Poll: Do you use mascara each time you do eye makeup? I don't.


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expand whole threadPoll: Do you use mascara each time you do eye makeup? I don't.felicia81410/5/2012 5:06PM

not always..i get lazy too...i should thoughkristyf10/10/2012 8:10PM

No. My lashes are pretty long and noticeable with out it.tlatrice10/10/2012 6:45PM

no - i'm lazy and hate removing it.bambooflower10/10/2012 4:43PM

YES. 100% of the time. The thought of not wearing mascara with other makeup is so odd to melechickpea10/10/2012 12:43PM

yes always. i'd rather wear just mascara than other eye mu without mascarajootje10/10/2012 11:49AM

Only when I am not wearing my glasses.Gabster9010/10/2012 11:29AM

one word, inviso-lashestygerlilee8410/10/2012 8:33AM

definitely!artemis1610/10/2012 7:28AM

yes! i never thought about it!naoma4310/10/2012 1:41AM

Always. missmanic10/10/2012 1:35AM

only 50% of the timelilacshine910/9/2012 11:57PM

yes, unless its early in day and ill be applying it later on. finishes a look.SamanthaJo1910/9/2012 10:29PM

Not always sometimes I just wear liner. Its,easier to take off.RingofFire10/9/2012 5:49PM

Yes. The look feels incomplete without it.shiverwithantici10/9/2012 2:04PM

Yah I prefer mascara over liner and shadowChristaLovesMakeup10/9/2012 1:57PM

I never wear mascara - I don't like the way it looks on me at ALL.cara4art10/9/2012 1:33PM

Less & less nowadays. I hate taking it off & i sort of like the effect of just a smoky eyelinershimmi10/9/2012 11:23AM

Yes, always! Sometimes its the only eye makeup I wear2ksmom10/9/2012 10:42AM

Yes; it completes the look and I have super blonde lashes and you can't see them without mascara.vwzen8110/9/2012 8:41AM

2nd thiswutshudido10/9/2012 11:19AM

Yes...it completes my lookholly4010/9/2012 1:01AM

shanowaw10/9/2012 12:41AM

YES, sometimes it's one of only 3 things that I wear.pinkbrush10/9/2012 12:14AM

Nope--I can get dramatic looks with, say, yellow or gold shadows and the LID is the thing. ROPromarin10/8/2012 6:38PM

hell yes. even when i don't do anything else, i apply mascara.rengreen10/8/2012 11:57PM

definitely, looks unfinished/odd otherwisetrillium1310/8/2012 6:21PM

Oh yes, I look weird without it...rbyars110/8/2012 4:19PM

No, especially when using loose kohl by Guerlain and imo mascara isn't a must with a smokey eyefrostbites10/8/2012 3:24PM

Absolutely- would look so unfinished, otherwisekhvalles10/8/2012 11:18AM

3rdamberlady10/9/2012 11:28PM

secondbbybreanna10/8/2012 3:51PM

yestsh8210/8/2012 6:08AM

Heavens yes!AngelHeartsChanel200910/8/2012 3:57AM

Absolutely always! Even without other mutorirendon10/7/2012 11:52PM

yes, I'd feel naked w/out it if I'm doing eye m/u mascara completes the look. Eye m/u doesn't look +christi420010/7/2012 10:59PM

Yes everytime, I'm big on lashes :) BeatFaceBeauty10/7/2012 7:31PM

I always use mascara to finish the look. Just makes the look more polished. perfumejunky10/7/2012 7:25PM

Yes, it completes the lookAshley9250410/7/2012 6:10PM

mascara everyday, primer+mascara on nights out and fake lashes on special occasions!ubaydah10/7/2012 2:08PM

No, mascara doesn't make great difference on me, and dislike removing it.waters210/7/2012 2:00PM

I hate taking it off too...that's why I don't wear it that often.felicia81410/7/2012 8:20PM

same!saluuna10/7/2012 3:44PM

yes!cynaga10/7/2012 9:21AM

Yes i have really pale and thin lashes.. Primer+mascara make a huge differentronbong10/7/2012 9:00AM

Yes mascara is a must for me ++ilovejp10/7/2012 8:58AM

Yes! My lashes are my favorite featureBlah1510/7/2012 8:57AM

Yes, absolutely.sprite2610/7/2012 8:57AM

I do. I forget sometimes then wonder why my eyes look off.dreamsandreverie10/7/2012 6:43AM

Yes. Once in a great while, I forget roBeth10/7/2012 5:47AM

Yepp, my lashes are one of my favorite features and I love to accentuate them!missalexandre10/6/2012 9:28PM

Mostly I use only mascara, if I do my eyes at all.Martha61010/6/2012 9:11PM

Nope. I have really sensitive eyes, so if I have to leave off something, it's mascara.ilovegloss10/6/2012 9:07PM

just a follow-up on this. When I wear e/s, I only wear a light wash on lids and a brow bone ++ilovegloss10/9/2012 2:08PM

absolutely-my lashes are blonde so it looks weird if I don't wear it-especially with other eye mu onthankful110/6/2012 9:03PM

I got lazy abt mascara. But now I curl lashes then use mascara. What a lift to the eyes!!tpan10/6/2012 3:48PM

I have a love affair with mascara. Can go without any other makeup but I love dolled up lashes.PISALISA10/6/2012 3:21PM

i am trying to, some mornings it just doesn't happentkkana10/6/2012 3:13PM

Yes!!!! Even if I don't wear any other eye mu, mascara is a must on my white-blonde lashes!DecoDolly10/6/2012 3:00PM

No, I normally don't wear any eye mu. I'm waiting for mua to come after me w/torches!chayaNY10/6/2012 2:50PM

i would say yes, but then there are days like today where i somehow forgot... O_oginnoame10/5/2012 5:22PM

yep! mascara is a must for medojx10/5/2012 5:16PM

Yes!sheryl10/5/2012 5:16PM

Yes! sandra190010/5/2012 5:15PM

No. LadyofFluff10/5/2012 5:12PM

Yep, I'm blessed with stumpy lashes.gconn10/5/2012 5:11PM

YesmissCHATeLaine10/5/2012 5:10PM

yes unless I forgetshannon2410/5/2012 5:10PM

Yup it makes a big difference for me. toto85010/5/2012 5:10PM

My eyelashes are colourless, i must :) but i vary between black and brown depending on eyemakeup +Phaedra8510/5/2012 5:09PM

YesRipsGirl10/5/2012 5:09PM

every time. Makes such a huge differencekupo_baby10/5/2012 5:09PM

Always!suzq2510/5/2012 5:09PM

yep, I feel very undone without itShadyPinesMa10/5/2012 5:09PM

same here ... It's my beauty essential.Conny6810/5/2012 5:10PM

For me eye m/u doesn't work w/o mascara, but mascara w/ nothing else definetely works mcorreia10/5/2012 5:09PM

Rarely heechul10/5/2012 5:08PM

Have to, eyelashes are blondedulcetpurr10/5/2012 5:07PM

Absolutely, unless I forget :|FreddieR10/5/2012 5:07PM

Yes! If I'm in a big hurry, I use mascara by itself.beautifulbride680710/5/2012 5:07PM

thisslxgossipgirlxl10/5/2012 5:09PM

Yes, I have blonde eyelashes and look stupid without mascara.artbabe10/5/2012 5:07PM

yep. I wear mascara even if it's the only eye mu I use that day. stephani9910/5/2012 5:07PM

yeskatloubee10/5/2012 5:07PM

O yes! I would feel naked with liner , shadow and no mascara.anitacocktail10/5/2012 5:06PM