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expand whole threadAre you guys offended by swatches with no/little cleanup? ++++proudlock10/1/2012 4:02PM

Not offended; learned from it & glad not only one to polish nails&fingers plus how to clean it up.twanda10/3/2012 9:11AM

Not on here because we all just want to share the pretty! But tbh ++pixiesgreene10/3/2012 8:40AM

not really. actually i feel like omg this girl is not perfect! since i know i do badly on the mess:ptsh8210/3/2012 5:46AM

not at all, and i can't believe that others do - it's just polish, not vomit lolMUrascal10/2/2012 11:23PM

I don't care, but many find it distracts from the potential beauty of the mani.AngelHeartsChanel200910/2/2012 4:31PM

Not offended at all. :-)beyondhope102410/1/2012 6:22PM

Here - not at all. It's a friendly, fun place for sharing and nobody should be bothered. I find +fellrunner10/1/2012 6:17PM

I'm not offended and I think we should stop apologizing for less than perfect mani/pedis here. ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 5:20PM

Agree. What is it with women and apologizing all the time??!!sourpus10/1/2012 6:41PM

i think most women are scared of harsh criticism (from other women!) so tend to apologize in advanceMUrascal10/2/2012 11:28PM

I think some of it is false humility - when all that's wanted is an ego-biscuit. ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 6:54PM

Interesting point. Well said :)calico2310/3/2012 5:30AM

Agree to all that. But also society encourages females to please/be peacemakers. Even if no abuser.sourpus10/1/2012 7:00PM

So true.calico2310/3/2012 5:31AM

I'd agree with that too.JeffysMom10/1/2012 7:05PM

I try not to apologize for lack of clean up when I post pre-cleanup & sometimes I try not to even ++demingy10/1/2012 5:50PM

I've got that middle-aged bad vision thing going here. I only noticed glaring ++JeffysMom10/1/2012 6:03PM

This times 1,384,598,672heinousshrew10/1/2012 5:41PM

plus 1! :)reesagirl10/1/2012 6:00PM

I totally agree, you're so right! :)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

I would be a hypocrite if I did considering there are times (see above) when I've posted pre-cleanupdemingy10/1/2012 5:12PM

:)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

Not offended but I can't say super sloppy application doesn't distract from the polish (although +glammmeli10/1/2012 5:11PM

2nd this, you should see mine pre-cleanup. It's like an NP bloodbath!!! reesagirl10/1/2012 6:01PM

Thank you :)proudlock10/1/2012 5:25PM

On this board, absolutely not. If someone is trying to sell me something, not gonna lie: I am a bit.toa200210/1/2012 4:59PM

No, not at all. I just like pictures, lots of pictures and I respect anybody brave enough to post ++julia94110/1/2012 4:33PM

Yeah, everyone is sooooo good here. I have the painting ability of a 5 y/o, so... ;)proudlock10/1/2012 4:34PM

awww, you'll get better and it just takes practice. :Dkahou7910/1/2012 4:37PM

2nd will be second nature in no time! :Dmec122310/1/2012 4:57PM

3rd. I'm looking at color, really :)duffimac10/1/2012 5:22PM

nope! Pictures are great anyway and it gives us an idea of the colorskahou7910/1/2012 4:30PM

My pictures aren't great but it's always worth a try :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:32PM

We LOVE pictures! We are not professionals, lolnailmom10/1/2012 4:25PM

Lol, great! :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

I just wanna see the pretty NP's!! Don't care about much else...booda10/1/2012 4:24PM

Pretties incoming!proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

heck no. i don't understand why that bothers some people if you're just posting here.hokukoroku10/1/2012 4:20PM

True!proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

Nope, no problem.vagabondage10/1/2012 4:16PM

Yay :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

On here I don't mind. I don't follow blogs with no cleanup though.reecespeeces10/1/2012 4:16PM

Great! :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

I want to see regardless. I am guessing you've put on something from Skyfall? ;)hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:14PM

I probably should but I got Laylas today.... :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:29PM

Laylas are awesome too! You get them from Ninja?hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:34PM

Harlowe & Co :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:37PM

I clearly need to ask you some more etailer related questions,based around my last one lol!hotmetalchicky10/1/2012 4:40PM

*newbie waving* - what exactly does this mean ? Thanks 4 explaining :)booda10/1/2012 4:11PM

this means that the polish job might look less than perfect because the person hasn't taken a brush+philosophin10/1/2012 4:15PM

yes, thanx so much!booda10/1/2012 4:17PM

Most people just put a little note like "pre-cleanup" & if anyone has an issue give them a tissue :)sparklesmakemehappy10/1/2012 4:04PM

LOL! Good one :) Yes - please post!calico2310/3/2012 5:33AM

Ok, I'll do that. TY :)proudlock10/1/2012 4:05PM