My cystic acne has worsened, I'm not able to take Accutane, and topical Rx not working.... RO+

What else can I do? I'm taking an oral antibiotic, and using epiduo and aczone. None of the other topicals or antibiotics have worked, and it just keeps getting worse. Honestly, it's getting to the point I hate going out in public. Anyone with really awful acne, has anything worked other than Accutane?

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expand whole threadMy cystic acne has worsened, I'm not able to take Accutane, and topical Rx not working.... RO+HollyGolitely10/4/2012 9:51PM

Ella Bache Creme Intex No 2 worked wonders for me.preciousthings10/10/2012 8:21PM

I had the same experience last year..jellybabe2310/10/2012 6:23PM

Fish Oil 1000MG supplements and a lower carb dietilovemacchiato10/10/2012 5:38PM

I went on spironolactone a few years ago and it was my cure..roholleque10/10/2012 2:53PM

Mario Badescu!alyhugs10/7/2012 7:03PM

levulan photo dynamic therapy workstracygray10/7/2012 4:10PM

I had such horrible skin at one point when I was younger couldn't+beebonnet10/7/2012 3:50PM

Things to try. ropM0nay0710/7/2012 11:48AM

I was exactly the same way as you..rop+Jnoon310/7/2012 11:13AM

10% Benzoyl peroxide face wash and clindamycin geleuo9510/7/2012 9:01AM

Cured my acne with Estrosmart plus prescribed by homoeopath...ropanalynn10/7/2012 2:23AM

acne free severe products(face wash, toner & lotion) and retinol at nitekeia111310/6/2012 3:38PM

Spiro!!!! Been on it for 3 years, it literally changed my life+Feya10/6/2012 9:09AM

I'm the same as you, and am on accutane. I don't feel it's made those things worse. +emma29810/6/2012 3:51AM

Spiro all the way + Yaz. My acne resisted everything, less side effects than Accutane.juliamoore10/6/2012 12:14AM

BCP and maybe talk to your derm about Jessner peels. They really help a lot of ppl with cystic acne.DecoDolly10/5/2012 8:08PM

my brother has far more extreme mental illness and he did great on accutanesophiapirie10/5/2012 8:07PM

Topical Clindamycin +++missmanic10/5/2012 7:26PM

I would go to an allergist or a natural doctor and deal with it internally.That's what cured me.MRSLE10/5/2012 11:10AM

Spironolactone --give it 3 months--also went off dairy everythingaskr10/5/2012 10:47AM

have you tried tazorac? Its the only topical that helped mine.DogMom10/5/2012 8:56AM

is your cystic acne red and painful?lz10/4/2012 10:16PM

Yes, it is. Very swollen-looking.HollyGolitely10/5/2012 5:45AM

Try Organic Raw Honey as a mask then follow with Paula's Choice 2% BHAlz10/5/2012 6:08AM

May I ask why you can't take accutane?lotusblossoms10/4/2012 10:00PM

I have a history of depression and anxiety.HollyGolitely10/5/2012 5:46AM

I have a history of depression and anxiety too and had no problems with Accutane. Best thing ever!gorhamd10/6/2012 7:14PM

I 2nd, depression and anxiety on and off. This is my second round, took 16 years ago, did wonders!Michawn10/10/2012 1:02AM

Not that I think Accutane is w/o risk, but apparently now there is a low dose option+4eyes10/5/2012 9:39AM

spiro or BCP.kattt9210/4/2012 9:55PM

We didn't discuss spiro. I will ask her about it, next appt. Thanks.HollyGolitely10/5/2012 5:49AM

2nd the BCP, also experiment w/diet & other things. For hope ++Sophie2810/4/2012 10:18PM

Thanks so much! I'll check her out.HollyGolitely10/5/2012 5:48AM

Here's the link for Cassandra's web channel: hthSophie2810/4/2012 10:22PM

I love her +brandylee10/4/2012 11:25PM

I really don't think so. I think it's the combination of what she's doing & avoiding ++ Sophie2810/5/2012 12:55AM

yea you are probably right, thanks for that +brandylee10/5/2012 11:42AM

Spiro, I tried everything and its the only thing that works completely.silentsgirl10/4/2012 9:59PM

This is true for me too. I take 200mg a daywagashi10/4/2012 10:11PM