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Hair Treatments -alverde -Hair ends liquid

on 1/26/2019 9:03:00 AM


Pretty much does what promises. I like to use it, my hair loves it.

Concealers -alverde -Concealer

on 1/14/2019 6:49:00 AM


I have tried so many concealers, both good and bad but this one has got to be the worst! Not only does it not cover anything, it doesn't blend out well but most importantly it BURNS! My eyes water every time i put it on and it smells very strongly of sunscreen idk why. Even though it's so inexpensive, save your money. I enjoy their skincare line, but this concealer makes me not want to try anything else from their makeup line.

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Lip Liners -alverde -lipliner

on 12/25/2018 4:21:00 PM


I like the colour (16 Pretty Mauve) and the texture. It is somewhat on the softer side, but it still applies evenly, nicely and smoothly. Unfortunately, it lasts only a couple of hours and then it starts to disappear. Will not repurchase.

Conditioner -alverde -Lemon Apricot Conditioner

on 12/16/2018 4:44:00 AM


HG. really. All ingredients from certified organic agriculture, vegan, cruelty free, works magic when i've damaged my hair with bleach or salon products (not dropping any names but it starts with L' and ends with Oreal). As you keep using it for weeks your hair just keeps getting better until one day it just looks healthy again and you kinda can't believe your own eyes. I've still obviously had to cut it some in places where it was just too bad, but this has saved me a lot of length, many times. Not to mention I appreciate when it stops looking and feeling like straw.

it leaves even hair of very damaged texture easy to comb through. It smells lovely and it's a natural fragrance. The amaranth one and the almond one have this natural scent of oils - but it's not bothersome and even if it were it'd be so worth it. They're also heavier and when i've used too much they weighed my hair down a bit, but that's easily fixed by not overdoing it (you really don't need much at all and they last), and they're good on very dry hair. The shampoos from this line are also wonderful but I find the conditioners are so good they work on their own. They have intense treatments and those one use masks too that are great, but something I rarely buy due to how efficient the conditioner alone is. It gets my hair back to health so well that I can use regular daily shampoo and silicone free conditioner after a while (if you're shopping drogerie markt items, Balea too has done a good job with their recent line of conditioners and their Lemon Buttermilk cream shower gel smells like lemon cake, all dirt cheap).

I've been angry at myself so many times for damaging my hair that's naturally very nice and all I had to do was not mess with it but of course I did, so i'm really grateful this product is around. If you relate, forget oil treatments and salon products, stop whatever crazy thing you're doing to your hair and just get these. They're like two euros here and as close to a miracle as i've used so far. Been repurchasing for years and will continue to for as long as they're available.

I only took one lippie off the packaging because it's not "fancy". Not that I care. The bottle is upside down so you don't have to tap to get product out, easy to dispense appropriate amount of product, no spills, the cap clicks and has never broken off, the sticker can be removed but it doesn't get messy or gunky in the shower no matter how long you keep it there, I really don't know what else I need in a bottle of conditioner, although this one would deserve a crown and prada coat.

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Shampoo -alverde -Brilliance Shampoo citrus blossom and apricot

on 12/16/2018 4:15:00 AM


One of those drogerie markt gems y'all Americans need to get your hands on (and in the name of all things beautiful do yourself a favor and order the conditioner as well because dayummm).

Vegan, cruelty free, all ingredients from certified organic agriculture, ridiculously cheap and man does this stuff work.

I have been repurchasing for years and will continue to as they work miracles on hair mishaps that leave you with damage. No fuss products with no gunk or buildup or irritation or whathaveyou. The scent is a bit on the strong side in these but hardly bothersome, and it's a natural fragrance. The apricot ones smell really nice to me. The almond one and the amaranth one are a bit heavy, but it's not a problem if used sparingly (you really don't need much with these, and they last a long time), and great for very dry hair and scalp. So easy to comb your hair after, leaving it soft and easy to style.

I actually don't buy these regularly -because they're too good. I mean that they get my hair back to health to the point where I can use regular daily shampoo and silicone free conditioner, and I make sure I have a bit of this left should I impulsively put my hair through something that's going to need fixing.

The packaging is nothing special, but then, easy to dispense appropriate amount of product, and never had a spill so...what else does a shampoo bottle need anyway? The sticker is easy to remove, but also doesn't get messy if kept in the shower.

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