Do you wear facial sunscreen year round or only in summer? TIA


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expand whole threadDo you wear facial sunscreen year round or only in summer? TIAfelicia81410/9/2012 2:42PM

Year round -- you can get sun damage even on a cloudy day.Susan2148a10/11/2012 8:49PM

Year round, but I confess I slack off a little in winter.Martha61010/11/2012 12:01PM

Year round (in moisturizer)VAmom10/11/2012 9:22AM

Year round, unless I know my commute will be before sunrise and after duskYurippe10/11/2012 6:27AM

Year round, rain, hail or shine, several times a day! But i need to with my very fair skin.emma29810/10/2012 10:42PM

yes, no matter whether its cold or hot, the sun is still up theretsh8210/10/2012 10:15PM

yes, year round. plus an umbrella in the summer monthsubaydah10/10/2012 8:41PM

year roundradpath10/10/2012 8:23PM

I try year round only when I have a rash on my face nosmilygirl00810/10/2012 8:20PM

every day year round if i'm going outside (getting in the car counts)bambooflower10/10/2012 4:44PM

All the time, rain or shine.purpleocean10/10/2012 1:54PM

Year roundtrillium1310/10/2012 12:09PM

year-round (and I live in Seattle!)Seattlemama10/10/2012 10:00AM

year-roundmeggan80810/9/2012 7:38PM

year round.... thicker in the summerhags10110/9/2012 5:19PM

every day year roundgizmorules10/9/2012 4:08PM

Winter: Cerave AM or Eucerin SPF 30, if outdoors for a while add Neutrogena Baby Pure SPF 60 over.paintedtoes10/9/2012 4:01PM

Year round. A/W day cream with SPF20. S/S day cream + SPF30 SSLuHu8210/9/2012 3:44PM

What is A/W and also S/S day cream?felicia81410/9/2012 4:32PM

All year round. awakening10/9/2012 3:42PM

year-roundgingerrama10/9/2012 3:41PM

year roundkelpri10/9/2012 3:31PM

Year round... 30-45 in summer, 15 in winterkatedutch10/9/2012 3:14PM

Never now. JoshuaP10/9/2012 2:58PM

PBI: May I ask why this is?VanityInsanity10/9/2012 3:07PM

See my notepad. Big section on it. JoshuaP10/9/2012 3:15PM

we can't find one that doesn't wreck our face. Burning/breakouts:(jetfan10/9/2012 3:08PM

:( VanityInsanity10/9/2012 3:12PM

samejetfan10/9/2012 3:01PM

year roundVanityInsanity10/9/2012 2:54PM

year roundGinee10/9/2012 2:53PM

Year round lemonz4us10/9/2012 2:48PM