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Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette

on 11/5/2018 11:11:00 AM


Violet Voss recently released four different fun sized mini eyeshadow palettes, I picked up two of them - Creme Brulee and Berry Burst. What I've noticed with both of these palettes is that the shimmery-metallic shades are generally very pigmented and easy to build and blend. The matte shades are mostly very lackluster and lacking pigmentation. The matte shades also tend to have a little fallout. Thankfully with both of these palettes the majority of the colors are shimmers and not mattes. I prefer the Creme Brulee palette to the Berry Burst because I've found that the Berry Burst palette contains a lot of shades that are quite similar to shades that I already own. Love the price and the size is perfect for travelling! My video review and swatches can be seen here:

Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -Like A Boss PRO Eyeshadow Palette

on 10/7/2018 3:57:00 PM


This palette is absolutely worth every penny. It has a very cohesive collection of colors consisting of mattes and shimmers. All blend like butter, and with a primer, will last well throughout a full work day and beyond. The names of the shades are dumb AF (opinion) but easy to overlook because they are so beautiful. There are several shimmery neutral shades which have always been part of my "go to" look on days when I don't have time to fuss before work. The more saturated colors are simply stunning. Smart AF (dual chrome brown/green), Royal (Deep Green) and Queen (rusty copper) really make my mostly green eyes pop and wear like a dream. I was a bit concerned before I purchased this because many of the shades looked as if they may pull too red for me, but they don't. This palette would be stunning on darker skinned lovelies as well. The shades are so saturated and beautiful, I honestly think this palette has something for everyone.

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Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -Taupe Eye Shadow Palette

on 9/20/2018 10:00:00 PM

This is my review for Violet Voss Taupe Notch. I got this palette on a whim. It just looks so pretty I couldn't resist it. I totally don't need any more neutrals or browns at all.
This is a great palette. The colors are soft feeling and nicely pigmented. There are a great selection of colors to choose from too. Can achieve many many looks with it. I actually used it to do my very first cut crease look. Which I totally loved.
In comparison to some other brands and palettes there is some value since there are so many shades and the pan size seems to be decent.
If your in the market for a really nice neutral palette I'd say give it a try.
Overall I'm very very happy with this purchase.

Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -The Rainbow Palette

on 7/10/2018 6:27:00 AM


The Rainbow palette contains the following 10 shades: Flamingo (rich pinky red metallic), Peach (dual chrome rusty peach pearl), Buttercup (rich golden gold metallic), Seaform (seafoam green metallic), Figi (exotic aqua metallic), Royal (rich deep blue metallic), Indigo (true purple metallic), Violet (duo-chrome pink pearl), Pearl (sheer iridescent white pearl) and Eclipse (black matte-with-glitter). Violet Voss palettes usually contain 20 shades in 1.6g pans, so this smaller palette has 3.2g pans. The shade Pearl also makes an intense cheek highlight.

None of the permanent Violet Voss palettes made before The Rainbow palette was released contained really vibrant shades (the two more recent palette releases have more punchy shades), so The Rainbow was designed as a companion piece to those palettes, filling in the gaps with the highest customer requests. I'm really into this more compact type of palette now, where almost every shade is something fun and unique, something that doesn't waste space and our money by including the same kind of basic highlight/crease/transition shades that most of us already have over and over again. Technically you can make looks using this palette alone as there is a matte shade here and I've also found that the metallic shades do wear well in the crease, but I have hooded eyes so vastly prefer pulling in matte shadows from elsewhere for crease/transitioning, as there has sometimes been a spot of transfering.

As soon as I tried these shadows, I fell for this palette despite my niggles with it (see below); they are buttery smooth to apply and to blend. All of the shadows are non-fading and I haven't experienced any creasing - I apply them in the morning [no primer] and they'll still look good in the evening, when I remove it. The metallic shades have a bit more kick-up and fallout in comparison to the pearl shadows which have not to none, which isn't a dealbreaker for me but I still thought I'd mention it in case it's a dealbreaker for you. Kick-up and fallout in shadows don't really bother me as I do my eyes before my base - all pigmented & softer shadows have a bit of these issues, so I do think that all good-quality shadows should kick-up a bit.

Unfortunately there is a downside to this palette: the shades Seaform & Fiji aren't hugely dissimilar, and neither are Indigo & Violet - there is a bit of difference, but if you couple the mentioned pairs up onto the lids they'll end up bleeding together. With only 10 pans, the brand should have taken more care with their shade selections - I do love the idea of having more then one shade in the same family [makes it more cohesive], but some shades are just too close. Also; what is the point in the black? This is a companion to the brand's regular palettes, and they all have black and/or other deep matte shades in them, so this shade is needless.

I do think that The Rainbow is a great buy and recommend it to people who enjoy fun shades and don't mind using multiple palettes for one look, but I suggest waiting until you find a discount code or coupon; I'd hesitate to recommend paying the full price as it sorts seems more like a 8-pan palette, but then again similar quality brands charge a similar price for real 8-pan palettes with smaller pans (I'm thinking of Smashbox's Cover Shot palettes), so if you like what you see here then pick up The Rainbow.

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