I've got that middle-aged bad vision thing going here. I only noticed glaring ++

application problems unless somebody mentions a minor flaw. Apologize for a stray pet hair and then I'm all "where's Waldo?" about it. Hand models on product advertisments need to be perfect - real women with lives do not need to be perfect. I often think I did a great cleanup until I see a blown up macro on my screen. I go ahead and post anyway. My messy NYS Hot Purple and Verity Deep Violet manis were not particularly terrific, but proved to be helpful to others when we learned NYS jellies were being discontinued, and nobody complained about my cleanups.

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expand whole threadAre you guys offended by swatches with no/little cleanup? ++++proudlock10/1/2012 4:02PM

Not offended; learned from it & glad not only one to polish nails&fingers plus how to clean it up.twanda10/3/2012 9:11AM

Not on here because we all just want to share the pretty! But tbh ++pixiesgreene10/3/2012 8:40AM

not really. actually i feel like omg this girl is not perfect! since i know i do badly on the mess:ptsh8210/3/2012 5:46AM

not at all, and i can't believe that others do - it's just polish, not vomit lolMUrascal10/2/2012 11:23PM

I don't care, but many find it distracts from the potential beauty of the mani.AngelHeartsChanel200910/2/2012 4:31PM

Not offended at all. :-)beyondhope102410/1/2012 6:22PM

Here - not at all. It's a friendly, fun place for sharing and nobody should be bothered. I find +fellrunner10/1/2012 6:17PM

I'm not offended and I think we should stop apologizing for less than perfect mani/pedis here. ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 5:20PM

Agree. What is it with women and apologizing all the time??!!sourpus10/1/2012 6:41PM

i think most women are scared of harsh criticism (from other women!) so tend to apologize in advanceMUrascal10/2/2012 11:28PM

I think some of it is false humility - when all that's wanted is an ego-biscuit. ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 6:54PM

Interesting point. Well said :)calico2310/3/2012 5:30AM

Agree to all that. But also society encourages females to please/be peacemakers. Even if no abuser.sourpus10/1/2012 7:00PM

So true.calico2310/3/2012 5:31AM

I'd agree with that too.JeffysMom10/1/2012 7:05PM

I try not to apologize for lack of clean up when I post pre-cleanup & sometimes I try not to even ++demingy10/1/2012 5:50PM

I've got that middle-aged bad vision thing going here. I only noticed glaring ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 6:03PM

This times 1,384,598,672heinousshrew10/1/2012 5:41PM

plus 1! :)reesagirl10/1/2012 6:00PM

I totally agree, you're so right! :)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

I would be a hypocrite if I did considering there are times (see above) when I've posted pre-cleanupdemingy10/1/2012 5:12PM

:)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

Not offended but I can't say super sloppy application doesn't distract from the polish (although +glammmeli10/1/2012 5:11PM

2nd this, you should see mine pre-cleanup. It's like an NP bloodbath!!! reesagirl10/1/2012 6:01PM

Thank you :)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

On this board, absolutely not. If someone is trying to sell me something, not gonna lie: I am a bit.toa200210/1/2012 4:59PM

No, not at all. I just like pictures, lots of pictures and I respect anybody brave enough to post ++julia94110/1/2012 4:33PM

Yeah, everyone is sooooo good here. I have the painting ability of a 5 y/o, so... ;)proudlock10/1/2012 4:34PM

awww, you'll get better and it just takes practice. :Dkahou7910/1/2012 4:37PM

2nd this...it will be second nature in no time! :Dmec122310/1/2012 4:57PM

3rd. I'm looking at color, really :)duffimac10/1/2012 5:22PM

nope! Pictures are great anyway and it gives us an idea of the colorskahou7910/1/2012 4:30PM

My pictures aren't great but it's always worth a try :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:32PM

We LOVE pictures! We are not professionals, lolnailmom10/1/2012 4:25PM

Lol, great! :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

I just wanna see the pretty NP's!! Don't care about much else...booda10/1/2012 4:24PM

Pretties incoming!proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

heck no. i don't understand why that bothers some people if you're just posting here.hokukoroku10/1/2012 4:20PM

True!proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

Nope, no problem.vagabondage10/1/2012 4:16PM

Yay :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

On here I don't mind. I don't follow blogs with no cleanup though.reecespeeces10/1/2012 4:16PM

Great! :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

I want to see regardless. I am guessing you've put on something from Skyfall? ;)hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:14PM

I probably should but I got Laylas today.... :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

Laylas are awesome too! You get them from Ninja?hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:34PM

Harlowe & Co :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:37PM

I clearly need to ask you some more etailer related questions,based around my last one lol!hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:40PM

*newbie waving* - what exactly does this mean ? Thanks 4 explaining :)booda10/1/2012 4:11PM

this means that the polish job might look less than perfect because the person hasn't taken a brush+philosophin10/1/2012 4:15PM

yes, thanx so much!booda10/1/2012 4:17PM

Most people just put a little note like "pre-cleanup" & if anyone has an issue give them a tissue :)sparklesmakemehappy10/1/2012 4:04PM

LOL! Good one :) Yes - please post!calico2310/3/2012 5:33AM

Ok, I'll do that. TY :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:05PM