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Palettes -Viseart -Grand Pro 1

on 10/20/2018 1:19:00 PM


-Great blend-ability
-intense pigment
-doesn't look powdery
-organized by undertones going from warm to cool top row to bottom.
-Is a great staple If you do bridal make or other kinds of natural to natural dramatic eye looks.
-have amazing wear time.

_If you have alot of neutrals palettes alot of them can be duped
- cool toned black is black but if you have MUG corrupt or Saucebox Blackwidow shadows its not as black as those two.
-the red berry shade in the 3rd row stains a bit (coconut oil removes it)
- you may find yourself only using only certain colors cause the undertone nuances might only be noticeable on different people. (ex. the darkest shades on the top two rows look alike on me but on my mom who is darker and has more pink undertones they look completely different.

Overall thoughts:
I really enjoy this palette and would recommend if makeup is your hobby and you either enjoy applying makeup on others for fun or, if you are a working makeup artist. I usually use all shades for myself since this is a multipurpose pigment palette and they can be used on eyebrows and for face contour which is always great. I like the baby pink and blue from this palette because i have no colors like those and they apply so smooth and dont look powdery. plus packaging is so slim and travel friendly I can take this during my travels and have options for days. although I did get the core packaging its still pretty good sturdy and wellmade.

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Palettes -Viseart -Eyeshadow Palette - Neutral Matte


Ugh. I have mixed feelings about this palette, and not only because I wanted it for a long time and it was possibly my biggest makeup splurge to date. If the ratings were based purely on the quality of the eyeshadows, I would probably give it 4 or 5 stars. The shadows are beautiful, well pigmented, blend well, and last on my eyelids a long, long time without using a primer. But we have to judge a product on its performance and value to get the whole story.

-Good quality, long wearing eyeshadows
-Decent range of light to dark, mix of warm and cool shades (but definitely leans warm)

...aaaannnnnd that's kind of where the pros end.

-The price. The colors are not unique, this palette is very dupeable, and the formula is not exceptional enough to justify this being twice the price of comparable products.
-HORRENDOUS packaging. I remember hearing somewhere that the packaging was designed this way to show appreciation for art and color, and so makeup artists could see exactly which colors were in the palette before opening it. But as a consumer, it just reads cheap af, and the plastic lid literally broke within the first month or so of me owning it. I have to remove the lid completely every time I open it, and carefully snap it back on to close it.
-Similar colors. One of the light cream shades could definitely have been replaced with something else, as they show up nearly the same on the eye.

All things considered, I wouldn't repurchase this product. I think I would have been just as happy or happier with something like the Kat Von D Shade + Light or any number or neutral palettes out there for half the price.

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Palettes -Viseart -Palette 12 Paupières Eyeshadow Palette Basic: 04 - Dark Matte Viseart Palettes

on 9/15/2018 11:47:00 AM


-it binds really well to skin ( you can use it without primer and it looks good)
-colors can be built up
-formula is dry but not powdery.
- doesn't look ashy on deeper tones.
-purples are great .

cons. ( small nit picks)
-initial price point.
- packaging is simple ( personally I like it that way but some may not)
-two blues on the bottom row apply sheer at first and need layering to look intense ( but they are perfect for adding opposing depth and color to an otherwise too warm look)
-the two browns on the left side of the upper most row can look darker than they appear on pan for pale tones but can also look a bit off on saturated deep skin tones. (you can still make them work though)

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Palettes -Viseart -Palette 12 Paupières Eyeshadow Palette Basic: 06 - Paris Nudes

on 9/3/2018 11:08:00 PM


I got the Viseart Paris Nudes palette in 2017 after trying and LOVING the Warm Neutrals palette.

I hate this one.

These eyeshadows blend really well. Too well. They blend and dissolve every other eyeshadow. Whether i use multiple colors from the Paris Nudes palette or combine a Paris Nudes color with a matte from another Viseart palette the result is the same - one boring blah color. It doesnt take long either. In under an hour, the time I took to do my eyes is completely wasted. Worse, these crease within a couple of hours. I've tried primers. They don't help. Its the formula. The smallest amount is enough to erase a whole look. These colors even fade some of my eyeliners extra quick. I use Viseart's warm mattes almost every day - without primer - and I don't have these problems. The warm mattes work well with my MAC eyeshadows too. The Paris Nudes dont/

The Paris Nudes colors are beautiful when swatched - thats why I bought it - I liked the colors. And if I wanted a simple monochrome look for a couple of hours, Paris Nudes would be great. But no. I need more versatility than that. I'm really sorry I wasted my money on these.

Eye Shadow -Viseart -Theory Nuance palette

on 5/30/2018 1:20:00 AM

I wish I could purchase the salmon shade and the mauve from this palette along with other Viseart shadows because these colors are beautiful and pigmented, have staying power. The other shades in this Nuance palette are MEH. I much prefer shimmers from ABH to these. I don't understand why the salmon is such a knockout while the others aren't even great performers over time foiled with a damp brush or finger. Nothing really improves their appearance and performance. They simply don't have the pigment, from what I can tell? It's a shame. The palette appears to be quite usable in concept but it's execution is just off. It's not terrible. You can work with them, but it's really just not what I expected at this price point. My best experience thus far has been over a super sticky primer, so thats how I will use the lighter shimmers for daytime looks. Be forewarned. The salmon pink shade is seriously stunning, though.

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