Hi guys, can you recommend a face wash that can help with minor breakouts here and there RO

But that wont dry or strip the skin...thanks!!

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expand whole threadHi guys, can you recommend a face wash that can help with minor breakouts here and there ROkimf7910/6/2012 1:35PM

alpha hydroxylolliepeaches110/12/2012 7:50PM

Mychelle grapefruit cleanserrainshine10/12/2012 11:27AM

I've been loving Beauty without Cruelty 3% AHA complex, doesn't dry me out but I have oily skinJewelx1710/12/2012 8:41AM

B&C makes an AHA soap that worked for me, but it is rather dryingYurippe10/12/2012 6:36AM

Arcona Raspberry Acne Bar, and i rub my face with fresh lemon every other night.seiran10/11/2012 11:57PM

92bkd10/11/2012 10:33PM

Cetaphil is the best arleanxo10/11/2012 8:17PM

oatmeal helped a lot for me..'course that wouldnt get rid of your make up lol ++diendksi10/8/2012 2:18AM

I've been using desert essence tea tree cleanser for years..haven't had a breakout sincelovetoshop3110/7/2012 7:54PM

i love neutrogena anti-redness scrub. its very ++SamanthaJo1910/7/2012 1:59PM

Paula's Choice Normalizing Cleanser or Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Cleanser++Seattlemama10/6/2012 5:42PM

2nd the clear normalizingummmok10/6/2012 6:31PM

Mineral oildenvergal10/6/2012 2:44PM

2nd, or maybe those expectations are too high for a cleanser? I need to use leave-on products.sniffer10/6/2012 4:32PM

2nd on needing leave-on products.meggan80810/6/2012 6:44PM

3rd. I've given up on expecting my cleanser to do anything more than cleanse. DecoDolly10/7/2012 5:12PM

oops -- wrong post Sophie2810/6/2012 2:49PM

Origins Pure Cream cleanser (always has worked for me)Sophie2810/6/2012 2:26PM

earth science ade creamy cleansermscullen868510/6/2012 1:39PM

I love this, too, and I am very clog prone. lindo510/6/2012 2:37PM

Really? (Surprised; has soy/avocado/almond oil) I often recommend this, but haven't for acne prone.Sophie2810/6/2012 2:46PM

I'm very acne-prone and love it. Does it cure my acne? No, but ++combatwombat10/12/2012 2:24PM

IA.....would be breakout city for me but obviously, YMMV.barbiH10/6/2012 2:51PM

me too. I can't deal with the fragrance either.jetfan10/6/2012 5:11PM

Now THAT'S the pot calling the kettle black!JoshuaP10/11/2012 9:36PM

tetley10/11/2012 4:36PM

Jetfan is FAR from bitter. Like many of us, she has a VERY LOW tolerance for BS +JoshuaP10/10/2012 9:14PM

Bitter? Ah. Lets see Tetley.++jetfan10/10/2012 6:30PM

tetley10/9/2012 9:22PM

Tetley you are like talking to a brick. I can't use lots of "MO" based products+jetfan10/8/2012 10:36AM

tetley10/7/2012 11:42PM

I attack... interesting. I disagree with some people but I don't launch personal, b*tchy attacks. + JoshuaP10/7/2012 7:00PM

tetley10/7/2012 6:33PM

PBI, Tetley... Earth Science ADE Creamy Cleanser DOES contain fragrance. +JoshuaP10/7/2012 6:00PM

tetley10/7/2012 5:13PM

I can smell something, many things that are +jetfan10/7/2012 5:01PM

tetley10/7/2012 1:09AM

tetley10/6/2012 4:10PM

2nd Breakout in a bottle for me. :)kf201210/6/2012 3:36PM

me too! it clogged me so badfreckledflower10/7/2012 6:58PM

tetley10/7/2012 1:04AM

Really? It takes off my eye makeup effortlessly! It worked well for me.lindo510/7/2012 1:01AM

tetley10/6/2012 7:25PM

im a dissenter on the ADE cleanser love...i dont feel like it cleans well at all!orthorn10/6/2012 5:24PM