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Treatments (Face) -Zelens -Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotic Facial Mist

on 1/3/2019 5:56:00 PM


I hesitated a long time before buying this mist because it is very expensive, $78 for 1.7oz and no etailer that discounts in the US carries it. I had been using Missha First Essence mist for years as the first step in my AM routine. The Misha mist has a different ingredient list than the Misha First Essence in the non-mist format. But, the last time I ordered it, I noticed that the ingredient list of the travel size formula in the mist has changed, leading me to assume that when the stock of the regular size runs out, that formula will change too. The new formula does not have as many ingredients that are beneficial to my skin. For this reason, I decided that I would look at new moisture mists and Zelens had the most interesting ingredient list, which I have posted on the ingredient tab.

The Zelens has fragrance and some ingredients that people with sensitive skin may not tolerate. But for someone like me with normal skin, it adds a significant moisture boost and makes my skin feel like glass.

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Treatments (Face) -Zelens -Power D High Potency Provitamin D Treatment Drops

on 8/22/2018 2:01:00 AM


Most costly of all my current skincare but does not have a dupe! Am about to start my third bottle. Soothing treatment for dry sensitive dehydrated skin or if you have had treatments that irritated it. Light fragrance of Japanese Mint Shiso. Divine and part of this expensive but worthy treatment drops’ attraction. Cannot do without and try to use sparingly at night to make it last longer!

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Cleansers -Zelens -Z Pure Cleansing Balm

on 5/20/2018 2:09:00 PM

Space NK had this cleanser reduced to $40 (down from a whopping $80). I am rather partial to cleansing oil to remove my make up and this sounded a lot like that, but slightly different. I've never heard of a cleanser described as "liquid balm" before. It's slightly thicker than my Shu Uemura cleansing oil but thinner than my DHC, if that helps you. I apply this to my face dry and then wash off. It gets most of my make up and sunscreen in one go and rinses off for the most part. However, I do feel a bit filmy if I don't use a second cleanser after this. It is very nourishing and non-drying, but the downside to that is that it rather likes to stick around. This would not be a good choice for anyone who is breakout-prone, in my opinion, because the clogging potential seems pretty high. If you have dry skin, though, you're more likely to love it. Overall, while I do like it and will use it up, it is not my favorite cleanser in the world and I am gobsmacked at the thought of paying full price for it. That is just not happening.

Treatments (Face) -Zelens -Power D

on 2/23/2018 3:20:00 PM

I have been suffering from eczema , very dry skin around the eyes for a few years now. I even had to use steroid creams at times. Since i bought this oil / serum the situation has been crazy good. Also, i did start using Retin A and the skin on my face went from super acne prone oily to snake like. Well, this is the only product which seems to help. Sadly it is incredibly expensive but oh so worth it if you feel you tried it all

Treatments (Eye) -Zelens -Intensive Triple Action Eye Cream

on 1/13/2018 5:26:00 AM


I was given a sample of this from Space NK & as I only had enough for a few days, I can't comment on its long term efficacy at helping with dark circles etc

ts light and absorbs well, ts texture reminds me of Dermalogica eye cream - neither are cream in look, more of a super light refined gel/wax. I preferred the Dermalogica and its almost half price

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