Frequently asked questions

Q: I would like to review a product that is not in the MakeupAlley database, how do I do this?

A: You must complete a review before you can add new products to the Productville database. Once you have completed your first review, you can add a new product from the "Add a Review" link on the Product Reviews menu. Please check first to verify that the product isn't already in our system.

Q: How can I edit the reviews I've written?

A: Go to the my reviews page, find the review you wish to edit and click on the edit review link in the right hand side.

Q: How do I write a review to a brand that's not on the site?

A: 1) When you click Write a Review, you can pick Unlisted Brand from the drop down brand menu 2) You can also request new brands on this page by writing to us through the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page

Q: I registered but never got my password, what should I do?

A: Please follow these steps: 1. Check your junk/spam folder, some mail servers filter messages as junk mail. 2. You can reset your password emailed to by visiting this page Reset my password

Q: How can I upload pictures from my phone to MUA

A: From your iPhone/iPad/android device: You can upload pictures directly from the mobile version of the site. The link will show up on the mobile homepage if you are logged in You can also click here to upload pictures

Q: Where is it okay or not okay to link my personal blog?

A: To keep the quality of product reviews and message board posts relevant and valuable, we ask that you do not post any links to personal blogs, websites, YouTube channels or social media outlets except as follows:

You may post links to your personal blog, YouTube channel or social media accounts in the "About Me" section in your Profile.

You may also post links to relevant YouTube videos when writing a product review. You can find instructions on how to do this when you select "Write a review" for a given product.

We ask that you steer clear of self promotion, selling or soliciting. Reviews and postings of this nature are subject to flagging and may be removed without notice.

Q: Can I change it to something else?

A: Yes, click here to change your password.

Q: How do I change my username?

A: Please use the contact us page to request a user name change. Select My Account/Login as the contact reason and provide your top 3 new username options in the message body. Please note that user names can only be changed once.

Q: How do I log out?

A: Click on the large MakeupAlley logo at the top of the screen. Then click on the "logout" link.

Q: I am getting a message script tag not allowed. What is a script tag please?

A: Remove any code that contains scripts from your notepad and try again. Some examples for scripts in notepads are: virtual pets, code amber alert, counters.

Q: I'm trying to add stuff to my notepad but when I click on editor mode the color/text etc does not come up.

A: The editor mode currently only works with Internet Explorer and Firefox on a Windows operating system. If you are using a different browser, you will have to enter the HTML code yourself.

Q: How do I make my notepad look nicer?How do post an image ?

A: Two MUA members have written primers to help you : Haloinverse's MUA Tech FAQ MUA Notepad Primer - by Josephine9999

Q: Does MUA give personal info (Such as name, age, e-mail addy, IP address) out to anyone?

A: No, unless we are requested to do so by law enforcement agencies or will be presented with a court order.

Q: Are people allowed to sell or mention prices in their notepad/item listings?

A: No selling is permitted on

Q: How can I add a photo to my message?

A: If the photo is on the internet and is in JPG format just include the full URL of the photo in your message and MUA will show it in the message. Please do not hotlink photos. Use photos from your MUA gallery or another hosting site. (see here for explanation of what hotlinking is:

Q: What is a troll and what to do when you spot one?

A: A troll is a user who posts messages intended to insult and provoke. For each person who responds, the poster (the troll as a person) will consider that person a target.

The one and only truly effective way to eradicate trolls is to disengage. If even one member engages with a troll, they will have a reason to return.

5 easy rules:

1) Don't read posts from or about trolls;
2) Don't read email from or about trolls;
3) If you can't resist reading, don't respond;
4) Flag the post immediately if applicable;
5) If the content is directed at you, ignore the post and report it to us through the
Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.

Q: Where can I find a list of the abbreviations used on this site?

A: A list can be found here.

Q: What does block mean?

A: The blocking feature applies to the boards as well as the messaging system (MUA Mail)
This feature was introduced in Dec 2013 and is partially rolled out. It will be rolled out to everyone as soon as testing is complete.

--> If you block someone, you can't see their posts and they can't see your posts.

--> If you block someone, you can't see their profile and they can't see your profile.

--> You can't *really* block yourself.

--> To undo a block please click on Mail | Ignore List.

If you decided to block a member, keep it to yourself. Posting about a member you blocked, or posting polls asking who members have blocked is harassing/inflammatory and will be treated as a violation of the terms of use of the site.

Q: How do I post a gif next to my name?

A: MakeupAlley member silverhands has provided a great tutorial in her notepad. Here it is:

Q: I am trying to send a message and get a blank page, what is the problem?

A: The problem is that some software on your computer is blocking some information from the MUA servers. If you are using Nortons antivirus , dangerous has provided the following information: In Nortons settings, I clicked on advanced options, used the add site button to add makeupalley, clicked the use these rules for box and selected permit from the drop down menu for cookies, referer, browser and e-mail. For other firewalls, look for a setting which will allow sending referer information to makeupalley.

Q: how do I a stop receiving mail from certain individuals?

A: Put them on your ignore list. When you receive an email from them, open it, then click on the 'ignore' link near the reply and delete links.

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