NOTD and do we own it? Mine: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest


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expand whole threadNOTD and do we own it? Mine: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfestal022110/2/2012 3:35PM

Sephora my favorite jeans w/ Sephora by OPI Show-Stopper copperChristaLovesMakeup10/3/2012 3:08PM

mac earthly harmony deadlyrhythm10/3/2012 1:10PM

Zoya KaraMartha61010/3/2012 8:09AM

OPI Ink SuedePandoraSue10/3/2012 5:48AM

Yes, love!shelllly10/3/2012 4:46PM

Zoya Charlaafoster38010/3/2012 1:02AM

yesshelllly10/3/2012 4:46PM

Own it.Martha61010/3/2012 8:07AM

L'Oreal Owl's Nightmyclumsyheart10/2/2012 10:44PM

Own itafoster38010/3/2012 1:05AM

Own itSurlyTemple10/3/2012 12:49AM

OPI Color So Hot It Berns w/ Orly Synchro layeredmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:06PM

OPI I'm Fondue of You- Day 2 and loving it!Shicurls10/2/2012 8:13PM

Essence Date in the Moonlightmurflegirl10/2/2012 7:23PM

ChG Ruby Pumpscb9110/2/2012 6:35PM

ownChristaLovesMakeup10/3/2012 3:07PM

own itafoster38010/3/2012 1:06AM

Own, lovetanarit110/2/2012 8:59PM

Own itwargman10/2/2012 10:10PM

OPI William Tell Me About OPIannadcat10/2/2012 6:12PM

Want to own this!!! rebekah176410/3/2012 8:51PM

CND Dark Ruby w/ Enchanted Secret Sauce...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!mec122310/2/2012 6:11PM

Zoya Monicamadddiemom10/2/2012 6:07PM

Ownmec122310/2/2012 6:12PM

Glitter Gal Bruised EgoUSMCWIFE200810/2/2012 5:46PM

Essie Chinchilly & SH Glitz Galdukebdc10/2/2012 5:36PM

Own Chinchillyannadcat10/2/2012 6:13PM

Own chinchillymadddiemom10/2/2012 6:08PM

OPI CrimsunReesaRN2310/2/2012 5:34PM

Own it. pixiesgreene10/2/2012 7:23PM

Models Own Indian Ocean & Nyx Precious GemsVanillaLime10/2/2012 5:33PM

Own IO, can't get it to work for me.dfotw10/2/2012 5:46PM

OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service SanDiegoAli 10/2/2012 5:30PM

own itafoster38010/3/2012 1:07AM

OPI Deutsche You Want Me Baby?napkinz10/2/2012 5:28PM

Own, love!PandoraSue10/3/2012 5:48AM

own itafoster38010/3/2012 1:46AM

Own, love!murflegirl10/2/2012 7:23PM

Putting on ChG Sexy in the Cityamber198110/2/2012 5:26PM

Own, it's prettybettygrable7210/2/2012 5:32PM

ChG Desert SunDawne10/2/2012 5:20PM

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest for me tooAlexMoon10/2/2012 5:15PM

own itafoster38010/3/2012 1:09AM

Own, untriedannadcat10/2/2012 6:12PM

Own untriedmadddiemom10/2/2012 6:08PM

Own it. UntriedReesaRN2310/2/2012 5:36PM

own & still untried!VanillaLime10/2/2012 5:33PM

Same, just took it off!amber198110/2/2012 5:23PM

ownDawne10/2/2012 5:20PM

^napkinz10/2/2012 5:29PM

Girly Bits Cu Bluevanilladiva4510/2/2012 5:09PM

Ownelizabeth71810/2/2012 8:21PM

Zoya Kristen + CT Tangled Webkristel010610/2/2012 5:08PM

Own Kristen!vanilladiva4510/2/2012 5:09PM

me toonapkinz10/2/2012 5:23PM

2nd.impoverishedcris10/2/2012 5:14PM

3rdnetsmad10/2/2012 5:35PM

Essie School of Hard Rocks+ Shine of the Timesmbrow22210/2/2012 5:07PM

own SoTTmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:16PM

Own SOTTtanarit110/2/2012 9:00PM

Own Bothannadcat10/2/2012 6:14PM

Own SoHRmec122310/2/2012 6:12PM

own & love SOHRVanillaLime10/2/2012 5:34PM

Yes SOTTamber198110/2/2012 5:23PM

own School of Hard RocksDawne10/2/2012 5:21PM

own bothkristel010610/2/2012 5:09PM

Orly Nite Owl, but am about to change it.Courtney82810/2/2012 5:04PM

Own, love it to bits!PandoraSue10/3/2012 5:49AM of my favorite neutralsmec122310/2/2012 6:12PM

