What are you ladies thinking about being for halloween? I need ideas!


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expand whole threadWhat are you ladies thinking about being for halloween? I need ideas!oneday510/9/2012 8:36PM

My idol, Loretta Lynn.oscarnabby10/10/2012 11:12PM

Ms. Clauskittyandtito10/10/2012 11:08PM

I just bought a sex-ed up victorian era costume.euroasian10/10/2012 10:32PM

If I dress up, it will be a renaissance/medieval costume. DH & teen DD are going as Dumb and Dumber.ilovegloss10/10/2012 8:18PM

I am Indian and my bf is blond and preppy, so we're going as Zack Morris and Kelly Kapoor-skinishagh110/10/2012 7:29PM

Taking it back to elementary school, but sexing it up. Black cat or witch.cbailey411110/10/2012 7:19PM

I hope nothing. Went through so much trouble w/my awesome costume last year only for it to snow +itappealstome10/10/2012 10:01AM

sorry wrong placekristyf10/10/2012 7:45PM

zombie nurse..Just taking a pair of my work scrubs and funking them and doing zombie makeuprmulieri10/10/2012 7:07AM

just roll around on your floor superbass, toodleooh10/10/2012 4:34AM

Yes, this!smellslikebleachandcopper10/10/2012 11:54AM

The new Doctor Who companion (future version), Oswin!niftyba10/9/2012 10:18PM

:) jhodi10/10/2012 1:53AM

Nicki menajrichie10/9/2012 9:49PM

80s MTV-inspiredcheeekiemouse10/9/2012 8:54PM

trollsmellslikebleachandcopper10/9/2012 8:48PM

Loltamithaa10/9/2012 8:52PM

medusagizmorules10/9/2012 8:42PM

*listens in*flowerycheese10/9/2012 8:41PM

Bret Michaelsjitjit10/9/2012 8:41PM

I was Lady Gaga last year and people thought I was Bret Michels.nishagh110/10/2012 7:26PM

hahahha. oneday510/9/2012 8:41PM

i was thinking of being pocahontas. I was one as a little kid, but I loveee it.+oneday510/9/2012 8:39PM

Bowser :)mrgee10/9/2012 8:37PM

how will you make it?oneday510/9/2012 8:38PM

Yellow t-shirt and pants, yellow slippers with claws, horns with red fun fur, +mrgee10/9/2012 8:42PM

hahahah awesome!oneday510/9/2012 8:42PM