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Q: How Do I become a current swapper?

A: Swapping on MakeupAlley will close on 12/31/14. You're invited by

A: If you are an AOL user, some users have reported that switching to Internet Explorer has helped with this issue.

Q: Can I post a gift card in the swap section or ask for a gift card in my wish list?

A: No. The swap section is not intended for selling. Posting a gift card is equivalent to offering cash and asking for a gift card in your wish list or in a swap item is equivalent to asking for cash. The swap section is intended for swapping items, not buying them. We understand that in certain situations individuals might come to work out a different agreement privately, and we leave that between the two parties, however we ask that the posted swap items, notepads, and wish lists respect the guidelines and the intention of the MUA swap section.

Q: I know that listing prices anywhere in a swap item listing is not allowed, not even just for reference. My question is, if I'm listing a coupon that is $10 off a $35 purchase, am I allowed to list that?

A: No, please do not list coupons as swap items.

Q: Trying to add an item to my swap list, but it disappears, why?

A: You can only enter up to 1000 characters as the description of the swap item. Since you are meant to list one item at a time this should be sufficient.

Q: I am trying to keep track of tokens I've already awarded to other people. How do I access this information?

A: 1) Go to your profile and click on any one of the items you have up for swap 2) Click Swap | Swap Tokens | Remove (it will show a list of all the tokens you awarded in case you want to remove one of them)

Q: I'm trying to add stuff to my notepad but when I click on editor mode the color/text etc does not come up.

A: The editor mode currently only works with Internet Explorer and Firefox on a Windows operating system. If you are using a different browser, you will have to enter the HTML code yourself.

Q: How do I make my notepad look nicer?How do post an image ?

A: Two MUA members have written primers to help you : Haloinverse's MUA Tech FAQ MUA Notepad Primer - by Josephine9999