Starting my search for a winter cold weather night moisturizer for normal to dry skin TIA+++

My skin can get really dry and flaky with cold weather so I'm starting to look now (while its still super hot in CA) for a new night moisturizer. I really like the Liz Earle one but want something more easily accessible in stores.

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expand whole threadStarting my search for a winter cold weather night moisturizer for normal to dry skin TIA+++LizzyBennet10/1/2012 10:38PM

DML Forte but not really avail at storesummmok10/5/2012 2:59PM

TRy pure shea butter on top of ur normal cream or a cream with AHA, great for moisturemorganna77710/5/2012 10:22AM

eucerin sensitive q-10 creamkgcurls10/3/2012 10:24PM

CLush Celestial is amazing, also Khiels Panthenol Cream is a life saver for me in winteririmoto10/3/2012 7:57PM

My HG mosturizer for the wintersweetheart710/3/2012 7:47PM

Aquaphor, Ponds Dry Skin Cream, Nivea, Fresh Creme Anciennescott7710/3/2012 6:10PM

yes, all of these ARE good. thanks Scott. :- )mistresskt10/5/2012 11:38PM

All of these are good.chloepoodle10/3/2012 11:40PM

Alba UnPetroleum, great mua reviews, Nivea, German madechayaNY10/3/2012 3:29PM

right now I'm liking Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Replenishing MoisturizerSeattlemama10/3/2012 2:50PM

boots organics face balm is wonderful!trautman10/3/2012 10:49AM

clinique super rescue antioxidant in dry/combo works for my dry skintwanda10/3/2012 8:52AM

Super Rescue works great for me, too. I have it in dry/dry.Martha61010/3/2012 1:44PM

Revlon Eterna '27' Moisture Skin Cream with Progenitin. Excellent MUA reviews.++mzthisnthat10/1/2012 11:39PM

Im going to try this soon! XDChattnchick310/5/2012 11:02PM

2ndpandabear510/3/2012 7:49AM

Argan oil. icaria10/1/2012 11:16PM

2nd, OMG where has this stuff been all my life?elisy10/3/2012 5:17PM

Vaseline or shea butter on dry spotsblush1210/1/2012 11:14PM

Cerave emu vaselineThefallenangel52510/1/2012 11:01PM

2nd on Ceravehaleyhay10/1/2012 11:32PM

3rdLovePotion0910/2/2012 12:08AM

4th Cerave, I top with light grade unscented mineral oil for extra moisture if needed. +elf_10710/2/2012 11:29AM

Egyptian Magic is fantastic for night, it's a balm.Clinique3StepSucks10/1/2012 10:43PM