Absolute best mattifying foundation/tinted moisturizer/whatever you have ever tried?


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expand whole threadAbsolute best mattifying foundation/tinted moisturizer/whatever you have ever tried?Rinstar31110/2/2012 12:18PM

Best mattifying foundation is IMO Hourglass' Immaculate Liquid Powder. But it's expensive.hesperia10/4/2012 10:24PM

I have been using Clean & Clear Advantage Oil Absorbing ++lisr10/4/2012 2:04PM

Revlon New Complexion compact makeup; BE powdered mineral foundationJenPhil131310/4/2012 11:37AM

Chanel Perfection Lumiere makes my face really matteamatyas10/4/2012 9:09AM

Asian sunscreen +saraelements10/4/2012 7:02AM

2ndcleogirl10/4/2012 8:02PM

I found ELDW to be too heavy and it takes a while (several hours) to look like my natural skin++++ronbong10/4/2012 6:45AM

MoMlanab810/4/2012 6:32AM

lanab810/4/2012 6:31AM

Skin79 BB Goldshgirl210/4/2012 12:09AM

loving Revlon whipped for keeping me shine freesnowbunniehoney10/3/2012 9:31PM

2nd!aznmnkygrl80810/4/2012 6:00AM

Mary Kay matte wear foundation is great. I love it. kklunder10/3/2012 6:38PM

rimmel 25 hours foundation.tatissima10/3/2012 6:23PM

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be trying out the Hourglass when it comes back in stock and the EL!Rinstar31110/3/2012 10:39AM

milky asian sunscreen + revlon colorstay normal to oily formulamartiantraveler10/2/2012 1:05PM

Big 2nddari10/3/2012 2:04PM

nothing keeps me totally matte. nothing. but a few things help me look less greasy+bobloblaw10/2/2012 12:24PM

ELDW and Kat Von D Lock itlechickpea10/2/2012 12:22PM

The All Natural Face loose mineral foundationdddoxie10/2/2012 12:21PM

I've tried 'em all. I guess Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation is the best.mimahirn10/2/2012 12:21PM

How is the coverage on this? Sounds intriguing!pmnixa10/2/2012 12:22PM

Covg is med-full. I do love this fndtn. Matte but not flat, +mimahirn10/2/2012 1:09PM

pbi, it's currently not available to buy until november, packaging is being re-designedrupertlilly810/2/2012 12:25PM

CRAP! I was so planning on buying this for F&F. *sulks*stilagrrrl10/2/2012 12:32PM

me too...bummerrupertlilly810/2/2012 12:33PM

that explains why it's out of stock on Sephora.com - I must try this!pmnixa10/2/2012 12:26PM

Its on my list as well, november is what I'm hearingrupertlilly810/2/2012 12:27PM

thanks!pmnixa10/2/2012 3:53PM

Not Rupie, but I am NW25 and use Nude.mimahirn10/2/2012 1:10PM

What shade do you use and what is your skintone?pmnixa10/2/2012 12:34PM

ELDW set with Mineral Powderrupertlilly810/2/2012 12:20PM

Lancome Teint Idole Ultrapmnixa10/2/2012 12:20PM

ELDWmelissap110/2/2012 12:20PM

This or EL Double Matte.lipglossandletdown67810/2/2012 12:45PM

2nd.stilagrrrl10/2/2012 12:21PM

3rdthankful110/2/2012 12:21PM

4throoo10/2/2012 12:22PM