own, it's okaykricket314210/2/2012 5:43PM

Own, untriedDawne10/2/2012 5:21PM

Own, untried. It looks so pretty in the bottlevnyan10/2/2012 5:12PM

own. lovenapkinz10/2/2012 5:11PM

Zoya Carly. Got a lot of compliments on it today but its just meh.RachelMarieNails10/2/2012 5:00PM

Own untriedmadddiemom10/2/2012 6:10PM

Yes, ok on meshelllly10/2/2012 5:43PM

own and love it!kristel010610/2/2012 5:09PM

Ludurana Reluz, stamped with SH Purple Pronto, love itpnalley10/2/2012 4:54PM

changing now to OPI Skyfalledie471110/2/2012 4:50PM

L"oreal The Tempress' Powerduffimac10/2/2012 4:50PM

Own, untriedReesaRN2310/2/2012 5:34PM

WNW Candy-liciousrobbika10/2/2012 4:37PM

L'Oreal Notting Hill Blues with OPI Crown Me Already accents. Chippy. POTD is Oktoberfest, Love!bettygrable7210/2/2012 4:20PM

Own Crown Me Already - love!Dawne10/2/2012 5:22PM

2ndnetsmad10/2/2012 5:36PM

own CMA! and Oktoberfest, like both a lotedie471110/2/2012 4:51PM

2nd thiskristel010610/2/2012 5:10PM

revlon - iced spice and on the other hand illamasqua - smashdelicatepost10/2/2012 4:20PM

Own Iced Spice! pixiesgreene10/2/2012 7:24PM

Own Iced Spiceimpoverishedcris10/2/2012 4:29PM

OPI Number One Nemesissnow_melt10/2/2012 4:17PM

Own it, haven't tried yetwargman10/2/2012 10:11PM

Own It, untriedannadcat10/2/2012 6:15PM

Ownmadddiemom10/2/2012 6:10PM

ownkricket314210/2/2012 5:43PM

Ownamber198110/2/2012 5:24PM

own itnapkinz10/2/2012 5:24PM

ownDawne10/2/2012 5:22PM

own itmbrow22210/2/2012 5:07PM

Own it.Courtney82810/2/2012 5:04PM

Ownvagabondage10/2/2012 4:19PM

Own itwargman10/2/2012 4:32PM

Dittoblitherypoop10/2/2012 4:40PM

ChG Smoke & Ashesmeems10/2/2012 4:14PM

ownnapkinz10/2/2012 5:23PM

OwnCourtney82810/2/2012 5:04PM

Own, like.impoverishedcris10/2/2012 4:20PM

Ownsnow_melt10/2/2012 4:18PM

China glaze yee-haw!stellahoney8410/2/2012 4:14PM

RGB Doll with PI Mint Dream and Oh Babysthenn010/2/2012 4:14PM

Yes to Oh Babyvagabondage10/2/2012 4:19PM

2nd, like it a lotedie471110/2/2012 4:53PM

Only POTD today - OPI Thanks a Windmillionmrgee10/2/2012 4:11PM

yes, really loveshelllly10/2/2012 5:43PM

Own, likebettygrable7210/2/2012 4:31PM

Fergie Ferguson Crest Syrah-so disappointed in it, none of the bottle duochrome+impoverishedcris10/2/2012 4:09PM

Owntanarit110/2/2012 9:01PM

[an aside- Wonder if sponging would bring it out.]blitherypoop10/2/2012 4:14PM

YOU AND YOUR SPONGINGvagabondage10/2/2012 4:19PM

lol...I haven't sponged in like a week or two though, aside from a gradient idea I played withblitherypoop10/2/2012 4:42PM

