Recently bought a shower head water filter, just wanted to share my experience so far +

Earlier in the week, I impusively decided to search for a waterfilter for our shower. We live by the beach and have really hard water in our apartment. The kind that turns our shower red!

I have showered twice so far. But believe it or not, I could feel a difference as soon as I stepped in the shower after installing it. The water felt softer and it even smelled different. My hair is MUCH softer and more managable. And my current breakout seems to be healing faster than normal (maybe a coincidence?) and Im only using the shower water to wash my face. Even when Im not showering, which is kind of a pain but so worth it.

Obviously Im going to see if anything changes drastically after several weeks. But so far the filter is great.

Just wanted to share in case anyone else has really hard water!

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