Frequently asked questions • Product-Reviews

Q: I would like to review a product that is not in the MakeupAlley database, how do I do this?

A: You must complete a review before you can add new products to the Productville database. Once you have completed your first review, you can add a new product from the "Add a Review" link on the Product Reviews menu. Please check first to verify that the product isn't already in our system.

Q: How can I edit the reviews I've written?

A: Go to the my reviews page, find the review you wish to edit and click on the edit review link in the right hand side.

Q: How do I write a review to a brand that's not on the site?

A: 1) When you click Write a Review, you can pick Unlisted Brand from the drop down brand menu 2) You can also request new brands on this page by writing to us through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page

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