I just read Joanofsarcasm's notepad, and wow, my current bras are really off! +

I usually wear a 34B, because that was the only size that I found sort of fit, but after using her guide, I'm either a 30D, 30DD, or 28F! (I can't find just the right size, because I get different results when I measure in cm versus inches, and when I stand up versus when my back is parallel to the ground.)

Just ordered some 30D bras from ASOS to try, so hopefully it fits well! If you had yourself measured, could you share what you thought your size was, and what it actually is? And when you got the new bra, did it really fit you better? It's hard to believe I'm a D cup, plus it's IMPOSSIBLE to buy any 30 inch bands here in Singapore.

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expand whole threadI just read Joanofsarcasm's notepad, and wow, my current bras are really off! +marshmallowcloud11/9/2012 11:22AM

i was wearing 32B, but *should be* 28D *gasp!*laceyh11/12/2012 9:38AM

I was wearing a 44C and a 42D. I'm actually a 40E/40DDocelot111/12/2012 3:22AM

30d or 30dd sounds about right. jaj502011/11/2012 11:49PM

I was wearing a 38 dd turns out I'm a 36 GG in USA sizenocturnefata11/11/2012 3:34AM

Victorias Secret has many sizes, even my 11 X. Thats right. I am as thick as a pen w 2 watermelonscyborgannie11/10/2012 7:34PM

nmMUrascal11/10/2012 7:49AM

I got sized at a lingerie store. Went from 34A to 34B. amazing how we just assume we're doing it rigtakemenow11/10/2012 4:03AM

Thought I was a 34B, turns out I am a 32C or D.DinaC11/9/2012 4:24PM

I thought I was a 32A but I'm a 32C! Imagine that (LOVELY) surprise ;)redlipscateyes11/10/2012 1:56PM

Thought I was a 34B and wore that size for years..turns out I am 32D and I cannot believe the diff!nicurly11/9/2012 7:34PM

2nd!! Exact same sizes! If I put++suzanne12311/11/2012 2:53AM

I'm the same way, except I went from 36B to 34D! ++Miluiel11/10/2012 12:29PM

Thought I was a 38D, turns out I'm a 36E.maciswack11/9/2012 1:00PM

+nightlightkid11/9/2012 12:53PM

Thanks for sharing that! It makes me feel relieved that I didn't measure myself wrongly, that I +marshmallowcloud11/9/2012 11:44PM

cup size REALLY depends where the brand is from - i'm a c cup in domestic north american bra +gizmorules11/9/2012 11:29AM

ita. its like shoes. german sizes are bigger and italian smallersarraaa11/10/2012 3:22PM

Haha it's okay, it's even worse here. Today a sales associate told me about Asian sizes. I was +marshmallowcloud11/9/2012 11:44AM

bra shopping in singapore drove me nuts. cups were too small, bands too big +tinaesq11/9/2012 11:11PM

ikr? i'm really surpised you can't find smaller bands bc asia is where i would have thought it ++gizmorules11/9/2012 11:45AM

I guess not! I went to a very large department store. The sales assistant +marshmallowcloud11/9/2012 12:01PM

try nordstrom, they ship to singapore and have a good variety!tinaesq11/9/2012 11:39PM

good luck on your search, i spent a long time getting my size wrong +tinaesq11/9/2012 11:57PM

Haha I will! But probably not from Nordstrom. They do ship to Singapore, but it's very expensive. marshmallowcloud11/9/2012 11:42PM

I was wearing 34A before I was sized as 30C. Felt much better and +shoelady11/9/2012 11:27AM