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Fragrances -Vivienne Westwood -Boudoir

on 4/14/2018 2:07:00 PM


This is a unique feminine scent. I purchased a 1 oz bottle a couple of years ago after reading about it.

Although I definitely like it, it isn't super office friendly, in my opinion. Smells a little bit too much like it's reputation!

I only wear it occasionally. Today is a cold rainy day in early spring, I have the day off, and it just seemed right.It is comforting.

Not a summer fragrance, nor for young girls.

It is sexy, but also retro.

I am enjoying it today but it is very unlikely I will ever run out, considering I probably have 150 perfumes. Boudoir is in the majority of my fragrances, in that I don't wear it to work, so that really limits things until retirement.

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Fragrances -Vivienne Westwood -Boudoir Sin Garden


Despite being advertised as floral, this is a powdery scent, quite rich, like an older, fancier aristocratic version of a baby powder fragrance (e.g. Harajuku Lovers' Baby). I do find it a little aging for my age range - it's good for evenings and special occasions, but maybe not for daytime wear.
I disagree with the previous reviewer - to me this is more of an autumn and winter scent, I wouldn't wear it in summer as it's not very sweet.

That said, the scent is quite light and not overpowering at all - which to me is a good thing. It *will* last most of the day/evening, but will get more delicate as you sweat it off.

Also, the bottle is gorgeous.

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Fragrances -Vivienne Westwood -Naughty Alice

on 9/16/2014 10:55:00 PM


Naughty Alice is a rose fragrance. Specifically dark red long stem roses on a base something like chantilly cream (vanilla scented whipped cream) and light (not white) musk. When I first sprayed it on my skin I thought "smells like Stella". Twenty minutes later: "mmm smells better than Stella". Smells like what I wanted Stella or Givenchy Very Irresistible to smell like on me. I like that it isn't fruity. Dry down is dry and a little woody with a hint of honey that gives it a pillow-y effect. I bet it would bloom really well in our summer desert heat. Bottle is adorably girly. The little bracelet is meh. I think the name does it the biggest disservice. The marketing on this one is a total miss.There is nothing naughty about it and I don't see the Alice in Wonderland connection. I would have named it after one of my favorite Fairy Tales, Snow White & Rose Red. Over all a really nice fragrance.

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Fragrances -Vivienne Westwood -Let It Rock

on 3/7/2012 4:29:00 PM


This scent made me feel nauseous. It's very strong, smelt like an old lady scent. Very heavy, overpowering, can definately smell the patchouli.Despite the packaging and title of the perfume, I think it'd suit older ladies. I can't imagine many people under 30 would like it.

On a positive note, the dry-down [I mean the day after you've sprayed it] isn't SO bad but still not great imo. You can shop around and get this cheap at a lot of places but even discounted I don't think it's worth it.

Fragrances -Vivienne Westwood -Anglomania

on 4/22/2011 6:52:00 PM


The package is lovely but it was so strong for me... just not a pleasant fragrance in my opinion. I will not buy it again! It is one of the few perfumes I dislike... it was a gift, but I never wore it.

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