Poll: If you could only have 1 e/s for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Me: UD Smog, it's a nice soft bronze that I can wear lightly on the lid or dark in the crease.

I would sorely miss all my other es tho, lol

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expand whole threadPoll: If you could only have 1 e/s for the rest of your life, what would it be?tanni11/9/2012 8:11PM

CG tapestry taupe. Its so pretty all over the lid and concentrated in the creasebluestarjcf11/15/2012 1:13AM

LM Autumn Splendorcristy_amk11/14/2012 8:51PM

Probably the bronze shade in the vanity palette.Beautifulbride680711/14/2012 5:52PM

MAC Espresso...could do a soft wash or a full smoky eyeswtlilqtk11/14/2012 3:44PM

CG Shadow Blast in brown, not sure of the actual color name.shgirl211/14/2012 1:29PM

A brown color. Cuz brown makes blue eyes stand out. brio81511/14/2012 1:23PM

MAX Quarryconcord11/14/2012 7:31AM

Studio Gear Rustic Rose but dayymmmmm.........just one for the rest of my life? ;(drugstorediva311/14/2012 6:46AM

It's not a shadow, but I'd choose MAC paint pot soft ochre.chelseabun7411/14/2012 12:40AM

I never wear eyeshadow. RUNS...mylegfeelsfunny11/13/2012 7:57PM

UD nakedangiee021511/13/2012 1:54PM

2ndfinn4711/13/2012 10:24PM

MAC Shroomjskellis11/13/2012 11:27AM

MAC black tie :)catdeluxe11/13/2012 10:10AM

UD- Sin, seeing as I wear it most days!misti_parrott11/13/2012 10:05AM

this is my go to all over lid color for when im in a hurry. cant live without it.deadlyrhythm11/13/2012 3:45PM

Silk Naturals Blanket Fort. I don't have to choose MAC Espresso since I use it to contour. WIN.frckls11/13/2012 5:43AM

Pur Minerals Gold Marcasitejacqc11/13/2012 1:20AM

Too Faced -Pushed UpAishteru8511/13/2012 1:05AM

MAC Naked Lunch, if I "have to" choose just one. jjkrh11/12/2012 10:48PM

Bobbi Brown Beige ShimmerWasheireenu11/12/2012 10:04PM

Mac goldbit (disc) :-(chinadoll1311/12/2012 8:29PM

Mac Vanilla Pigment because my highlight makes a huge difference in my faceDivaDeLosMuertos11/12/2012 7:08PM

Shu 945, provided it Would magically reappear from discontinuation :Paksaiyo11/12/2012 5:07PM

UD ToastedLastCookie11/12/2012 4:35PM

2ndbrandi968911/14/2012 9:14AM

UD Buck - i have pretty even lids so i just need a quick mid tone matte brown in the creasehanhnee11/12/2012 11:15AM

imaphek11/12/2012 10:20AM

Either UD Smog or WnW Trashed (I love black e/s lol) ;)Andreajunelle11/10/2012 3:37AM

2nd UD smogcynaga11/12/2012 6:17PM

3rd Smogrinne0211/13/2012 11:26AM

UD "Tease"janiemo11/12/2012 12:47PM

Bobbi Brown Velvet PlumCPSWarrior11/9/2012 9:17PM

Bobbi Brown Stone cream e/spablowiley11/9/2012 9:02PM

You are mean! Mac Sweet Sienna pigmentalatha11/9/2012 8:56PM

Probably Becca tweed or the golden taupe in sateen palettekaykre11/9/2012 8:52PM

MAC Jetenerrisa11/9/2012 8:45PM

why do you ask such hard Q! umm probably Mac style snob such a pretty LE color!CHOCOCAT0511/9/2012 8:38PM

Burberry Rosewoodpurplecouch11/9/2012 8:36PM

I can't even answer this question. Too hard.thecharm11/9/2012 8:35PM

MAC Patina--lots of dimension and can look good both on the lid and in the creasesurrealmeal11/9/2012 8:32PM

2nd and I'm not even a fan of MAC shadows usuallyMUrascal11/12/2012 3:19PM

A d/c Revlon matte named Cedar. If not that, the matte cream Infallible8ball11/9/2012 8:30PM

Too Faced "Glamazon"kieunguyen11/9/2012 8:30PM

Korres orange 22Stiffineyc11/9/2012 8:29PM

that's just cruel! :P ga etki 8laurenli11/9/2012 8:21PM

Stila Clouddoocaw11/9/2012 8:20PM

Burberry Pale Barleysweetpeanc124511/9/2012 8:19PM

BB Copper Cocoagina1234511/9/2012 8:19PM

Smog for me too!!jayjay010511/9/2012 8:17PM

Mac Blanc Type, being very logical as it's not my fav of all timeartemistzitzikilakis11/9/2012 8:16PM

Stila Sun -- the perfect barely-shimmery warm brownmuddle11/9/2012 8:14PM

i love this too. this is my 'egads i'm late!', one shadow lookmartiantraveler11/9/2012 8:15PM

Shu 945 :(silentsgirl11/9/2012 8:19PM