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Cleansers -Zirh -Zirh Clean

on 7/2/2014 7:59:00 PM

I am so glad I tried a sample of this before purchasing it. It by far and away is the strongest smelling facial cleanser I have ever come across, and as an esthetician, I've tried many. It smells like floor cleaner. Yeah. Chemically and nasty. Pine Sol maybe. I find it overwhelming and kind of sickening to put on my face, and the thought of getting it in my eyes is really scary. I don't care what's in there or how good for your skin it might or might not be, I won't be using it again.

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Treatments (Eye) -Zirh -Restore

on 11/27/2013 9:47:00 PM


I know this is for men, but I am a woman and have been using this every day for years under NeoStrata PHA 4 eye cream as my day eye treatments. It removes puffiness and bags and helps your eye area look younger if you use it every day (because your undereyes do not set into those folds that come with bags). Does not creep into eyes or interfere with eye makeup. Highly recommend!

Skincare -Zirh -Soothe

on 4/17/2013 12:10:00 AM

This is a gentle, cool, refreshing toner for men. I use this twice a day after showering, as a follow up to using Zirh Scrub and Zirh Clean. The low-release cap means that you can control you're not wasting heaps of product. I just squirt a bit onto my applicator (I use a make-up pad) and a little goes a long way. There's no alcohol in this product, like so many other toners, so it doesn't dry your skin. I highly recommend this product.

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Scrubs -Zirh -Scrub

I'm a huge fan of the Zirh range. What I love about their products is that a little goes a very long way. This is true for Zirh Scrub. The tube is packed with the stuff and you only need to use the smallest amount. The scrubs I've used in the past have been fairly abrasive, but Zirh Scrub is fine and gentle, leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed (not like an open wound). There's something about Zirh; it's just a pleasure to use. It's the only range that I can say I've definitely noticed a difference to how my skin looks. I only use scrub a few times a week (as per the directions on the tube) and that's fine. I'd also like to mention that I love the smell of this. It has a lovely earthy/musky smell.

Shave Products -Zirh -Shave Gel

on 7/9/2011 3:12:00 AM

My boyfriend swears by this product! I think it works wonders for his skin. I think the main thing for him is that the gel is clear, and doesn't foam up so he can actually see where he is shaving, and it leaves his skin like mine-super soft. No bumps, or nicks with this. This is an amazing product for men, and um it smells super amazing!

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