Whoa! Baking soda and shampoo trick worked wonders on me!

I read about this clarifying recipe on long hair community-mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with a tablespoon of shampoo (low-to-no cones).

I was trying to get all the gunk out and see what my hair is ACTUALLY doing in terms of real health, without being covered in cones and gunk. So I shampooed like this, twice, used NO conditioner or detangler, and let it air dry and ,my hair has never looked better. It is shiny again and light as air.

Amazing. It felt HORRID after I rinsed the shampoo out. I was dreading what it would look like with no conditioners, cones, etc, it felt so dry and rough and just generally gross and it's actually amazing! I just had to share in case anyone else is thinking of trying this.

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