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Mascara -W7 -Absolute Lashes Mascara

on 4/8/2018 11:15:00 PM


This mascara is pretty good, especially for its price (around $5!). It is really good to use on bottom lashes, and it's really, really black. Provides a nice lift and especially darkens them. Worth it!

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Misc Beauty Tools -W7 -Power Puff Latex Free Face Blender Sponge

on 4/6/2018 3:52:00 PM


It’s ok actually, not as good as RT (even the new version) but not a bad product. It expands well when wet, reasonably soft and I can work with it. Blends the foundation/bb cream well but does require a bit more work than RT because it’s a bit more dense. I have two and I prefer the tear shape one. they wash well and for the price as a back up cheap makeup sponge totally worth it.

Liquid -W7 -HD 12-Hour Foundation

on 3/2/2018 5:34:00 PM


I had just run out of my Bourjois CC cream and I was looking for an everyday medium coverage foundation when I saw the excellent reviews on this product. I love the weighty frosted glass bottle, it feels a lot more expensive than your usual drugstore foundation. The consistency is a bit gel-like, it reminded me of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum a lot. Upon first application, it glided on with ease and felt very velvety. Coverage is definitely light-to-medium, but I built it up to a full medium without it looking heavy at any point. As far as finish goes, while at first it actually looks glowy, it quickly dries down to a very natural semi-matte finish that doesn't feel dry at all (though I always moisturize well beforehand) which also reminded me of the Bourjois HMS. For my combination skin, I barely needed a light dusting of powder across my forehead. I got the shade Buff which is the lightest in the range and I like that it has a beige undertone that's very neutral and thankfully it didn't oxidize throughout the day. However, I do think that this shade will not be fair enough for complexions paler than mine (I'm between 51-52 in the Bourjois shade range during the winter time). Longevity-wise, the 12-hour claim might be a bit much, since I don't think any foundation can last that long on me, but at the end of the day my skin looked good without any oiliness or patchiness or oxidization so that's a win in my books.

Long story short: this is actually not just "good for the price"; it's good, period.

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Eye Shadow -W7 -In the Mood and In the City

on 2/20/2018 5:53:00 PM


This is one of several W7 products I own, and I'm kind of disappointed in it. I was attracted by the fact that W7 is cruelty-free, and I like products in tins (probably a little too much!). Also, I was intrigued by the similarity to the Naked travel palette--the W7 version I got is In the City. So I do like the packaging. It's a little bulky, but not too big for my purse and definitely durable. The only problem with the packaging is that there's no room for an applicator, and they definitely could have done that. The box says 'Natural Nudes' and this is definitely natural; I'm very fair-skinned and the next to the darkest shade hardly shows up on my eyelids at all. (I'm experimenting with using concealer on my eyelids instead of primer these days, so it's not like I was just sloshing the shadow on my naked lids either. I also use face powder on my lids after applying my shadow.) So you kind of start off at a disadvantage with this shadow, and then it doesn't last well. About an hour after applying, the shadow had faded so much that it was nearly imperceptible. Like I say, very disappointing. What makes this palette somewhat worthwhile is the range of colors, all nice warm-to- neutral mid-browns. I'm planning on trying these on my brows, and maybe as a little contour. And I'll keep experimenting to see if I can make the shadows last on my lids. This would be great for someone just getting into makeup. But if you already have some good neutral shadows, don't bother.

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Foundations -W7 -Genius Feather Light Foundation

on 2/19/2018 5:09:00 PM


I am 52 and it has taken this long to find my HG foundation. I have always loved W7. Cheap as chips, but high end quality. I originally purchased this foundation because of a couple of YouTube tutorials that raved about it. For the record, I am 52 with excellent skin, but am constantly finding that a foundation is either too shiny/greasy or alternatively too cakey. This foundfation is neither and I do not even need to powder after applying it.

It comes in a dropper bottle and cost me $5 Australian. Now you generally cannot get decent makeup for this price, but W7 has completely changed my view on this. I purchased it in the lightest shade and it is somewhere between porcelain and ivory. I apply 6 drops directly onto my Beauty Blender and start bouncing and swiping until correctly applied. You need to shake the bottle first. The finish looks just like natural skin. I can't adequately describe how good this looks, but you cannot tell that I am wearing foundation, it just makes your skin look radiant. I apply it over Neutrogena SPF 50+ sunscreen and it does not get shiny.

There isn't a huge variety of shades, so I got lucky finding a perfect match, but this is it for me now. I absolutely love this foundation and I will continue to use it. It's $5!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!!!

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