I will definitely try this, am going to play around w/ it before removing later.impoverishedcris10/2/2012 4:18PM

ChG Bizarre Blurple w/ OPI Servin Up Sparkle accents ;Ddiscoxlemonade10/2/2012 4:08PM

own SUSmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:15PM

own susnetsmad10/2/2012 5:35PM

Own Bizarre Blurple, untriedAlexMoon10/2/2012 5:16PM

Zoya Evvie w/ $OPI It's Real vnyan10/2/2012 4:07PM

yes to Evvie, really likeshelllly10/2/2012 5:43PM

Yes to bothvagabondage10/2/2012 4:20PM

ChG III + L'Oreal The Temptress' Powermonkeywrench10/2/2012 4:03PM

Have Temptress'blitherypoop10/2/2012 4:04PM

^vnyan10/2/2012 4:09PM

trittoduffimac10/2/2012 4:52PM

DL just walk away reneemiadelaine10/2/2012 3:59PM

Essie bobbing for baubles/ FP fleckeddreamalildream10/2/2012 3:59PM

Own bothmec122310/2/2012 6:14PM

own BFBVanillaLime10/2/2012 5:34PM

own bfbnetsmad10/2/2012 5:34PM

own Essiembrow22210/2/2012 5:08PM

Own bfbCourtney82810/2/2012 5:05PM

own Flecked, like lotsedie471110/2/2012 4:53PM

Own BFB, untriedvnyan10/2/2012 4:10PM

Own & love BFBmiadelaine10/2/2012 4:00PM

2nd this.blankmixtape10/2/2012 4:27PM

OPI Color To Diner Forblankmixtape10/2/2012 3:58PM

rimmel zeitgeist myrasis10/2/2012 3:57PM

ownnapkinz10/2/2012 5:10PM

Own, need to wear again.sodapoprocks10/2/2012 4:38PM

Essie School of Hard RocksWhit8710/2/2012 3:53PM

Own, untriedannadcat10/2/2012 6:16PM

Ownmec122310/2/2012 6:13PM

own & loveVanillaLime10/2/2012 5:35PM

ownnetsmad10/2/2012 5:34PM

mani twin :)mbrow22210/2/2012 5:08PM

*high fives* :)Whit8710/2/2012 5:25PM

Own.Courtney82810/2/2012 5:05PM

Ownmiadelaine10/2/2012 4:00PM

Own, untriedblankmixtape10/2/2012 3:58PM

^vnyan10/2/2012 4:11PM

Ownsasshley10/2/2012 3:55PM

illmasqua Scarabwoolfireantblend10/2/2012 3:52PM

FMWnW Rest in Piecesblitherypoop10/2/2012 3:51PM

ChG Loft-y Ambitionsuperstition10/2/2012 3:50PM

Own and love it.Courtney82810/2/2012 5:05PM

AA Peacock!dfotw10/2/2012 3:46PM

Own, love.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:46PM

ChG BFFfiberoptic10/2/2012 3:46PM

Own, Tried and Love!Libragirl10/2/2012 5:04PM

Own, untriedsodapoprocks10/2/2012 4:39PM

ownsparklesmakemehappy10/2/2012 4:10PM

swapped this away when OMGs came out. *kicks self*netsmad10/2/2012 3:47PM

Zoya Skylar with Wet n Wild Root of All Evil accents (which is so pretty, btw - jewel-like)haight10/2/2012 3:44PM

own Skylar, it's untriednetsmad10/2/2012 3:47PM

Yes to Skylar.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:46PM

Revlon Devil's Candy topped with Barielle Elle's Spellsuprememongoose10/2/2012 3:44PM

