POLL: Disappointment/Pleasant Surprise. Name a polish you thought you were going to love but ended++

up hating, and name another polish that you didn't think was going to work out but ended up loving.

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expand whole threadPOLL: Disappointment/Pleasant Surprise. Name a polish you thought you were going to love but ended++sprite2611/5/2012 10:19PM

Disappointment: Essie For Audrey; Surprise: Illamasqua Jo'Minailovegloss11/16/2012 11:01AM

DISS: opi the world is not enough, SUR: fingerpaints plum startledjade71611/16/2012 7:53AM

Disappointment: ChG peachykeen, surprise: loreal safari chicaznmnkygrl80811/16/2012 5:05AM

Disappointment: Color Club Put a Pin In It. Surprise: OPI Not Like the Movies.Miluiel11/15/2012 11:40PM

Dis: OPI The World Is Not Enough, Color Club Alias / Surprise: all newly formulated Sinful Colors...Cailee11/15/2012 6:24AM

Disappointment: OPI SYTYKJ / Surprise: WnW Fergie Grammy Goldrowenaaine11/6/2012 10:40AM

Disappointment: ChG Rainstorm, Pleasant Surprise: ChG Cranberry Flamemarshmallowcloud11/6/2012 6:05AM

Disappointment: BL AHTQ // Surprise: ChG Holly DayPandoraSue11/6/2012 5:27AM

2nd AHtQ :(sprite2611/6/2012 8:03AM

3rd AHTQ!MUrascal11/15/2012 11:54AM

me too!wargman11/15/2012 4:05PM

D:OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, only cause it's actually purple and not blue as it looks in photos ++Pyretta511/6/2012 4:34AM

Disap: chanel jade rose. Suprise catrice steel my heartfakelashes11/15/2012 6:51PM

Disap: DL Shut Up & Drive///Surp: Nicole The Next CEO.AngelHeartsChanel200911/6/2012 12:05AM

D: Fergie Ferguson Crest Syrah-no duochrome/ PS Orly Decades of Dysfunction+impoverishedcris11/5/2012 11:15PM

D: Revlon Chic, PS: China Glaze Blue Year's Eveheytherebeautiful11/5/2012 11:07PM

Disappointment: every duo/multichrome ever. Pleasant surprise... every jellycosmologynerd11/5/2012 10:53PM

Never owned any Ozotics I am guessing? lilibat11/15/2012 2:59AM

Have you tried Orly Space Cadet? Really nice multi-chrome. Also, rec for your fav pink jelly?sg_noangel11/6/2012 12:14AM

Disappointment: OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise/Pleasant Surprise: Revlon Naughty/Perplexrhiannon10111/5/2012 10:49PM

Disappointment: DL Raise Your Glass ; Surprise: OPI The World Is Not Enoughblankmixtape11/5/2012 10:43PM

Oohh, I love DL Raise Your Glass!chale11/5/2012 11:40PM

I wanted to love it but it was just so blah on me. =(blankmixtape11/6/2012 12:15AM

Pleasant surprises - ChG Foxy, Lynn Evermore, CT Murder by #'s....Disappointment - the pink +kristel010611/5/2012 10:36PM

I love Evermore. :)polishandplates11/5/2012 10:37PM

=Dkristel010611/5/2012 10:48PM

Disappointment: DL Sweet Dreams (::sob::); Surprise: OPI On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceSanDiegoAli11/5/2012 10:32PM

is the OPI that good? I'm on the fence- Have too many dark colourssg_noangel11/6/2012 12:11AM

Does not compute. Sweet Dreams?!?kristel010611/5/2012 11:12PM

I know! I thought I'd love it, but I ..... didn't. ::checks temp::SanDiegoAli11/5/2012 11:45PM

I'm accepting donations of unwanted Sweet Dreams! Lolkristel010611/6/2012 1:06AM

Disappointment: SH Barracuda/ Pleasant Surprise: OPI Suzi Skies in the Pyreneesmbrow22211/5/2012 10:29PM

Disappointment: HARE Pegasus ; Surprise: Pop Beauty Punkdvagabondage11/5/2012 10:23PM

Dissapointment: Dollish Looking for my Mr. Big; Surprise Love: ChG Rivetingbostonmerlin1011/5/2012 10:23PM

I would've never guessed I could love an orange before Riveting!impoverishedcris11/5/2012 11:17PM

Me either! I was a steadfast orange hater. Now I really like it...well...some shades of orange.bostonmerlin1011/6/2012 12:35AM

Orly Galaxy Girl / OPI Teenage dream (It really is a lovely girlish colour!)sg_noangel11/5/2012 10:22PM

Teenage Dream was the 1st I bought a backup of, and hadn't expected to love it so!shinygolden11/5/2012 10:23PM

Still untried for me. It's just a mini.sprite2611/5/2012 10:32PM

Didn't love SH Opulent Cloud (though I've since discovered NP thinner. Hm.) Loved Whimsical!shinygolden11/5/2012 10:21PM

Never got the frenzy for Opulent Cloud. I purchased and swapped it...twice.LizzardVanReptile11/5/2012 10:24PM

But it was HTF for a DS polish & I'm sure that fed the frenzy :)shinygolden11/5/2012 10:33PM

I like the duochromey part, but it needs thinning badly! I got 2 & gave 1 to my bestieshinygolden11/5/2012 10:32PM

Really? I have 2 bottles and the consistency is goodkristel010611/5/2012 10:37PM

Mine wasn't good. Hope hers was! Didn't have thinner as a newb so looking fwd to trying again.shinygolden11/5/2012 10:38PM

Disappointment, DL Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Pleasant Surprise, BL Wallissprite2611/5/2012 10:20PM