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Concealers -rms beauty -"Un" Cover-Up Foundation/Concealer


For those that have dry, sensitive or normal skins not prone to clogging or acne and want a baby's butt finish for the face, you' ll be pressed to find better than this. Koh Gen Do maybe. Beautiful product. Very emollient and juicy on the skin, it imparts a heaven sent glow. It is oil and butter based and it sinks into skin very well. The pigments are wonderfully made and look very lifelike. A little bit of this goes a massive way. I have tried it and loved it, but my skin hates it. My mom and a few friends not prone to acne adore it. A creamier, natural version of MAC Face and Body, another I can't use, because it also breaks me out. T.T

Now if you're like me and prone to acne and clogged pores and looking for a light, luminous finish try the Glossier Skin Tint. I find it is MAC Face and Body's little sister. Koh Gen Do Aqua is eons better than all of these, but too $$$.

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Bronzers -rms beauty -Buriti Bronzer

on 12/18/2018 6:18:00 PM


Love this bronzer!

I am incredibly pale as an N10 in Cover FX, N10 in Mac with nuetral undertones. I've always shy'd away from bronzers because I don't tan and I'm so pale it can look silly, but RMS knocks it out of the park.

First, it blends out beautifully on the skin with or without makeup. I like to dot it along my cheeks and then over the bridge of my nose. It gives that healthy, radiant glow like I just got a little sun.

It looks natural in the winter or summer and isn't too obvious on the skin. I love it with a Living Luminizer and a pop of bright pink blush, Milk Swish is awesome for this look, on top of a bit of concealer.

If you are bronze shy, or just getting into the game, this is incredible and highly recommended!

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Palettes -rms beauty -Signature Set Mod Collection

on 10/22/2018 4:16:00 PM


I had my eye on this palette for about a year before caving in and buying it. I was on the fence as to if I really needed an RMS palette in my life, already owning several other RMS products. It turns out I did need this palette because I have been wearing it non-stop since purchasing. The formula is a beautiful consistency that blend into the skin effortlessly and all the colors work together well. I look soft, well hydrated and well rested when I used this along with a little extra bronzer on the temples and some mascara. I love how easy it is to pull together a quick look with this palette. I've been using this for my morning routine but it would perfect to bring on vacation and I definitely will be bringing it on my next trip.

Blush -rms beauty -Lip2Cheek - Smile

on 9/2/2018 9:02:00 PM


The texture of the Lip2Cheek product are on the stiff side which helps with lasting power on both cheeks and lips. I didn’t think I would like it very much as it looks pretty scary - deep coral - in the pan but is actually quite gorgeous on the cheeks. The shade “Smile” is described as a modern sheer coral pink which is more coral than pink and while it can be sheered out it definitely packs a punch. This is a lovely shade for spring and summer providing a healthy flush and adding dimension to the face. It has quickly become my favorite cream blush. I have this in the Naturally Perfect Palette (Mod) and this is one I will purchase in full size. Yes... I love it that much.

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Lip Treatments -rms beauty -Lip & Skin Balm

on 9/2/2018 8:55:00 PM


This is an okay lip balm, nothing I would purchase in a full size, but good for prepping the lips before adding the Lip2Cheek overtop. And, if you have any dry flaky skin on your face, you can use a little to prep your skin before applying foundation or powders. Now, to be perfectly honest, I use Eucerin Aquaphor on my lips and Egyptian Magic Healing Balm on my face every day and I have no plans to change that routine since it works wonders for me. I love rms beauty products, but this isn’t one of them. It came in my Naturally Perfect Palette and I do use it when travelling with this palette however, it’s just not worth purchasing outright in my opinion.

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