Acne prone ladies - can you please tell me what moisturizers, primers and foundation have worked r/o

best for you. My skin is very dry but I break out or get a reaction from almost everything. I appreciate your help, thank you! I'm nearing 40 so could probably use a night cream/serum too if you have any recs :)

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expand whole threadAcne prone ladies - can you please tell me what moisturizers, primers and foundation have worked r/okitkat182911/8/2012 12:01PM

Revlon Colorstay Whipped, can't wear primer because they all break me out and day moisturizer ++++++vwzen8112/7/2012 11:41AM

I am still acne prone and a bit older than you-post accutane ropaskr12/7/2012 7:10AM

I started using BB Cream and my acne has significanly reduced A LOT! Aishteru8512/7/2012 5:32AM

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Foundationlisamims112/6/2012 9:55PM

Physiogel lotion cetaiphil gentle cleanser svr green sunscreen rophappyalibaba12/6/2012 5:55PM

clinque almost powder, theraplex hydrolotionummmok12/6/2012 5:39PM

red, oily, ocassional brakeout on chin, dry around mouth++++justinetindall12/6/2012 4:31PM

ROPcax8912/6/2012 1:01PM

40yr old here. No moisturizer or primer have worked. Only powder foundation. Ive sampled hundreds. +Herbst311/22/2012 4:49PM

Try Lancomejumbojuice11/22/2012 10:46PM

Tried those, way too heavy. Zit city.Herbst312/6/2012 12:50PM

Wow!! Thank you all so much!! This is a fantastic list! Happy Thanksgiving! :)kitkat182911/22/2012 8:06AM

E.L.F. Studio tinted moisturizer ($3) & Avon Rejuvinate Revitalizing 2-in-1 cleanser.dakota201011/14/2012 7:06PM

i'm in the minority but products don't usually break me out.... more hormonessarahlen11/14/2012 6:49PM

Olay Sensitive spf 15 (in jar) and revlon colorstay whipped foundationmonkeytron11/14/2012 12:44PM

Huge 2nd for Olay sensitive spf 15, its the only moisturizer that does not break me outaminie11/14/2012 4:49PM

huge 3rd for Olay Sensitive - the cream or the lotion. Both are fabulous.mistresskt12/6/2012 5:46PM

Alpha Hydrox 10% is HG. I really like Asian bb creams and Palladio powder foundation. Primer is a noSweetTeaAndKerouac11/12/2012 6:13AM

2nd AH 10% creamziya11/15/2012 1:07AM

I'm the same with a previous poster who said every primer is a no go. Teint Miracle is good, ropdonnz11/12/2012 2:52AM

2d ... No go on ANY primers r/ohappynappy112/6/2012 2:30PM

Get to the dermatologist and get some++stephaxoxo11/12/2012 12:56AM

Lucy MInerals Original formula. I used it when my skin had the biggest breakout. ROPfrckls12/7/2012 7:53AM

+1KingTaco11/12/2012 12:55PM

I'm in my early 30's and still with acne here and theretigirlyly11/11/2012 10:29PM

I should add I have not yet found a primer that didn't break me out.rabbit511/11/2012 8:50PM

Alpha hydrox 10% and Tarte TM have not broken me out yet after months of daily use.rabbit511/11/2012 8:49PM

Olay Complete Defense Daily UV Moisturizer SPF 30, Sensitive Skinlisterine11/11/2012 8:16PM

Mine is very oily but these should works for everyone +++++ronbong11/11/2012 7:56PM

*notes*JustYourAverageSuccubus11/22/2012 2:04PM

aveeno positively radiant is the only one that doesn't break me out at all +masia92711/11/2012 4:20PM

argan oil. have yet to find a moisturizer or primer that doesnt clog my skin so ive given up. fdtn++hanhnee11/11/2012 3:36PM

Olay regenerist serum frag free and cg's advanced radiance liquidVicklePickle11/11/2012 9:55AM

Mineral foundation works for me, but it makes my combination skin oilier and dryer at the same time.Yurippe11/11/2012 6:45AM

Tested and true moisturizer and foundationjezhu11/11/2012 3:50AM

PBI: How does the GA LSF fair on your skin with all that silicone? I want to try it but Im scared loziya11/15/2012 1:08AM

Rimmel 25 hourmyolderbrother11/11/2012 3:48AM

Loved the look of this stuff but it broke me out REALLY badly :(jadelianne11/14/2012 4:57PM

Vichy Dermablend cover sticktabster11/10/2012 9:59PM

Andalou naturals skincare - I have very sensitive, dry but acne-prone skin & so far, so good:) katras11/10/2012 9:19PM

Consider hyaluronic acid products rop. nixnil11/10/2012 8:01PM

EL DoubleWear Foundation; Witch Hazel Toner; Finacea; Goldfaden MD Vital Boostswoodley11/14/2012 4:27PM

Argan oil puxa197811/10/2012 5:10PM

Alpha Hydrox 12% Souffle for exfoliation and non greasy moisture,++cristalle6511/10/2012 3:30PM

aamen11/10/2012 11:14AM

I have the same skin type as you. rop for my products..natalie36911/10/2012 10:29AM

bourjois healthy balance tsh8211/10/2012 10:03AM

eucerin face lotion w/spf15, or jojoba oil. milk of magnesia as primer ++keia111311/10/2012 8:13AM

I like liquid moisturizer sprays like nuskin napca mist. I r/oproductjunkie7611/8/2012 4:16PM

21, dehydrated-oily-acne-pronetaffycheeks11/8/2012 1:50PM

I'm stunned that the Sebamed Intensive works for you and you're acne prone!jetfan11/8/2012 4:10PM

I just started using it; I think it breaks me out if I use it too often or too much :(taffycheeks11/10/2012 2:35AM

Face Reality Hydrating Emulsion, Alima Pure MMUoohlalasamira11/8/2012 12:36PM

pbi: samira do you really like the FR Emulsion? Tried Sebamed's version - clog citytherubyprincess11/8/2012 3:12PM

ah, sorry, i JUST saw this. You know, I don't use it all the time, just when my skin is really+oohlalasamira11/14/2012 12:34PM

Foundation - L'Oreal True Match, MUFE F&B, BodyShop EVOO liquid. Moisturizer - Kiehls Ultra,CeravePMsparkygal8511/8/2012 12:14PM

foundation- Face Atelier or EL Nutritious, Moisturizer-Neocutis PSP gel katemvirginia11/8/2012 12:06PM

Oils, Elta MD Intense, (I use the oils for cleansing and moisturizing)+jetfan11/8/2012 12:03PM