Own ES, untriedtanarit110/2/2012 9:02PM

own bothamber198110/2/2012 5:25PM

Own ES, love it!pnalley10/2/2012 4:54PM

Own ES, need to try againsodapoprocks10/2/2012 4:41PM

I ehrn Ehrl's Spehrl!!!vagabondage10/2/2012 3:45PM

2nd hahafiberoptic10/2/2012 3:46PM

Mer ter! Therdered!blitherypoop10/2/2012 3:52PM

SH Lava jackiegeee10/2/2012 3:43PM

own itmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:11PM

Own it. Tried it for a mani one timeReesaRN2310/2/2012 5:35PM

own. napkinz10/2/2012 5:26PM

ownDawne10/2/2012 5:23PM

owns it, likes itedie471110/2/2012 4:54PM

Own it, will be my next manirobbika10/2/2012 4:35PM

Own, untriedbettygrable7210/2/2012 4:22PM

Own/LOVE itsthenn010/2/2012 4:15PM

Own it, must try it.haight10/2/2012 3:45PM

Own it, might be my next mani.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:45PM

OPI DS Indulgencepsitticism10/2/2012 3:42PM

ChG I Heard That with ChG Desert Sun undiespuddinbites10/2/2012 3:42PM

own IHTmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:10PM

own bothDawne10/2/2012 5:24PM

Yes to IHTvagabondage10/2/2012 3:45PM

2nd, untriededie471110/2/2012 4:58PM

SH CSM Cafe au LaitSplee10/2/2012 3:42PM

ChG Strawberry Fieldssasshley10/2/2012 3:41PM

Ownmec122310/2/2012 6:15PM

OwnCourtney82810/2/2012 5:06PM

Own, adore.sodapoprocks10/2/2012 4:42PM

Own, not a fanbettygrable7210/2/2012 4:23PM

I agreepnalley10/2/2012 4:52PM

Me neithertanarit110/2/2012 9:03PM

own, likenetsmad10/2/2012 3:46PM

2ndedie471110/2/2012 4:57PM

yesal022110/2/2012 3:42PM

Own, kinda love.proudlock10/2/2012 3:42PM

Models Own Hedonistproudlock10/2/2012 3:40PM

own it. this and Balearic Cool were my faves from this collexmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:10PM

OPI La Boheme, on day 3.netsmad10/2/2012 3:39PM

Own it. Love itReesaRN2310/2/2012 5:35PM

own, untriedkristel010610/2/2012 5:10PM

Own, it's OKpnalley10/2/2012 4:51PM

Own and love.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:44PM

Jade Energy and I don't have any of the Germany collex :'(cresss10/2/2012 3:38PM

Own, untried.proudlock10/2/2012 3:42PM

have, untriednetsmad10/2/2012 3:39PM

Mine is EMiO too! :]Esousa10/2/2012 3:37PM

own it, but still untried. i have an idea for a Halloween mani using it thoughmissfiasco10/2/2012 10:07PM

Is also mine too! So yes own!AlexMoon10/2/2012 5:18PM

Own it. Love it. It's my pedi.Courtney82810/2/2012 5:06PM

Have worn twice in one month, some kind of record. Love it! It's my POTD.bettygrable7210/2/2012 4:24PM

Ownblankmixtape10/2/2012 3:59PM

OwnWhit8710/2/2012 3:54PM

Own, worn twice...which is rare latelyblitherypoop10/2/2012 3:53PM

Yess, so gorgeousfiberoptic10/2/2012 3:46PM

Own, love.proudlock10/2/2012 3:42PM

Own itsasshley10/2/2012 3:42PM

hehe mani twinsies!al022110/2/2012 3:41PM

Own and love. Just took it off yesterday and am kind of sad about it.psitticism10/2/2012 3:41PM

Oh I just remembered I still have it on my toes! *Takes off shoes and gazes lovingly*psitticism10/2/2012 3:48PM

Yup, own it.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:38PM

Catrice Dirty Berrycheryllan10/2/2012 3:37PM

yes, love!!shelllly10/2/2012 5:44PM

own & love!VanillaLime10/2/2012 5:36PM

own itkristel010610/2/2012 5:10PM

Own it!dfotw10/2/2012 3:46PM

Own & love!sasshley10/2/2012 3:42PM

Own, untried.vagabondage10/2/2012 3:38PM

Own it, love it!Esousa10/2/2012 3:38PM

essie peach daquirireasonle10/2/2012 3:36PM

Still SH SE Laced up w black tips. Changing it today after 5 whole days of wear!vagabondage10/2/2012 3:36PM