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Liquid -Zhen -Zhen Light Diffusing Foundation with SPF 8

In winter I am about a NC40. I got samples from the Zhen website, liked them, and purchased Light Diffusing Foundation in Cashew for winter and Sand for Summer. The color match looks great on my golden olive skin tone. It gives me a natural dewy complexion. I have to blend it quickly before it dries. This brand is excellent for matching yellow undertones. It also comes in a stick form which I have purchased before. Just one thing: I find that I often use blotting tissues on my t-zone a lot, especially in the summer. The Zhen website often has 'Deals and Steals' specials and discounts. If you have a yellow undertone, I encourage you to order samples.

Crème -Zhen -Foundation Stick w/ SPF 8

on 11/3/2009 7:08:00 PM

This is also my favorite, I use this as my concealer and then follow with the Zhen Dual wet/dry powder foundation in also the cream shade.

Powder -Zhen -Zhen Dual Powder Foundation

on 11/3/2009 7:04:00 PM


This is my favorite wet/dry powder foundation, I use it dry for an opague finish, I chose the CREAM color gives me a youthful glow!!!

Palettes -Zhen -custom Collection

on 6/29/2009 5:56:00 PM

I bought the "runway" palette which contains 4 quarter sized shadows. First thing I thought when I opened the palette was "OMG! The colors are GORGEOUS!"
The shadows all compliment each other amazingly and (done right) can all be worn together in a million different ways. I am so impressed. They are all mega pigmented, and stay in place. I don't think MAC products are this pigmented, in fact, I know they are not.

You get 4- for $25, that's $6.50 a piece! You can't get that at Walmart!

Time alt review: Ok, I have had some time to give a better review on this product and I am less than satisfied. I would no longer recommend this eyeshadow due to overall unreliable wear.

Highlighters -Zhen -Element Shimmer Powder

on 6/29/2009 5:40:00 PM

As a makeup artist, I am always looking for something to make my clients feel like royalty. This is it. It makes you glow, especially used with a light bronzer contour.

These products are focused toward Asian women, but most products in this line-especially the shadows- look fantastic on anyone.

Now for the technical info. I bought the color "wind-rose". The powder pot comes wrapped in a red, chinese symbolic covering. Once removed, you have a appealing glass jar container with a screw top. It is best to tap the top a few times to remove any product from the lid. You don't want to waste this stuff. Once the lid is open, you have a beautiful, shimmery, super fine powder. The color I have is very feminine and soft. It is best to apply this with your fingers, as a brush would absorb way to much and waste the product. A little goes a long way, and that makes a great makeup investment.

This company puts out such great products, I wish them much success.

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