Is there a way to un-clog a few pores by tomorrow? Going on a first date!


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expand whole threadIs there a way to un-clog a few pores by tomorrow? Going on a first date!joyousjoy8810/8/2012 4:58PM

Guys dont notice stuff like that and if he does hes superficial and you should cut himtokiomama10/10/2012 12:08PM

While I agree with you, I understand the OP wanting to look and thus feel a tad better than she +Yurippe10/10/2012 5:00PM

An aspirin mask with honeyesmeralda197710/10/2012 6:27AM

Steam with a few drops of pure tea tree oil the night before. Works wonderfully!!!!mllemarie10/10/2012 2:26AM

Biore pore unclogging stuff it works really fastxMakeupforeverx10/9/2012 10:13PM

Scrub**xMakeupforeverx10/9/2012 10:14PM

Don't have much to add except have a great date! =]xxhna10/9/2012 8:35PM

I wouldn't risk it but next time , try Soaping up 2x +++morganna77710/9/2012 3:36PM

Agree to not risk doing anything now. Cover it with MU for now.Martha61010/10/2012 3:54PM

unclog poressunny7110/9/2012 11:40AM

Just floss your teeth and wear a shirt that brings out your eyes!!hrshykss10/8/2012 7:33PM

cleansing with oil will work for me, but if you've never done it, don't try it!+jetfan10/8/2012 5:11PM

Thank you! It will be a test then to see if he can look past it all! :)joyousjoy8810/8/2012 6:23PM

I wouldn't try anything radical, since it could backfire. Men don't usually notice things like thatsniffer10/8/2012 4:59PM

2nd all of this!angelface10/8/2012 5:13PM

3rd. To be safe, you could wear something low-cut. Then, he really won't notice the clogs;^)kai110/8/2012 5:17PM

Agree w/sniffer and with kai (so funny lol -- flash your legs w/a short skirt & sexy heels)Sophie2810/8/2012 11:32PM

LOL! Worth considering I guess!joyousjoy8810/8/2012 6:22PM

4th!savliving10/8/2012 5:30PM

5th. For real, most guys either don't notice or don't care about stuff like that.meggan80810/9/2012 2:31AM

6thbarbiH10/9/2012 11:02AM

lolollollelujah10/8/2012 5:26PM

^ love it therubyprincess10/8/2012 5:24PM