Adding photo: this is probably a decent represenation of what the space would be laid out like. r/o


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expand whole threadGuest room parents will be staying here for about 10 days r/oorangechair11/13/2011 7:33AM

I would never put two adults of any size in a full. Twins are way better.junglepeachpie11/13/2011 8:51PM

I would grab the twins, they sound perfect and 25" isn't that small r/okatrink11/13/2011 2:52PM

I'd grab two twins. My folks are in their 60s & rosephorajunkie11/13/2011 12:06PM

Two not thin people in a full bed sounds more cramped than twin beds IMOCrazeeCat11/13/2011 10:14AM

2nd this. More space for them to have two twins than a full or queen.+DelightfulDahlia11/13/2011 10:56AM

3rd this but honestly I would ask them for their opinion. sarahbellum311/13/2011 11:03AM

They said the twins are fine.orangechair11/13/2011 11:10AM

I wouldn't do twin beds in a guest room. Chances are, when people are coming to sleep over, it's +tealight11/13/2011 9:45AM

I think we'll just take the twins for now and if there are a lot of complaints, I'll get the r/oorangechair11/13/2011 11:31AM

I have to say that while I love sharing a bed with my H, I'm always a bit excited to get a twin bed+edwynedwyn11/13/2011 2:31PM

lol! :D tealight11/13/2011 6:07PM

Push the twins together and make a king? You can even get a mattress topper thing. That won't +randomnumbers11/13/2011 8:08AM

The only way that would work is if they squeezed in between the wall and the bed to get into bed. r/orangechair11/13/2011 8:11AM

Adding photo: this is probably a decent represenation of what the space would be laid out like. r/oorangechair11/13/2011 7:40AM

totally fine for a guest room!topchef11/13/2011 12:54PM

What a pretty pic!sarahbellum311/13/2011 12:05PM

Not both of them will be trying to squeeze in and out at the same time. Should be finelaurencane11/13/2011 10:18AM

I'd think 2 twin beds would be more comfortable than a full size bed for 2 peopleBiteMeMua11/13/2011 9:28AM

I think it will be fine!terrihome11/13/2011 8:13AM

Me too, and better than the two of them sharing a full!edwynedwyn11/13/2011 9:00AM

Agreed. I'd much rather have more room sleeping in a twin than being cramped in a full with DHsamanthadread11/13/2011 10:13AM

I didn't even think of that aspect, we sleep in a full and like it...but I think my parents did r/oorangechair11/13/2011 11:03AM