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Palettes -Viseart -Palette 12 Paupières Eyeshadow Palette Basic: 01 - Neutral Matte


My most beloved matte shadows. Blends like a dream, no primer needed, hand-made in France. I will keep buying forever.

Eye Shadow -Viseart -Minx Theory Palette

on 2/4/2018 2:35:00 PM


This is my first Viseart palette. I was debating between this palette and the Tarte Flirt palette as they swatched very similarly at the store. White the Tarte palette is very good, I picked the Viseart palette based on swatching at the store because Viseart did seem to have blended better. The pigmentation of this Viseart platte is awesome, I hardly have to tap into the pan to get color on the brush. The shade range of the Minx Theory Palette is on the warm side with three brown matte shades and three copper/reddish shimmer shades. The matte shades are butter smooth, and the shimmer shades pop. There is no fallout on the brush or palette when I try to pick the color up.

I'm not a palette collector, I only own a few palettes and this one is versatile for travel and has enough shades to make various looks from neutral to dramatic. I tend to reach for this palette more than my other palettes. The formula is long wearing and stays on strong.

The only issue that I have with this palette is the price point and the packaging. I would not repurchase only because I'll probably want something different if I ever hit the pan on this palette.

Eye Shadow -Viseart -amethyst theory palette

on 1/10/2018 9:02:00 PM

I have been trying very hard to like Viseart products and actually own 2 large palettes and 2 theory palettes. This is a nice set of eye shadows, however I am not impressed with the wear. I use Tarte shadow insurance primer, and at the end of the day, these shadows were all but gone. That was true with other Viseart palettes as well, although the matte palette was a little better. I love the colors however. I am going to continue to try this, and maybe use MAC soft ochre under it. If I were not for the colors, I can't say I would recommend this.

Palettes -Viseart -Grand Pro 1

on 12/28/2017 7:45:00 PM


This palette is great quality. The shadows are blendable and varied enough to all belong in one palette. You can combine shadows to make new colors. Lasting ability is all day. I used with the Nars base. I treated myself to this as a Christmas present. Totally worth the price. Great value when you price out the individual shadows.

Palettes -Viseart -Cool Mattes

on 12/9/2017 11:53:00 PM


This palette breaks my heart! I have wanted it for years. I really want a cool toned palette and this one looks so pretty. And there are so few cool toned palettes out there. So I finally got it and it has to go back. In a nutshell, this does not perform how an $80 palette should.
The colors are very pretty but most are easily duped. I have very similar colors to most shades in this.


1: bone white-any vanilla shade is similar. MAC vanilla, Anastasia Blanc are two of my favorites. Both are very similar

2: medium to light Rosy brown. Very similar to Anastasia Buon Fresco. It’s cooler than MAC Haux. Similar to MUG petal pusher. Dior Dream quint, the lightest brown is warmer.

3: pale pink brown. This guy has zero color payoff on my skin. I cannot see it at all on me. Laura Mercier Fresco is what I imagine this color to be. Or MAC Malt. Inglot 341 is very similar.

4: medium to dark taupe brown. Anastasia Warm Taupe is a bit lighter and cooler. MAC cork is same depth of color and less rosy. MAC Kid built up is a little slighter. This shade is beautiful.

5: dark sooty gray. In the skin, this looks like 8 and 12 from this palette. Otherwise, MAC Mystery is very similar if you have it, it’s now discontinued. MAC smut is also close.

6: bright light pink. This one applies much brighter than I expected and wears more peachy on me. I don’t have a dupe for this. But I’ll use Inglot 361 in its place but it’s straight up coral. This is a pretty shade.

7: purple. Dark mattes 6 is darker and cooler, MUFE 928 is darker.

8: dark sooty grey number 2! See notes for 5.

9: medium to dark navy. I don’t have an exact dupe, but dark mattes has 2 navies and MAC contrast is my other navy. MAC contrast is my favorite of these.

10: purple grey. This one is pretty and quite unique. I have to mix shades to make it. MAC blackberry is less purple. So I layer with MUFE 836, but any purple will do. Dior Dream quint, the darkest shade is warmer.

11: dove blue grey. MAC copperplate is darker and browner. Dior Dream quint middle shade is close, less blue but same depth of color.

12: darkest sooty grey. See 5 and 8.

I am sad to say by to shades 4, 6, 8, 10, and 11. The rest I have better and prettier shades in my collection.

The packaging is meh. The typical Viseart no frills functional.

My issue is shadow performance. These shadows have a dry and grainy feel. They feel rough when I apply them to the eye. I literally have never had that happen before. They go on patchy. And I have to blend forever and am never happy which how they looks. They colors muddy together. Some shades are worse than others. 3 is terrible. There is zero color payoff. 5, 8, and 12 are basically the same shade. When I use 5 or 8 and deepen with 12, they muddy together. 7 and 9 are sheer and patchy and not vibrant at all. I can make 2 and 4 work ok but, but my look always ends up patchy.
When I took a break and used my MAC shadows, and they blended so smoothly, I knew this had to go back. I swatched the neutral mattes in store and they are far smoother to the touch. And my Dark Mattes palette has a few dry feeling shades which feel like the better shades in this palette. And to be fair, a lot of the dark mattes are sheer and dry as well. But in dark mattes 1,2,3,4,7,8 are incredible and I can make the other shades work. Most of the dark matte shades go on so smooth and blend well. I love that palette. My favorite shades in cool mattes are 2, 4, 6, 10, and 11. But they still don’t perform very well and blending them is a pain and I never love my eye look. And I cannot justify keeping this palette for 5 mediocre shades.
So I’m off to hunt for a different cool matte eyeshadow palette. I did just get Dior Dream quint. It’s quite cool toned and the formula is beautiful. And there are several dupes for this palette as listed above. The cool mattes with the Dior formula would be amazing.
I really wanted to love this palette, but it’s a dud for me. I wish they would reformulate and switch out the dark grays. Anyway, pass.

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