Favorite one-color eye look? Any color, any brand! TIA!!!


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expand whole threadFavorite one-color eye look? Any color, any brand! TIA!!!xxkelsey11/9/2012 3:04PM

MAC big bounce eye shadow in Trophy.. perfect all over shimmeralliecats41711/15/2012

UD sinlisandbobbie11/14/2012 11:05PM

Wnw brûlée Beautifulbride680711/14/2012 5:45PM

sugamonkey11/14/2012 1:39PM

The pink shade from the WnW Sweet as Candy trio.PISALISA11/14/2012 11:21AM

i wouldn't have thought of this shade but i saw a cute tutorial for lucy hale from PLL's using thishanhnee11/14/2012 11:23AM

GloMinerals Harvest.debj31411/14/2012 11:15AM

MAC Naked Lunch! It goes so nicely with my eyes for a "natural" look :)meghans429511/14/2012 10:31AM

MAC Club or MAC Satin Taupekrissyb197911/14/2012 10:06AM

It's a duo, but Sonia Kashuk Tongue in Cheek. Best...taupes...ever!2ksmom11/14/2012 8:43AM

MAC Swiss Chocolateamberlady11/14/2012 8:05AM

MAC Buckwheat OR Satin Taupe! I like brownspink_cosmos11/14/2012 3:16AM

Maybelline color tattoos:) chemicalmonster11/14/2012 2:35AM

yoghurt nyxtsh8211/13/2012 10:46PM

pink. blue. brown.tsh8211/13/2012 10:44PM

Wet n' Wild NuttyBabyChipmunk211/13/2012 9:43PM

MAC Romp =)girlieoso11/13/2012 6:21PM

Urban Decay Blaze or Cover Girl Mink Vision e/scanadian11/13/2012 5:12PM

Armani eyes to kill intense in Blast of Blue. Line under eye and shadow on top. Many compliments!Beauty4Ashes11/13/2012 2:58PM

UD Smog!trixity11/13/2012 2:58PM

stila kittennocturnefata11/13/2012 2:17PM

CG ShadowBlast shadow/primer the brown one,@ work so don't know the name shgirl211/13/2012 1:38PM

UD YDK - did this yesterday with heavy liner (a la mila kunis) and it turned out beautifully! hanhnee11/13/2012 11:11AM

UD Deeper is also another favourite midtone bronze - i like it better than smoghanhnee11/13/2012 11:13AM

UD smog or maybelline color tatto in on and on bronzealmurfudd11/13/2012 9:33AM

MAC All That Glitters, UD Toastedjacqc11/13/2012 1:15AM

NYX Taupe Pearl and MAC Patina are my staples for that 'in a rush, swipe and go' lookCailee11/12/2012 9:32PM

NYX Root Beersharalyn11/12/2012 8:15PM

Mac woodwinked and satin taupe. Both colors I can wear by itself and just blend out edgesaznmnkygrl80811/12/2012 7:53PM

UD 24/7 Shadow Stick in Rehabtlatrice11/12/2012 7:28PM

Ulta SandstoneandToto211/12/2012 6:57PM

MAC Paints Sublime Natureclairerenee11/12/2012 5:49PM

UD YDK, if you don't mind the shimmer. almost all the colors in WnW Comfort Zone +earlyonemorning11/12/2012 2:19PM

Clinique: Lucky penny, Foxy; Lancome: Waif; MAC: Satin Taupe, Patina,Sumptuous Olive+GuysCallMeShawna11/12/2012 9:14PM

MAC naked Lunch, Sephora e/s #13 (pinky beige)cristalle6511/13/2012 11:16AM

IDK why this posted here. I thought I was replying to topic. Sorry. :-(GuysCallMeShawna11/12/2012 9:16PM

Second Bad to the Bronze!cejgeorgia11/12/2012 8:13PM

THANKS LADIES! I got MAC Satin Taupe and will likely try UD Toasted next!xxkelsey11/12/2012 11:37AM

SK Leather & Lacedani21511/9/2012 4:49PM

loreal infallible bronzed taupe. so much dimension! moosie415411/9/2012 4:00PM

Clinique Soft Shimmer in Foxy. livn2large11/9/2012 4:00PM

2nd too - this is my favorite powder shadowthankful111/9/2012 4:09PM

3rd! Just bought this and love it!ilovegloss11/14/2012 9:36AM

LORAC 3D-licious (mac club dupe), LORAC baked matte shadow in Dramadvinerevelation11/9/2012 3:51PM

UD Half Baked, MAC Satin Taupe, UD Suspectonlypanties11/9/2012 3:30PM

I just bought one: Milani's brown deluxe eyeshadow stick!sanckensmom11/9/2012 3:30PM

GA E2K #27, and the lavender-y MAC holiday single (forgot name, love!)8ball11/9/2012 3:23PM

ByT Misty Rock, Chanel Apparition IdO, Burberry Rosewood, GA ETK 24, Addiction Rumble Fish..so many!toto85011/9/2012 3:21PM

MAC Hauxkelpri11/9/2012 3:21PM

this looks nice! interesting suggestion and thank you!xxkelsey11/12/2012 11:39AM

ELDW cream shadow in Mochachinothankful111/9/2012 3:21PM

Too Faced Petals to The Metal TinaKarlina11/9/2012 3:20PM

Lancome Infinite Timeless Taupe, Inglot 402p or 420p, UD Mushroom or AC/DC +poshpepper11/9/2012 3:19PM

Chanel Id'O Illusoirchic2chic11/9/2012 3:18PM

MAC satin taupeilasik11/9/2012 3:17PM

2ndonlypanties11/9/2012 3:28PM

CS Tuscany, MAC Brown Script PromiscuousGayHominine11/9/2012 3:17PM

byTerry Bronze Moon, Maybelline On & On Bronze, WnW Nutty, Shu ME450, P860, ME850...FreddieR11/9/2012 3:16PM

NARS Rajasthan, champagne taupe colorsungelly8711/9/2012 3:15PM

Burberry Pale Barley. Maybe. Favorites are hard.gconn11/9/2012 3:13PM

GA ETKI #27koushi11/9/2012 3:10PM

I want to try this! Does it pull purple on you?adele3711/9/2012 3:11PM

Nope, more of a complex slightly pinky-plum taupekoushi11/9/2012 3:15PM

Oooooooh.adele3711/9/2012 3:37PM

Lancôme Timeless Taupe!!aksaiyo11/9/2012 3:09PM

Big 2nd, this is my HG Taupeposhpepper11/9/2012 3:20PM

Shu ME850 or ME945 (sorry)adele3711/9/2012 3:08PM

I think one of the 8-pan BE holiday palettes might have a ME850 dupe...gconn11/9/2012 3:12PM

Maybelline Bad to the Bronzekricket314211/9/2012 3:06PM

2nd! And I never really do 1 eyeshadow but this color made me do it!raqqstarr11/12/2012 11:03PM

UD Toasted (slightly duochrome in pink and brown range), L'Oreal Infallible in Bronze Taupe lomelindi11/9/2012 3:05PM