - flowy does nothing for meindyj11/10/2012 5:15PM

This is me alsoblush1211/10/2012 5:28PM

3rd purplescarf611/12/2012 3:23AM

fitted, but conservative. I have always worked out and so i like to "flaunt" it- but with decorum RONYvirgo197211/10/2012 5:13PM

Go gurlblush1211/10/2012 5:23PM

lolindyj11/10/2012 6:01PM

mix and it depends.agtc11/10/2012 5:08PM

Fitted for work, more professional. Slouchier/oversized tops for playmoosie11/10/2012 5:07PM

a mix. I think it looks "unbalanced" usually when an outfit is all super tight or diaphonouscjm51711/10/2012 5:04PM

I agreeshazi11/11/2012 2:54PM

Yes I agree, its just hard when big busted. Any suggestions?blush1211/10/2012 5:09PM

I wear skinnies, but my tops are almost always loose & flowy. r/opattyk11/10/2012 5:00PM

Yes Ikwymblush1211/10/2012 5:10PM

fitted. I'm a 34D and under 5'4 with short legs. Form fitting works best on my frame ro...PinkCarnations11/10/2012 4:55PM

Im 5 6 and big busted so feel like I look frumpy in flowy but cheap in tight sighblush1211/10/2012 5:08PM

maybe wear flowy scarves to cover some of the cleavage?solsticecusp11/10/2012 6:13PM