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Recent Viseart Reviews

Eye Shadow -Viseart -Cashmere Theory Palette

on 3/9/2018 6:00:00 AM


Really not impressed with this, particularly for the price. I was duped by the "innovative formula" and promises of long wear- as soon as I applied it, it became clear that it was just another dusty talc-based formula that costs too much.

-Comes with a mirror

-A LOT of dust flying around during application
-The shimmery shades aren't pigmented enough, so you can't shade with them and they all look the same
-Some creasing, even with great primer
-Hard to shade, since the matte shades are pigmented, but too powdery to create definition
-Cardboad packaging for $60. Cardboard!
-The palest shade doesn't seem to flatter the others
-Instead of shimmer, you can see the sparkles
-Sparkle fall-out. Not cool.

The Yves St. Laurent nude palette is just slightly more, but you get an excellent solid case, my favourite brush of all time and very buttery, long-lasting and pigmented shadows. A note to skip over the purple palette (Underground), though, since the brush is different and the shadow quality isn't as good. UD Basics is another one I find lasts and is easy to work with for a lower price tag.

Sometimes I'm downright pissed off by a product for the price. This is one of them. My error for falling for the marketing, I guess. It's just a talc-based, powdery, chunky-glitter regular old palette in a cardboard package being sold for $60. The least I can ask for is no creasing or glitter fall-out. Thank goodness it was a gift cert. Lesson learned.

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Palettes -Viseart -Palette 12 Paupières Eyeshadow Palette Basic: 01 - Neutral Matte


My most beloved matte shadows. Blends like a dream, no primer needed, hand-made in France. I will keep buying forever.

Eye Shadow -Viseart -Minx Theory Palette

on 2/4/2018 2:35:00 PM


This is my first Viseart palette. I was debating between this palette and the Tarte Flirt palette as they swatched very similarly at the store. White the Tarte palette is very good, I picked the Viseart palette based on swatching at the store because Viseart did seem to have blended better. The pigmentation of this Viseart platte is awesome, I hardly have to tap into the pan to get color on the brush. The shade range of the Minx Theory Palette is on the warm side with three brown matte shades and three copper/reddish shimmer shades. The matte shades are butter smooth, and the shimmer shades pop. There is no fallout on the brush or palette when I try to pick the color up.

I'm not a palette collector, I only own a few palettes and this one is versatile for travel and has enough shades to make various looks from neutral to dramatic. I tend to reach for this palette more than my other palettes. The formula is long wearing and stays on strong.

The only issue that I have with this palette is the price point and the packaging. I would not repurchase only because I'll probably want something different if I ever hit the pan on this palette.

Eye Shadow -Viseart -amethyst theory palette

on 1/10/2018 9:02:00 PM


I have been trying very hard to like Viseart products and actually own 2 large palettes and 2 theory palettes. This is a nice set of eye shadows, however I am not impressed with the wear. I use Tarte shadow insurance primer, and at the end of the day, these shadows were all but gone. That was true with other Viseart palettes as well, although the matte palette was a little better. I love the colors however. I am going to continue to try this, and maybe use MAC soft ochre under it. If I were not for the colors, I can't say I would recommend this.

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Palettes -Viseart -Grand Pro 1

on 12/28/2017 7:45:00 PM


This palette is great quality. The shadows are blendable and varied enough to all belong in one palette. You can combine shadows to make new colors. Lasting ability is all day. I used with the Nars base. I treated myself to this as a Christmas present. Totally worth the price. Great value when you price out the individual shadows.

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