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Palettes -Violet Voss -Ride or Die PRO eyeshadow palette

on 1/13/2019 6:30:00 PM


The Ride Or Die professional eyeshadow palette contains the following 42 full-sized shades, in a mix of four finishes; Michelle [pure white], Fiona - [white satin], Jasmine [metallic blue steel], Jamie [metallic charcoal], Natalie [black matte with silver glitter], Carly [true black matte], April [matte peach], Alex [metallic sand], Ariel [shimmering brown], Skylar [matte espresso], Maria [metallic cool toned brown with purple undertones], Rachel [metallic deep brown], Destiny [metallic taupe], Kelly [metallic mauve], Nicola [matte mocha], Monica [metallic chocolate], Jesse [matte brown with red undertones], Courtney [matte espresso with brown undertones], Ella [matte lemon], Paula [metallic yellow with green undertones], Jane [mustard satin], Jessica [metallic rich mustard], Nancy [metallic rose gold], Delilah [matte milky brown with mustard undertones], Ann [shimmering soft pink], Emma [metallic salmon], Allison [matte coral], Madeline [warm peach], Stephanie [metallic bronze], Ashley [matte pomegranate], Erika [matte creamy salmon], Abigail [dusty terracotta satin], Kaitlin [matte burnt orange], Alice [matte rich warm toned burnt orange], Riley [orange toned red satin], Sarah [matte burgundy], Leslie [matte muted peach], Isabella [metallic iced cranberry], Holly [metallic burgundy], Scarlett [metallic red wine], Andrea [metallic blackberry] and Amy [matte red wine].

This palette is impressive as it has an amazing variety in it; a mix of cool, warm and neutral shades and a nice selection of four finishes make it a very inclusive palette. It can be used for a variety of complete eye looks, covering base, lid, crease, transition and highlight for every occasion, season & holiday, with a variety of shades to suit every skintone - such a major plus, with including everyone with this. I have liked the vast majority of looks I've done with it to date. The formulas are feel creamy, the blendability of all four finishes is excellent, and there isn't much fallout. I've found that the pigmentation is really nice & rich, and there is no colour fading or creasing. I have to say that this palette has quickly made it into my top three picks for top-notch quality and versatility - there'll be sades for whatever mood I'm in on that day/whatever I'm wearing.

However I do have to note that there are a fair few shades that end up looking pretty much the same after they've been applied and blended, so this is not really a 42 pan palette for the everyday user who is applying the shadows on their skin only [my own fault for buying a professional-grade product] - this palette has been made for people who work in the industry and the gradients of the shades are there to be spread across all skintones. To me as a non-professional, the wide range of shade gradients and finishes is somewhat overwhelming, which is another downside - I'll open it up to do a look and end up staring at everything, trying to decide what to do.

I've clicked yes for repurchase; if you are a professional, then rush to the Violet Voss site right now and buy it - it has everything for every client you'll have. If you want to use this palette for your own personal use then I do still think that it's a great buy and recommend it, but I do strongly suggest waiting until you find a discount code, coupon or sale; just using the shades on one skintone means that some will look too similar to each other, so I'd hesitate to pay the expensive full price as it won't seem like a 42-shade palette to non-professionals.

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Highlighters -Violet Voss -Rose Gold Highlighter Palette

on 12/12/2018 1:45:00 PM


Soooo disappointed in this one... I checked out some swatches online before splurging on this palette and they looked so pretty. I love rose gold highlighters, especially as a blush topper on my fair skin or even as a blush. But these highlighters are not what they seem. They aren’t bad, but just not my taste and not easy to work with. The first one is a very light champagne color, not rosy at all. But okay, five left. The second and fourth ones are somewhat dry, duochrome powders which look almost the same on the skin (one’s more peachy and one’s more pink). They swatch very patchy and have very little color payoff. I am not a huge fan of duochrome highlighters anyway, because it quickly becomes unnatural IMO. The best way to use them is to apply them wet. The third one is a deep rose gold blush, with such a strong metallic gold reflect that the base pigment disappears. The fifth and sixth powders do have a very nice true peach undertone, but especially the last one has such a strong, white metallic reflect when applied (even lightly) that the underlying pigment is not visible at all on my face. Not one of the six colors is to my liking, so unfortunately, a big NO. If you have a much darker skin tone than me you might like these, or if you prefer very, very strong metallic highlights.

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Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -Fun Sized eyeshadow palette - Berry Burst

on 11/5/2018 11:11:00 AM


Violet Voss recently released four different fun sized mini eyeshadow palettes, I picked up two of them - Creme Brulee and Berry Burst. What I've noticed with both of these palettes is that the shimmery-metallic shades are generally very pigmented and easy to build and blend. The matte shades are mostly very lackluster and lacking pigmentation. The matte shades also tend to have a little fallout. Thankfully with both of these palettes the majority of the colors are shimmers and not mattes. I prefer the Creme Brulee palette to the Berry Burst because I've found that the Berry Burst palette contains a lot of shades that are quite similar to shades that I already own. Love the price and the size is perfect for travelling! My video review and swatches can be seen here:

Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -HG (Holy Grail) Palette

on 10/13/2018 4:31:00 AM


Au début, je n'étais pas sûre d'acheter cette palette, car j'aime bien mes roses et mes canneberges, alors j'ai déjà quelques palettes avec des ombres similaires. Cependant, étant donné qu'il est toujours en rupture de stock chez Sephora et que Sephora applique une politique de retour irréprochable, je me suis dit que j'allais l'essayer si je le voyais enfin de nouveau en stock. J'étais vraiment impressionné et je ne l'ai pas rendu. Pour le prix, vous obtenez autant de nuances, dans une palette assez facile à voyager avec (je dis assez facile parce que c'est une palette de taille plus grande). J'utilise toujours une sorte d'apprêt ou de correctif + pour mes nuances chatoyantes ou brillantes, j'ai donc fait de même avec cela et elles restent très bien. Des miroitements et des mattes qui semblent si entiers avec la palette unique. Je reçois des compliments sur mes regards avec celui-ci. Les noms des nuances sont si mignons. La sauce géniale et les éclaboussures de canneberges sont devenues mes favs

Eye Shadow -Violet Voss -Like A Boss PRO Eyeshadow Palette

on 10/7/2018 3:57:00 PM


This palette is absolutely worth every penny. It has a very cohesive collection of colors consisting of mattes and shimmers. All blend like butter, and with a primer, will last well throughout a full work day and beyond. The names of the shades are dumb AF (opinion) but easy to overlook because they are so beautiful. There are several shimmery neutral shades which have always been part of my "go to" look on days when I don't have time to fuss before work. The more saturated colors are simply stunning. Smart AF (dual chrome brown/green), Royal (Deep Green) and Queen (rusty copper) really make my mostly green eyes pop and wear like a dream. I was a bit concerned before I purchased this because many of the shades looked as if they may pull too red for me, but they don't. This palette would be stunning on darker skinned lovelies as well. The shades are so saturated and beautiful, I honestly think this palette has something for everyone.

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